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Eye Controlled Mouse Pointer with Tobii's Gaze Eye Tracking

Eye Controlled Mouse Pointer with Tobii's Gaze Eye Tracking

How to control your mouse pointer with your eyes? Is it possible? The Answer is yes. Swedish eye tracking innovator Tobii Technology who previously made the World's first eye controlled video games called tobii asteroid has made another cool amazing invention called Tobii's Gaze Eye Tracking which enables you to control your mouse pointer with your eyes movement in Windows 8 Based Computers. See more about Windows 8 on our previous post.

The touchscreen-oriented Windows 8 helps the technology work smoothly. Furthermore, if the Gaze eye-controlling is used together with touchscreen, the result will be more superb, claims Tobii. Yes, the PC will perform better than just controlling it with touchscreens only. The main question is how the Tobii's Gaze eye tracking work to enables the eye controlled mouse pointer? The technology works when a sensor tracks eye gestures of users. Movements of eye, which are collected via a webcam-like add-on, helps users scroll down, scroll up, select, open up and close items on the computer. A gaze downwards and upwards a webpage means it will scroll up and down. Staring on an icon on the desktop is equal to double click and blink is single click. Of course, all your eye gestures propel various actions on a computer.

However, mixture of eyeball gymnastics and touchscreen is the best way to interact with a computer using the Gaze eye tracking. Tobii Technology’s CEO Henrik Eskilsson has shown up a prototype Lenovo laptop with the eye tracking technology. Tobii will display the technology at the upcoming CES 2012 in Las Vegas to show the world how its Gaze eye tracking system operates.

Indeed, the technology will be a blessing for people with physical challenges. As they won’t be able move their hands to use the mouse, Gaze can help them control the entire system with eyes. Moreover, it is quite easy to control a PC using eye tracking technology rather than a mouse. The physical effort is less in using Gaze to operate your PC. But, it is not sure whether it will cause some strain to eyes. It can be seen only when the company unveils the technology for public.

The upcoming version of Windows 8 combines both touchscreen and eye controls. It is for the first time Microsoft has given importance to eye controls and touchscreen orientation on its operating system. Due to realize by the middle of this year, Windows 8 is to feature some drastic changes from its traditional style.

The new Windows OS will have tiles instead of windows to indicate icons and there will be entirely different Metro-style interface. These improvements further help users control the PC with eye tracking technology. There is less effort in finding an app, open and close it. See what the CEO of Tobii says of the technology below,

Gaze is as natural and intuitive as touch, as precise as the mouse and more ergonomic and effortless than both. Once you have experienced Gaze, a laptop without it feels just as ancient as a laptop without a touch pad.

Via : Gizmowatch.

Vertu Dragon Signature a Limited Edition Phones to celebrate Year of the Dragon

Vertu Dragon Signature a Limited Edition Phones to celebrate Year of the Dragon

The luxurious phone brands vertu launch their special phone edition to celebrate the year of the dragon with their Vertu Dragon Signature, This limited edition vertu phones was available in 3 customizable options: stainless & emerald, black stainless steel and ruby, and the yellow gold and diamond model. How about the prices? this Vertu Dragon Signature phone will be sold for a whopping $26,800!!. As we know the market segment of Vertu phones is for those who want an Aesthetic value to the phone or those who treat the cellphones as a jewelry. see also this Tag heuer Link smartphone and Goldvish Equilibrium. or this 18 Carat Gold Phones without Internet connectivity.

Like the traditional Vertu handsets, this one too shall feature the commonality of the aesthetics, in terms of shape of the alpha-numeric keyboard, and the vertical orientation of the device. But what is setting this limited edition series apart, is the extensively detailed 4-claw dragon monogram on the back of the handset. With more than 1.5 days of near continuous hard work of 4 craftsmen, each of these precious dragons comes alive on the rear cover of these phones. Other than that, precious editions of the phones include steel and emerald, steel and ruby, and perhaps the most ‘bling’, the yellow gold and diamond edition. To ensure that the quality matches up to international standards, each yellow gold edition is specially sent to Switzerland, to get the certificate of authenticity, before it comes for being adorned with precious diamonds. For those that may not be familiar, Vertu would also offer its signature concierge services, which would extend up to 1 year after the purchase of the device, enabling a personal contact with the makers of the handset.

To make them even more precious as an asset, the handsets will have the charging cradle along with the leather case. In all, they will be costing the buyers $26,800 each. However, should you like to take a look at some other such precious examples; we suggest the Vertu gold-diamond QWERTY phone, and the signature precious edition. If not high on technology, they certainly seem to be going high on bling.

So will you buy this Vertu Dragon Signature a Limited Edition Phones to celebrate Year of the Dragon?? It seems that this luxury phone could be the perfect gift for next Chinese lunar new year on 23 January.


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