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InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids

InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids

InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids - Finally there will be a dedicated Tablet PC for Children, this is the first tablet computer for children. It is asserted to be unveiled this August in UK and subsequently, in the United States. Targeted at youngsters, aged four to nine the device is awfully child friendly and there are many striking features that will perhaps glue our kids.

The Ideas of this InnoTab Device was bring many controversy, Dr. Aric Sigman, a fellow of Royal society of medicine, utters that it will probably end up in kids struggling to read, write and speak perfectly. He says that kids already are not paying enough attention to the world around and they are obsessed with computers and other gadgets. This is in reality disturbing their learning and behavior, as they do not spend adequate time interacting with real time people.

educational psychologist Kairen Cullen says that tablet toy is ideal because, our kids will have to thrive in a world ruled by electronic goods. It is indeed perplexing for parents and all we can do is giving our kids the required exposure and elaborating them the merits as well as the demerits, which could possibly help them to a certain extent.

What about your Opinion about this matter? Well at one side i agree with Dr. Aric Sigman. There's no further information about this gadget and about the feature and specification about this InnoTab.

Via : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2002270/A-touchscreen-iKids-scientists-warn-children-addicted-technology.html

Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018

Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018

Looking for a Cheap 3D Camera and 3D Viewer? If so you can try this Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018. this cool 3D camera was sold for $69,99. Isn't it really cheap? so how about their feature and specification? what's the advantage of this DXG-018 3D Camera?

This 3D Camera is equipped with 2 lenses to take 3D photos but because the screen is small (1.44 inch) then to see the results of the 3D Images, you must print it and then viewed through a special tool called the 3D Viewer which is included in the purchase package of this DXG-018 3D Camera.

Do not expect too much from this cheap 3D camera, the resulting resolution is only able to print photos up to size 4 × 6 inches only.

So will buy these cheap 3D Camera DXG-018


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