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Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell a MP3 and External Hardisk in One

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell a MP3 and External Hardisk in One

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is cool amazing hybrid stuff which also works as a mp3 player and an external hardisk. if you tired of hearing your old doorbell sound then you should try this cool Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is one of the many wireless doorbell that can play MP3 format sound of a bell by which means it can play the songs (MP3 or Polyphonic). it can hold up to 10,000 songs with a 32GB SD memory card, where it comprises of a speaker unit and a push button doorbell unit.

The speaker unit is unique in the sense that it can be removed and function as a portable music player whenever you leave the home, talk about having more than just one function!

It also provided SD card slot so that we could fill many more on the doorbell (the maximum supported 32 GB SD card). Interestingly here, this could also serve as an MP3 Player as well as external hardisk so do not be surprised if the supplied SD card slot because then we could save a lot of songs / files on it.

The bell was also provide applications to edit files that will be the doorbell sound and a USB cable to connect to a PC. Wireless connection itself is claimed to be used up to a maximum distance of 100 m and the two (both the buzzer and speaker) using a battery so that we do not have to worry where to striking. Swann Doorbell MP3 DJ sold for $50.

First Ever iPhone Case and Charger in One called JuiceTank

First Ever iPhone Case and Charger in One called JuiceTank

JuiceTank is the first ever iPhone Case which also works as a charger. this is really a great kickstarter stuff, With this JuiceTank you don't need to bring your iPhone Charger wherever you go, because the JuiceTank iPhone case will also works as a charger for your iPhone.

The JuiceTank iPhone Case and Charger is still waiting for the funds for the realization of this cool amazing concept. The JuiceTank Casing might be ideal for many people who love to travel since the casing will also serves as a charger.

The back side of JuiceTank Casing can be tucked plugs directly recharge the phone battery directly. Sure, on one hand to make your phone look thick, but we do not mind the thickness of the issue is no need for carrying chargers everywhere.

As we say, JuiceTank is still waiting for funds that go and when he collected as much as U.S. $125,000 then they will produce this cool amazing iPhone Casing which works as the charger.

BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

The unique system from BumpyPhoto could let you turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D relief Sculptures by using a 3D Printing Technology, This system also bring a little more depth on your photos. It seems that on the future this kind of 3D relief Sculpture could be a trend.

BumpyPhoto will produce a full-color 3D relief sculpture from a 2D photo to give an even better indication of the size of that sun dial that Uncle Barry calls a nose.

The BumpyPhoto system allows users to upload a regular photo image to the company's website where some software is used to create a 3D depth map. Some human designers are also on hand to iron out any problems with the conversion, which means images with more people or objects will take longer - and cost more. Higher resolution images will obviously work better, but anything above 2-megapixels will be accepted. Users can also request a preview of the 3D depth map for approval once it's created.

The 3D depth map is then used to create the 3D relief out of a hard resin composite in a 3D printing process. Due to the additive 3D printing process, the company warns that some layering may be visible on the finished product because the 24-bit coloring added to the finished piece isn't actually painted on, but is part of the object's outer layer.

BumpyPhoto offers either a full photo, where the background remains mostly flat, or cutouts, where the background is removed. Some images will work better than others - subjects wearing glasses aren't ideal, for example - and the company specifies that only faces, full bodies, pets, cars, buildings or distinct objects will work.

The standard price for a custom-made Bumpy Photo is US$79, while a custom-made Bumpy Cutout is $89. Watch more about How bumpy photo system turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D Relief Sculpture.

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