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Hiriko a small and Foldable Electric Car

Hiriko a small and Foldable Electric Car

There's so many cool electric car concept today but it seems that Hiriko is the first foldable electric car concept so far. Due to this ability it can save more space to park this smart electric car. Hiriko Electric City Car by MIT only has 1,5m Length and when you fold this it can shrink it length by a half.

The idea for the vehicle came from Boston’s MIT-Media lab; the concept was developed by a consortium of seven small Basque firms under the name Hiriko Driving Mobility, with a prototype unveiled by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso

The ability to fold away to make a car length and a half so it can shrink even more efficient place to park. In the video below you can see 3 Hiriko Electric car was equal to one parking lot.

Hiriko electric city car also has a unique door where the front windshield design also serves as the entrance to the car, It can took 2 passengers. Hiriko machines located on the wheel and talk about the wheels it can rotate each of them so much easier to maneuver you don't even need a large place just to turn over your car since hiriko can spin on itself. so how about the speed of this small electric city car?

Hiriko can be driven up to speeds of 100 km / h. It's more than enough for a electric city car. If this concept was goes on the mass production so Hiriko Electric City car will be sold for $16.355.

See the Video below about how Hiriko Electric Car the small and foldable smart city car saves a lot of space in parking lot.

It's really a perfect city car concept. moreover for the overpopulated city with a heavy traffic jam. :) let's wait for further news about this Hiriko electric city car

Via : Theverge

Neo Geo Portable add Classic Arcade games in your Pocket

Neo Geo Portable add Classic Arcade games in your Pocket

Neo Geo Portable is a new portable system of a classic game console. SNK Playmore just announced that they will be bringing a brand new portable system of neo geo to the market. The system is called the Neo-Geo Portable. With this pocket sized console it seems we can play many cool neo geo fighting games on this devices such as Fatal Fury, King Of fighters, Art of fighting or even Samurai Showdown.

The neo geo portable will come with a 4.3 inch LCD screen, a 2200 mAh battery, and 2GB of internal memory. The system will also have an SD card slot, but there's no information yet about the function of the SD Card slot in this neo geo portable either for loading additional games or for expanding the system’s memory.

This neo geo portable system was first comes from Japanese blog Famicom Plaza. At a glance it looks a little bit like an iPhone with their black-on-steel casing. But this neo geo portable has an analog stick, four face and four shoulder buttons.

The portable neo geo comes loaded with 20 classic Neo-Geo arcade games including some classic fighting games such as. Fatal Fury Special, Art of Fighting and Samurai Shodown are just a few of the titles to be named. Below was the full list of 20 Classic Neo Geo Arcade Games which is included into this cool neo geo portable

  1. World Heroes
  2. Ultimate 11
  3. Top Player's Golf
  4. Sengoku
  5. Nam-1975
  6. Mutation Nation
  7. Last Resort
  8. King of Monsters
  9. Frenzy
  10. Cyber Lip
  11. Fatal Fury Special
  12. Art of Fighting
  13. Super Sidekicks
  14. League Bowling
  15. Metal Slug
  16. Magical Lord
  17. Baseball Stars Professional
  18. Samurai Shodown
  19. King of Fighters '94
  20. Fatal Fury

This neo geo portable was a great devices for those who spend their childhood with neo-geo gaming console. it really bring back my memory. So far there's no information about the price of this neo geo portable.

Via : Siliconera and Shoryuken.

Transparency Cloak an Invisibile Cloak with Projection Tech by Japanese Scientist

Transparency Cloak an Invisibile Cloak with Projection Tech by Japanese Scientist

An Invisibile cloak? it seems that the invisibility cloak on harry potter stories will come true. a japanese scientist make a cool amazing invention by making a transparent cloak with the projection technology, Dr. Susumu Tachi with his projection tech research has made a wearable gadget that he calls as the “transparency cloak”.

The professor at Keio University and University of Toyko has devised a retro reflective projection technology, which uses a sensitive micro-camera and a fabric made of tiny light reflective beads. In demonstrations, a hooded cloak is used and the camera captures the scene behind a wearer. A computer does the “science part” and the scene is projected onto the fabric which from an angle becomes camouflaged in its environment – making the wearer virtually invisible. Lines and folds in the material can still be seen and the image isn’t crystal clear, as viewed by the naked eye, but it’s still the closest the world has got to a true invisibility cloak!

Dr Tachi intends to use the technology to eliminate blind spots in cars and plane cockpits, the sensitive cameras would be affixed to the exterior of the vehicle and the cloaking gear would display what the camera sees increasing the wide field of vision and allowing a driver or pilot to see what was previously un-seeable.

You can watch about how the Transparency Cloak Works

Transparency Cloak an Invisibile Cloak with Projection Tech by Dr. Susumu Tachi is truly an amazing stuff that will exist in the near future.

Via : http://blog.gadgethelpline.com/japan-invisibility-cloak-projection/

Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard Control your PC and Mac Remotely

Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard Control your PC and Mac Remotely

This small wireless keyboard called Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard, it can control your PC or even Mac remotely. Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard comes with a game controller shape it combines the functions of a keyboards and mouse in a single devices, This mini Touch keyboards carries a wireless technology to connect your PC to your device.

Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard complete with mini sized QWERTY Keyboards button and a touchpad that can be used to control the mouse pointer movement, Typing is as easy as text messaging. The integrated touchpad provides accurate and quick navigation with the shoulder buttons providing left and right mouse buttons. RF wireless works up to 33 feet away and doesn't require line-of-sight. At the top left-right two buttons are also available that allows you to replace the function of left click and right mouse buttons.by using Ultra Mini Touchpad Keyboard, you can control your PC remotely and can perform all the activities with the PC as usual.

the Ultra Mini Touchpad Keyboard is compatible for both Windows and Mac platforms, You can buy these Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard for $69.99

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