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iOS Apps to Control your Dream : Yumeniru

iOS Apps to Control your Dream : Yumeniru

Yumeniru is an iOS Apps that can control your dreams. This apps can also detect when you enter dream sleep and then plays a soundtrack to influence what happens in your dreams.

Yumeniru apps uses a timer and the Apple device’s microphone to detect when a user has entered REM sleep, which is when they’re most susceptible to dreaming. Then it begins to play a soundtrack for the specific type of dream that the user selects, which could include sound effects or voices directing their dream. The available dreams include walking through a forest, visiting the beach, flying, becoming rich, and even romances specified for both men and women. but thanks god there’s no bad dreams available on this Yumeniru apps.

With yumeniru apps you can also share your dreams through their social share functions. It’s also will increasing the chance for you to remember what happen on your dreams. It also includes an alarm function, so you don’t enjoy your dream for too long.

Unfortunately this apps only available in Japanese Language. Here’s the product page of this Yumeniru Apps

Enjoy Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps

Enjoy Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps

This valentine Starbucks comes with awesome augmented reality technology combined with their heart adonned cup. You can send and share a virtual valentine at starbucks via your smartphone. With Starbucks Cup Magic installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you can point your smartphone camera on the Starbucks valentine themed cup then you can see a beautiful heart shaped flower flying off the cup. (see the video below) This Starbucks Cup Magic apps works by pointing your phone’s camera at the company’s heart adonned coffee cups and 47 additional objects, such as bags of coffee, on display at Starbucks retail locations. You can get this starbucks Cup Magic apps at Apple’s Appstore and Androidmarket.

According to mashable blog the heart shape on Starbucks valentine themed cup is a part of a mobile augmented reality program. You need Starbucks Cup Magic apps within your Android Phone or iPhone and then put the cups within your phone’s field of vision, your phone will display images of heart-shaped flower petals flying off the cup. You can also send a video of the scene to your beloved via email or Facebook since This apps also has a traditional and social sharing capabilities. (you can watch the demonstration video below) Valentine’s Day-themed cups that will be in use through February 17th.

Celebrate Valentine with Starbucks and Experience a Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps. Happy Valentine guys


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