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Kibot Monkey Faced Robot for your Kids

Kibot Monkey Faced Robot for your Kids

Kibot Monkey Faced Robot for your Kids, Need an Educating and playing stuff for your kids? This Cute monkey faced robot could be a greatest present for your kids, it can sings, reads and also teaches english to your kids. with this cute little kibot your kids will be happy and learn to speak english while their playing with this Kibot. This kiBot could be a Hi Tech Educating and playing partners for your Kids.

Actually this kiBot robots was made for a busy working parents who didn't have enough time to play and educate their kids. the Kibot can move around and monitor the kids when operated by the parents using the smart phone (Like the concept of this Mirai Sanzo Robot). Some mothers, however, feel that they have to be always connected to the robot to monitor. New games can also be downloaded and used by the robots for playing with the kids. If the child wants to speak to her mother, all she has to do is hit the ‘mommy’ button on the robot’s nose.

The Memory cards used inside of this Cute Monkey faced Robots are filled with a lot of data that include songs, books and words. They are equipped with smart barcodes making it easy for the robot to identify the messages and take the necessary actions. With the use of the Radio Frequency Identification, the users can operate the device very easily. This technology is usually used for systematized high-tech warehouses. This robot can be used by most of the homes in Korea because more than 98 percent of the homes have broadband access making Korea one of the most wired countries in the world.

This special robot can be bought for $450. It has a monthly service fee of $6.5 or 7,000. So, parents who feel that they need someone to take care of their children when they are away can now look forward to buying this expensive toy for both playing and educating as well.

Here's the Video of this Cool Amazing Monkey Faced Robot for your Kids Kibot

So Would you buy this Kibot for your children as their educating and playing partner?

Sanyo Mirai Sanzo Home Automation Robots based on Android OS

Sanyo Mirai Sanzo Home Automation Robots based on Android OS

Sanyo Mirai Sanzo Home Automation Robots based on Android OS, Thanks to the advance of technology today, sanyo has made cool amazing concept of Mirai Sanzo a home automation robots that based on Android System Operating System, this Robots has a touch sensor, Voice recognition sensor and can speak japanese, they can also express emotions by glowing a 7 different colors. So how did this Sanyo Mirai Sanzo works as Home Automation tools?

Home Automation is a system that allows us to control all equipment and fixtures in a house with one tool only and can even over the internet.

With Mirai Sanzo Robots we simply say "turn off the AC" then the AC will turn off or " fill the bath tub " then you just wait a minute without having to go to the bathroom and ready to bath. isn't it really cool?

The pictures below will tell you about How Sanyo Mirai Sanzo Home Automation Robots can do.


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