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Cool Apps let you Chat with Bonobo

Cool Apps let you Chat with Bonobo

It seems that in no time human can chat with bonobos. From the article on Gizmag it was stated that there's a tablet prototype which has a cool bonobo chat apps that let you chat with bonobos. (bonobos is also known as pygmy chimpanzee).

The seven bonobos living at the Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa, are a pretty smart bunch of apes. Among other things, they have a vocabulary of about 400 words – they don’t speak those words, but instead associate the meanings of them with symbols known as lexigrams. Using large wall-mounted touchscreen displays, they are able to communicate with humans by touching the appropriate lexigrams on those displays. Now, the sanctuary wants to develop an app that could be used on mobile versions of the wall screens, so tablet-wielding bonobos could communicate from wherever they happen to be.

One of the Bonobo Chat app’s more interesting features would be its ability to act as a sort of human-ape translator. People could simply speak into their device in English, at which point the app would select lexigrams corresponding to their words, and display those on the screen of the selected bonobo’s device. Conversely, once an ape had poked out a series of lexigrams on their screen, a corresponding spoken message would be played back by the human’s device. We’re not talking about complex sentences, obviously, but two-way conversations nonetheless.

The apes could also use the devices to control their environment – by selecting the appropriate lexigram, for instance, they could do things such as open a door, operate a vending machine, or watch a movie.

They could also use it to control RoboBonobo, a water gun-equipped wheeled robot located outside of their enclosure. Because visitors generally aren’t able to go in with the apes, RoboBonobo would still allow the bonobos to physically interact with those people, such as by playing chase games or squirting them with water. Using the video output from an onboard camera, the apes could even play with people in another room, or – because the mobile devices communicate via the internet – in another country.

It may all sound a little outrageous to some people, but it’s certainly not the only project of its kind. The Orangutan Outreach program, for example, is working on getting iPads into the hands of apes in zoos, to provide them with mental stimulation. The Wild Dolphin Project, meanwhile, is working on a device that would allow communications between humans and dolphins.

The Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary is currently raising funds for the development of Bonobo Chat, on Kickstarter. If you’re feeling particularly generous, a pledge of US$500 or more will get you a Skype “chat” with one of the sanctuary’s two start pupils, Kanzi or Panbanisha.

Magnicase for iPhone to Enlarge Screen Display Size

Magnicase for iPhone to Enlarge Screen Display Size

Finally there will be a cool iPhone accessories which works as a magnifier for your iPhone display screen. Yes it's true that iPhone was a cool gadget with so many features and smart apps. but for some people the iPhone screen size might be too small to enjoy the entertainment system. If you're not satisfied enough with iPhone screen display size then you should you this Magnicase.

MagniCase is an iPhone case that comes complete with a layer of glass to enlarge your iPhone screen. The Glass is not an ordinary glass, but a high-quality Fresnel lens that can magnify the display screen of your iPhone to 1.5 x larger then the original size.

This means, if you use MagniCase, iPhone screen sized 3.5-inch screen can be enlarged to the equivalent of 5.3 inch or similar such as Samsung Galaxy Note screen. Although it is enlarged, it looks sharp and still pack the pixel density of 264ppi level or equivalent screen Retina Display The New iPad.

Part of the lens is designed quite flexible so it can be removed and you can use it to protect the iPhone or can also be used as a buffer so that your iPhone can be placed in a standing position.

Considering this is Kickstarter project, this case will be produced if the money collected has reached a specified amount. Visit this site for more information about this cool Magnicase for iPhone.

Google Self Driving Car test by Steve Mahan

Google Self Driving Car test by Steve Mahan

Google Self Driving Car was a cool technology by google, and since 2010 google has been testing this kind of cars, it could run automatically without a driver and has even succeeded in Lobbying Nevada Government so they could use Google self driving car.

Now Google has made another self driving car test with Steve Mahan who is a totally blind inside their car. On these test Google self driving car runs quite smoothly and make Steve could go anywhere without relying on other people. This technology was surely helps a lot of vision impaired people to drive a car.

Of course, self-driving car is not just for those who have vision problems but also for normal people, Especially for those who are tired of a heavy traffic jam. with this Google self driving car you can pass the traffic jam while enjoying a hot delicious coffee from this cool handpresso auto.

Watch how Google Self Driving Car Test by Steve Mahan

iRobots Scooba 390 Smart Robots to Clean your Floor

iRobots Scooba 390 Smart Robots to Clean your Floor

iRobots Scooba 390 by Roomba is a smart robots which can help you to clean the floor, this is a useful technology for the future moreover if you're lazy to do the floor cleaning. so what Scooba 390 can do? This robot can clean wood floors, tile and even rough surfaces.

Scooba 390 Robot is equipped with new power management system that allows the battery has a durability of 30% longer than previous models. The design is also slightly new with colored signals to facilitate you in maintenance such as cleaning the tank, clean the heads up. In cleaning floors, This robot will do that in 4 stage, first is the preparation, then wash, scrub, and eventually squeeze.

Scooba 390 workspace can also be limited by iRobot Virtual Wall features so that the robot is not circulating anywhere or even fell down the stairs for example. iRobot Scooba 390 has a diameter of 38cm and weighing 3.9 kg will be released at a price of $499

Watch how iRobots Scooba 390 Works to clean your floor.

Press Panic A Hospital Locator Apps for an Emergency

Press Panic A Hospital Locator Apps for an Emergency

This is Press Panic a Hospital locator apps which will helps you to locate the nearby hospital. this apps available for Android and iOS devices. This simple apps will works whenever you press the panic button on the screen and then it will locate the nearby location to you complete with specific information such as Address, Phone Number and also the mileage.

The PressPanic apps use GPS to locate the nearest hospital, but unfortunately this application can not automatically activate the GPS, but you must first activate the GPS in the phone itself then this apps will works. "Every single hospital has detailed latitude and longitude coordinates which triangulate around users' exact GPS location. One press gives you a list of hospitals, addresses, a quick-call option and a quick-directions option," Say the developer of the Apps.

Dr. John Porter of Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic in Orlando, Florida, came up with the idea for Press Panic because so many vacationers in his town bring their pets along, but dont know where to go when their furry friend gets sick, due from the idea now there are two buttons, one to search for human hospitals and another for Animal Hospital. But unfortunately this is not a free apps for the animal hospital but it's free when you just need to locate the nearby people hospital. so we haven't try this press panic apps. If you want to try presspanic apps visit Press Panic

Cool Marshall Fridge an Amplifier for your Kitchen

Cool Marshall Fridge an Amplifier for your Kitchen

Marshall the leading amplifier company has just made a cool marshall fridge, It's really a new technology from marshall. Among the rows of classic amps on show at Marshall's booth this year is something that may look like an amp from the Jim Marshall signature series, but which is nothing of the sort. The authentic Marshall amp head and cabinet facing of the prototype Marshall Fridge open up to reveal 4.4 cubic feet (124 liters) of can or bottle chilling storage space, with handy can storage on the inside of the door and a mini freezer to feed users with a steady supply of ice cubes.

Unfortunately, much like the initial announcement of its Major and Minor headphones, Marshall is not giving too much away about its latest branded non-amp product at the moment. The Energy Star, RoHS and UL compliant fridge sports Presence, EQ, Master and Pre-Amp control knobs across the head section that go up to eleven but there's no word on whether these actually do anything other than look cool. Either way, it will no doubt make a useful and good-looking addition to any rehearsal room and is sure to be the next must-have dorm accessory.

Marshall says that production models should be available by October for an introductory price of US$299, hit the source link to register for updates.

Not that I'm complaining at all, but would it lessen its appeal to have a distorted guitar riff sound as the door opens or even include a digital music player in the head and some speakers in the cab?

While we wait for more details to emerge, have a look at the following very rock 'n' roll introductory video from Marshall:

via : Gizmag

Handpresso Auto an Espresso Machine for your Car

Handpresso Auto an Espresso Machine for your Car

Need an Espresso Machine in your car? Then this Handpresso Auto is suitable for you. With the help of Handpresso Auto in your car then you can enjoy a delicious hot espresso coffee. It's really a cool idea when you're stuck with a heavy traffic jam.

So how does it work? Auto Handpresso use your car cigarette lighter as their electricity source. All you have to do to use this handpresso auto is just to put water and coffee from into the machine then your delicious hot espresso are ready.

You can buy Handpresso Auto for just 149 Euro.

Watch the Demo video below about how Handpresso Auto works as your Car Espresso Machine

Evacuated Tube Transport a Futuristic Transportation Concept

Evacuated Tube Transport a Futuristic Transportation Concept

What is Evacuated Tube Transport or often called as ETT? several days ago we read a cool amazing news that stated in the future we can travel from new york to beijing in just 2 hours without leaving the ground. IT's sound's difficult right? but with the evacuated tube transport concept this thing will come true. in Definition an ETT is patented transportation technology operating in a vacuum environment to minimize air friction. The experimental system uses automation to independently route automobile sized vehicles through a network of evacuated tubes. The pressurized vehicles are able to accommodate up to a half ton of palletized cargo or up to 6 passengers.

Advocates of Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) claim it is silent, cheaper than planes, trains or cars and faster than jets. The basic plan is, well, as old as the enabling patent, US Patent 5950543, whose description is quite thorough. Issued in 1999, there remain seven years on the term of the patent, which is assigned to ET3.com, Inc., a licensing organization that hopes to head an alliance of players to fund and construct demonstration facilities.

The short version of the ETT story is as follows: put a superconducting maglev train in evacuated tubes, then accelerate using linear electric motors until the design velocity is attained. As the motors are integrated into the evacuated tubes, the conveyance capsules which travel in the tube need have no moving or electrically activated parts - passive superconductors allow the capsules to float in the tube, while eddy currents induced in conducting materials drive the capsules. Efficiency of such a system would be high, as the electric energy required to accelerate a capsule could largely be recaptured as it slows.

The most practical model system is based on car-sized passenger/cargo capsules that travel in 1.5 m (5 ft) diameter vacuum maglev tubes. The maglev tubes are permanently maintained at near vacuum conditions, and the capsules are inserted into and removed from the tubes through airlocks at stations along the route. After the capsules are accelerated to the design velocity (some 4,000 mph or 6,500 km/h), they coast for the remainder of the trip. There is no drag from traveling through air, and although small oscillations in the maglev suspension do cause a bit of inefficiency, it is a tiny fraction of the rather immense kinetic energy of an occupied capsule - which with a car of about 550 kg (1,212.5 lb) traveling at 4,000 mph is just about 244 kWh.

The capsule speed will depend on the length of the trip, as it takes time to accelerate. Given a nominal acceleration of 1 g, it takes about 3 minutes to reach 4,000 mph, at which point the capsule has traveled over 100 miles (161 km). ET3.com, Inc. believes that a reasonable speed for shorter trips is 370 mph (600 km/h). While tubes could be networked like freeways, with capsules automatically routed along their trip, local and long-distance trips would require separate maglev tubes to avoid unreasonable scheduling delays. Around the world in just over six hours isn't orbital velocity, but the practical benefits would be nearly the same - vital goods and talent delivered quickly to where they are needed.

Members of the ET3 consortium have worked with parties in China, where they say more than a dozen licenses for the company have been sold. As an open consortium, licensees become owners of the company and the group claims more than 60 licenses have also been sold in five different countries, with interest from several more. But with licenses selling through the ET3 website for US$100, a lot more people will need to get on board to turn the dreams of those behind the concept into a reality. The company is developing a 3D Virtual Ride for the system with those interested in hitching a ride able to submit their contact details here. Unfortunately, the prelaunch for the virtual ride was set for last year and it still hasn't eventuated.

Promising concept or pipe dream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Via : ET3.

World's First 3D Tablet PC by Quality Computers

World's First 3D Tablet PC by Quality Computers

This is the World's first Glasses free 3D tablet PC, This cool tablet PC launched by a firm named Quality Computers Group in Dubai, the maker of this glasses free 3D tablet PC were pretty confident that it will set them apart from the crowd. From the news that we got from Gulfnews site it was told that this Cool tablet PC will powered with 1Ghz ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core Processor and comes with 8 Inch screen with a 1280x768 Resolution. It will also use the Latest Android OS ice Cream Sandwich.

It will be available initially only in the UAE by April 2012 and additional units will be shipped to markets overseas including India a bit later. While Quality Computers have launched the first 3D tablet, this might be nothing more than an attention seeking venture that will put them firmly on the global map. And one cannot argue either, as they already seem to be getting the attention they wanted. Now all we need to do is wait for the tab.

How about the price? It was told that Quality Computer firm will launch their first glasses free android tablet PC for just $460 and that seems like a bit of a steep price tag despite all the 3D gifts packed inside. Let's see the further info for this glasses free 3D tablet PC.

Pair Apps for Long Distance Relationship

Pair Apps for Long Distance Relationship

Pair is a special iOS apps designed for a couple who are in long distance relationship, several days ago this pair apps was featured in Techcrunch website. it shows a simple apps for those who involved a long distance relationship(LDR).

The app is pretty simple in design and use You can start off by taking a picture and a small video using your iPhone and then uploading it along with the details of your special one as an invite to join. Once they accept, you will be ‘paired’ and you can get started and constantly keep in touch. You can upload and send images, videos and of course messages along with simple call and video calls. This pretty much gives you every possible option to stay in touch with that someone special.

There is also a feature that allows you to draw and scribble whatever you wish to convey and there is also a ‘Thinking of you’ button that pretty much is a like a buzz to the other person. There is also a fingerprint option that shows your partner’s thumbprint when they touch their screen and the phones vibrate in unison when both of you touch at same points of your phone. It is called ‘Thumbkissing’ (Personally, that is just pathetic, but hey, we are not judging).

You could say that apart from a few cheesy additions, there is nothing amazingly new about the app. But the advantage of it over Facebook, Skype and other chat forms is that it brings all of those together into one form and you need not be bugged by the rest of the world. Exclusivity and privacy is what it offers in a certain sense and we totally get where that is coming from.

Via : techcrunch.

iPhone 5 Rumor comes with 4.6-inch screen Retina Displays

iPhone 5 Rumor comes with 4.6-inch screen Retina Displays

There's so many rumor spreading about the iPhone 5 in the internet, and from the latest rumor that we heard iPhone 5 will comes a 4.6-inch screen and 4G LTE Network. if you have been following iPhone 5 rumors for a while. An unverified industry source has revealed to a South Korean publication that the new iPhone 5 will mount a large 4.6-inch Retina Display. (See the Galaxy Nexus pics which has 4,6Inch Screen Size)

Indeed, the new rumor has the same penchant of the previous ones. It says that Apple has tied up with Samsung and LG (note, Sharp is missing this time) for 4.6-inch Retina Display panels for the next iPhone, which according to the same source will come out a bit earlier in the summer this year. Do you really think that this rumor is making any sense? Of course, the likelihood of the predictions, at least the one regarding the release date, is very less. To release iPhone 5 this summer means there will be yet another iPhone upgrade in mere six to nine months. As per Apple’s traditions, the company hasn't unveiled a new iPhone without an interval of at least one year.

The rumormonger doesn’t stop guessing with screen size and release date only. The source has made one more prediction, which Apple must introduce on its new iPhone if it doesn't want to be left behind in global smartphone market. Can you guess what it will be? Yes, it is 4G LTE compatibility. Apple has already brought on 4G LTE on its third generation iPad, though restricted for North Americans only. So, we can certainly look for 4G LTE on iPhone 5.

Via : reuters

Drone Ultimate Game Controller for Tablet and Smartphone

Drone Ultimate Game Controller for Tablet and Smartphone

Do you need a cool game controller for your tablet or even smartphone? here's some great concept for a universal game controller called by Drone, Drone the ultimate game controller suits your smartphone and even a tablet. This Drone controller was perfect for those who're looking for an old school game controller without a touch screen features.

Guys at the Seattle-based Evolution Controllers are working on such a project. They have launched a Kickstarter project to raise fund to develop a smart controller that they call the DRONE.

The Evolution Team is looking for some financial support from well-wishers on Kickstarter to back the project. Aiming at a pledged target of $60,000, the team has already made $1,400 from 17 backers. A pledge of $65 will bring you an original version of the smart gaming controller once it gets into commercial production. The Evolution Team that is formed by three guys, including a programmer and industrial designer plans to improve the prototype and produce high quality products in future with advanced components and high-tech facilities.

Hope that in the near feature they could made this cool amazing game controller for your smartphone and tablet.

Via : Gizmowatch

Scrubba Washbag the Smallest Washing Machine

Scrubba Washbag the Smallest Washing Machine

Need a Small and portable washing machine to take everywhere you go? try Scrubba. Scrubba is the washbag which is also claim as the World's Smallest Washing machine. Scrubba wash bag is a portable pocket-sized washing machine weighing 180 g (6.35 oz).

The Scrubba accordingly offers, at the cost of 180 g of luggage, the first viable portable washing machine and an alternative to soaking clothes in bathroom sinks.

Australian-based Calibre8 is set to release the Scrubba wash bag in April (2012). The Scrubba wash bag uses 70-100 oz (2-3 liters) of water per wash plus 2-3 drops of cleaning material (e.g. shampoo, body wash or washing liquid/powder) to wash several items of dirty clothing.

Put the water, cleaning material and clothing into the Scrubba, seal the bag and expel any air through a valve in the bag, then place the bag on the floor or a table and rub the clothing against the flexible washboard for 20-40 seconds, then remove the clothing and rinse and ... job done! You can even do it on a plane. Watch how this portable washbag works

This is a must have stuff for those who love to travel. So if you're a traveler you must have this portable wash bag to wash your luggage everywhere you go.

Monitor your House via iOS and Android Device with Mydlink+

Monitor your House via iOS and Android Device with Mydlink+

How to monitor over your house via the iOS devices or Android Devices? Well yesterday people can use a CCTV to watch over their house but now with the help of mydlink+ you can monitor your house via your handheld gadget such as iPad, iPhone or any other Android devices. isn't it really cool?

This premium application introduced by D-link was called mydlink. It's a tool to monitor your house remotely from your iOS or even Android devices. This apps allows users to view the video recording of up to 4 cameras (mounted on your house such as CCTV camera) over the network simultaneously in one view. This application is available for download from the App Store and Google's Android Market or Play Shop with the current promo price of $0.99.

The Advantages of Mydlink+

This application allows users to view any mydlink camera feed from anywhere with access to 3G HSDPA or Wi-Fi. Makes it easier to keep records of your choice into a tablet, to switch between different cameras with built-in monitoring through the dashboard, in the form of four feeds on one screen (1 impressions directly, 3 snapshots).

Beside from the new Mydlink apps, mydlink services also be accessed for free on mydlink lite apps. mydlink lite lets users watch live footage and take photographs from an active camera, and available for many mobile platforms including iPhone, Android smart phones and the iPad.

With mydlinkTM, users have an easy and convenient way to keep an eye on things that matter most to them. Whether it's pets, baby's room, Elderly or even just to check on the house for your peace of mind. Users simply use the setup wizard to detect the camera and compatible mydlinkTM quickly and easily set into a network that allows easy access to galleries video feed from any location as long as users have Internet access.

Want to start monitor your house with mydlink+? Get the Mydlink apps now at apple store, or Google Android Market Now.

World's Most Expensive Laptop Case by Coverbee

World's Most Expensive Laptop Case by Coverbee

What do you think is the world's most expensive laptop case? is it a gold case or what? well in fact this $11 Million Diamond Laptop Sleeve by Coverbee could be the world's most expensive laptop case today. just imagine a diamond encrusted sleeve for laptop? It might be great for fashion but is it worth to protect your laptop with this stuff?

This Cool amazing laptop case was made by Peter Van Soldt a Dutch designer brand Coverbee, This $11 Million Diamond laptop sleeve was Featuring the artwork of placing 8,800 individually selected and crafted diamonds, the casing happens to also use Siberian saber fur at its opening, which just might not click with animal lovers, but will sure score high as a collector’s item and a favorite toy of the fashionistas. Almost like what the hip-hop gang and red carpet hoppers were vouching for!

Peter van Soldt says, “We are a little crazy here, but only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products. History has proven that the more extravagant and crazy the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to buy it. Besides... accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewellery. This makes our new Diamond Laptop Sleeve design a must-have for collectors!”

How do you think? if you want to dress up your laptop in this extravagant diamond laptop sleeve then be ready to spend $11 Million. :D

$5 Million Hublot Watch

$5 Million Hublot Watch

Hublot the famous watch brand will launch their new luxurious watch with a stunning price tag. this hublot watch will go on sale for just $5 Million!!. so waht made the watch so expensive? The company claims that this diamond encrusted watch is the most "precious" timepiece it's ever created in its 32-year history (Hublot, which means porthole in French, was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980).

Some people would ask why this watch so expensive? ok let's start some of the material using for made this $5 Million Hublot Watch. For starters, the 1.73-inch (44-mm) diameter 18K white gold case is packed with 302 baguette diamonds. Its 18K white gold dial holds another 179 baguettes and the 18K bracelet that holds it on the lucky owner's wrist is set with a staggering 782 more baguette diamonds, plus an additional six emerald-cut diamonds, all greater than 3 carats each. Throw in the 18K white gold crown's 1.06 carat rose-cut diamond, plus its 12 additional baguettes and you have a market-cornering 1,282 diamonds in total, more than 100 carats in baguettes alone, and all of grade A VVS clarity.

The rhodium-plated, diamond-polished hands are driven by a self-winding, 25-jewel, HUB 1100 movement with about 42 hours of power reserve. Nice, but for five mill, would installing a battery have been too much to ask? Perhaps. In some circles, battery-powered watches are considered just another piece of jewelry, not fine timepieces.

Also, let's not forget the cost of labor, which was particularly intense because each carefully-selected jewel had to be modified to perfectly fit the watch. After a year spent searching for the largest stones, Hublot, in collaboration with Geneva's Atelier Bunter, spent 14 months total on the Big Bang's construction. This included the efforts of 12 cutters and five setters who worked on it full-time for seven months!

Check out the Hublot video below to see the watch spinning and gyrating in all its glory.

Via : Hublot

GeChic On-Lap 1302 Cool Extra Monitor For your Smartphone

GeChic On-Lap 1302 Cool Extra Monitor For your Smartphone

Need an extended monitor for a smartphone? why don't you try this GeChic On-Lap 1302? It's a 13'3 Inch Screen to enhance your entertainment system on tablet pc or even smartphone. commonly almost all smartphone and tablet PC comes with a small screen size to enhance the mobility but sometimes you need some extra big monitor to watch movies or also playing games for long hours.

a hardware firm GeChic has designed an On-Lap 1302, which gives an extension for your views on your handsets. Well, you can enlarge contents of your smartphones on the display from GeChic through its multiple input options that include MHL to HDMI solutions.

The GeChic On-Lap 1302 is a 13.3-inch monitor that features 1366 x 768 pixels. The display supports HDMI, VGA and many other formats with its integrated adapters for proprietary 30-pin connector. You will also get an optional Mini DisplayPort dongle if you want. The On-Lap 1302 is meant for smartphones, music players, cameras, tablets, gaming consoles and other handheld products which provide a small screen.

The best part with the GeChic On-Lap 1302 is that it has a hyped-up 16ms response time and it supports 45-degree viewing angles. Users from various angles can watch the content on the monitor well. The product will be a great pick for a person, who wants to show his snaps, slideshows and other mobile contents to his colleagues and family.

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the accessory, you need Apple’s Digital AV Adapter, which is priced at $39. MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) of phones like Samsung Galaxy II and others will work with the On-Lap 1302. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t come with integrated speakers. So, for music, you will have to depend on other products like Jawbone Jambox.

GeChic sells the On-Lap 1302 just for $229.99. Get a copy of the amazing product to watch contents on your handset with some freedom. The video below humorously presents how the GeChic On-Lap 1302 is necessary for smartphone users.

Watch how this cool extra monitor GeChic On-Lap 1302 enhance your entertainment features on smartphone or also tablet

Via : TheVerge

Movie Rental Kiosk by Digiboo now Supports USB 3.0

Movie Rental Kiosk by Digiboo now Supports USB 3.0

Have you heard about digiboo flash drive movie kiosk? It's such a cool revolutionary concept of movie rental industry where you can rent a movie into your USB 3.0 Stuff from the Digiboo Kiosk, With this we've been able to rent movies without having to use the DVD and simply insert the USB Flashdrive and movies will be downloaded directly into the USB Flashdrive.

USB Digiboo movie rental kiosks is not a new stuff, it's just that this one supports USB 3.0 connection to enhance the processing speed. If it normally takes 2-5 minutes to download a film with the previous USB flash drive version then with a USB 3.0 connection, we can download it just in 20 seconds, so it does not automatically make the queue too long when you want to rent a movie via digiboo rental kiosk.

USB Digiboo movie rental kiosks are now installed in some airports such as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Portland International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and in the future there will be about 7,000 such kiosks worldwide.

Indeed, the existence of such machines in the airport is very helpful especially when traveling into a long journey with plane at least watching movie will slightly kill your boredom.

The movie rented from digiboo rental kiosk has a limited time for you to watch, it has 30 days limit if you don't have time to watch it then the film will be out of date or if you have watch the film then 2 days after that the movie will out of date. that's the system of this digiboo movie rental kiosk

To download a single movie into your USB 3.0 you have to pay $3.99. Not too expensive right?

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell a MP3 and External Hardisk in One

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell a MP3 and External Hardisk in One

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is cool amazing hybrid stuff which also works as a mp3 player and an external hardisk. if you tired of hearing your old doorbell sound then you should try this cool Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is one of the many wireless doorbell that can play MP3 format sound of a bell by which means it can play the songs (MP3 or Polyphonic). it can hold up to 10,000 songs with a 32GB SD memory card, where it comprises of a speaker unit and a push button doorbell unit.

The speaker unit is unique in the sense that it can be removed and function as a portable music player whenever you leave the home, talk about having more than just one function!

It also provided SD card slot so that we could fill many more on the doorbell (the maximum supported 32 GB SD card). Interestingly here, this could also serve as an MP3 Player as well as external hardisk so do not be surprised if the supplied SD card slot because then we could save a lot of songs / files on it.

The bell was also provide applications to edit files that will be the doorbell sound and a USB cable to connect to a PC. Wireless connection itself is claimed to be used up to a maximum distance of 100 m and the two (both the buzzer and speaker) using a battery so that we do not have to worry where to striking. Swann Doorbell MP3 DJ sold for $50.

First Ever iPhone Case and Charger in One called JuiceTank

First Ever iPhone Case and Charger in One called JuiceTank

JuiceTank is the first ever iPhone Case which also works as a charger. this is really a great kickstarter stuff, With this JuiceTank you don't need to bring your iPhone Charger wherever you go, because the JuiceTank iPhone case will also works as a charger for your iPhone.

The JuiceTank iPhone Case and Charger is still waiting for the funds for the realization of this cool amazing concept. The JuiceTank Casing might be ideal for many people who love to travel since the casing will also serves as a charger.

The back side of JuiceTank Casing can be tucked plugs directly recharge the phone battery directly. Sure, on one hand to make your phone look thick, but we do not mind the thickness of the issue is no need for carrying chargers everywhere.

As we say, JuiceTank is still waiting for funds that go and when he collected as much as U.S. $125,000 then they will produce this cool amazing iPhone Casing which works as the charger.

BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

The unique system from BumpyPhoto could let you turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D relief Sculptures by using a 3D Printing Technology, This system also bring a little more depth on your photos. It seems that on the future this kind of 3D relief Sculpture could be a trend.

BumpyPhoto will produce a full-color 3D relief sculpture from a 2D photo to give an even better indication of the size of that sun dial that Uncle Barry calls a nose.

The BumpyPhoto system allows users to upload a regular photo image to the company's website where some software is used to create a 3D depth map. Some human designers are also on hand to iron out any problems with the conversion, which means images with more people or objects will take longer - and cost more. Higher resolution images will obviously work better, but anything above 2-megapixels will be accepted. Users can also request a preview of the 3D depth map for approval once it's created.

The 3D depth map is then used to create the 3D relief out of a hard resin composite in a 3D printing process. Due to the additive 3D printing process, the company warns that some layering may be visible on the finished product because the 24-bit coloring added to the finished piece isn't actually painted on, but is part of the object's outer layer.

BumpyPhoto offers either a full photo, where the background remains mostly flat, or cutouts, where the background is removed. Some images will work better than others - subjects wearing glasses aren't ideal, for example - and the company specifies that only faces, full bodies, pets, cars, buildings or distinct objects will work.

The standard price for a custom-made Bumpy Photo is US$79, while a custom-made Bumpy Cutout is $89. Watch more about How bumpy photo system turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D Relief Sculpture.

Via : Gizmag

Wireless Keyboard without physical button Elecom TK-PBL042BK

Wireless Keyboard without physical button Elecom TK-PBL042BK

Looking for a cool wireless keyboard without the physical buttons at all? so you can count on Elecom TK-PBL042BK. This is a revolutionary product from Elecom a company which was known as IOS devices accessories makers. This TK-PBL042BK Keyboards from Elecom will bring you to the future of typing on the keyboards on any of flat surface near you.

You won't find a physical keyboards button on this Elecom TK-PBL042BK but a mini sized black box that are easy to take everywhere. this mini black box comes with a carrying system that transmits an image projector keyboard buttons. To use it, you simply find a flat area and connect the device to the smartphone via USB or Bluetooth connection. When connected, Elecom TK-PBL042BK will project a red beam that forms a pattern on the surface of the keyboard where it is located and the activities of typing on a smartphone can be done immediately.

Elecom TK-PBL042BK comes with a rechargeable battery and when connected to a smartphone, Elecom TK-PBL042BK will automatically recharge the batteries take the intake of energy from your smartphone device.

Thanks to USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Elecom TK-PBL042BK can be used in smartphones and fit are also used for the Tablet PC based on Android and IOS.

Elecom TK-PBL042BK will be available for the Japanese market in April 2012 and priced at around $352.

Tag Heuer Racer Luxury Android Phone Rumors

Tag Heuer Racer Luxury Android Phone Rumors

Tag Heuer the luxury watch brands will launched their new high performance android phone called tag heuer racer, Even the tag heuer racer android phone is still a rumor but it seems that this new luxury phone by tag heuer will soon be unveiled. After launching Tag Heuer Link it seems that Tag heuer will made another awesome Android Smartphone in the future.

Tag heuer racer which has the tagline of crafted for high performance. will be powered by Quad Core processor and the new Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This smartphone by tag heuer was inspired by Formula 1 GT Car, It uses a carbon fiber materials for the body that promises power but on the one hand make light even though the phone still does not look thin.

From the rumor that we heard this Tag heuer Racer android phone will be on the market in July 2012 with €2800. It will be available in "luxury mobile boutiques"..

Watch the Teaser video of this Tag Heuer Racer below.

Until now Tag heuer still hasn't specified exactly what it means by high performance and hasn't yet fleshed out all the specs

Seiko Astron Smart Watch that can adjust Time automatically

Seiko Astron Smart Watch that can adjust Time automatically

Seiko Astron is an Analog smart watch powered by solar energy that could help you to adjust time automatically, Now you don't need to adjust your watch manually when you travel into a different time zone, because seiko astron watch could do it for you automatically. The question is how seiko astron watch adjust the time?

the secret lies in the GPS feature on this seiko astron. With the GPS system this watch can receive GPS signal and can identify the time zone and date utilizing a global network of GPS satellites. Thanks to the GPS features, the Seiko Astron can adjust the time zone automatically and accurately, based on the overall accuracy of the calculation of atomic clocks that are commonly used in GPS technology. Seiko Astron is also claimed to be able to recognize 39 time zones around the world and counting system equipped with a perpetual calendar as accurate as counting time.

All the time and date settings can be done quickly and easily through the buttons provided on this watch. To adjust the clock and show time is right for you, Seiko Astron only takes about 6 seconds and about 30 seconds to adjust the time zone you are located.

Seiko Astron will be available in 5 models, three models are present using a titanium material and the other two models will come with stainless steel material. With the sophistication it offers, Seiko Astron marketed at prices ranging from $1880 to $2594.

Futulele Apps to Play a Digital Ukulele on iOS Device

Futulele Apps to Play a Digital Ukulele on iOS Device

Futulele is a cool apps that lets you to play a digital ukulele on your iPad or iPhone, Nowadays there's so many iOS apps that lets you play a digital music instrument such as guitar, piano or even drum, but futulele offers some different stuff.

The instrument is particularly suitable for users of iPod and the iPad at once, and more particularly who likes to play music using the ukulele - or a small guitar - because it would combine two devices into a digital ukulele. So you will be picking the strings on the iPad as well as select key on the iPod. Although still a prototype, but the artificial device from amidio is quite interesting.

Futulele can be used to create up to 12 keys for each song and allows you to change the set of keys on the fly if necessary. Amidio is currently seeking assistance from the manufacturer to make Futulele go into the production phase.

"We have managed to reduce the 'chord lag switch' to a higher minimum and creating a sense of high-quality professional Ukulele instrument. Full Recording option and share the tapes are directly available from OMGuitar, which is the effect of this instrument. This is an entirely new way to produce music with IOS device. "

Watch the demo of this cool Futulele Apps below you see

FYI Futulele application will be available in Apple AppStore within 3 weeks. So if you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod why don't you change them into a digital ukulele with this cool futulele apps?

Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad is another cool Android tablet PC for Children with powerful specification and features. This tablet comes with 7 inch screen. as the name told this childpad was specially designed for children use.

Beside Archos Childpad there's also another cool tablet pc for kids such as Nabi Tablet or even leappad explorer. This kid friendly tablet PC from Archos was powered by 1 Ghz Processor and 1GB of RAM. from the rumor that we heard this Cool Childpad from Archos will be using the latest Android OS which is called as Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0

Back to the original purpose of the Child Pad is a tablet to a child, there is a significant feature in it include:

- Parental Control

There are features to control what can and can not be accessed, and this feature has to meet international standards (CIPA and COPPA)

- Kids App Store from AppsLib

Compared access the Android Market, Android applications through a special market on this one we as parents can be a little more quiet because of existing applications is guaranteed it will not damage your child's mental, we understand his intent? It has 14 categories of apps, including pre-loaded versions of popular apps like Angry Birds and Flight Frenzy.

- User-friendly theme

Its name to the child, ranging from the icon, the home screen and the other was made more cheerful and lively.

Archos Child Pad will go on sale late March at a price of $129. which makes it much less expensive than a full-blown tablet.

Watch Archos Childpad Tablet PC Hands On Video

Kick Activated Tailgate on All new Ford Kuga 2012

Kick Activated Tailgate on All new Ford Kuga 2012

Ford has unveiled a new technology for their all new ford kuga 2012, now with this kick activated tailgate you can open the back door easily just by kicking the bottom of the car's rear bumper and trunk door will open automatically and do the same to close it again, so do not have hands anymore.

This Hand's free Automatic Tailgate at all new Ford Kuga cars can overcome many common problems such as when you're carrying lots of luggage in hand, the edges of goods must be lowered first, open the trunk and grab the stuff and put it into the trunk.

The designers of the ‘kick start’ boot, have used existing technology for car doors, known as key-less entry, and taken it a step further.

The conventional key-less entry system allows drivers with a key or a credit-card sized electronic tag to unlock their car and start it without having to take it out of their pocket or purse. How This system works? The car does this by sending out a constant signal scanning the area around its perimeter.

When its key comes within a couple of yards of the vehicle, the signal ‘asks’ the electronic key or key card for an electronic password and the key gives it.

The kick start boot uses the same system, but under the back of the car. Once the car has recognised its key, all a motorist has to do is approach the boot with bags in hand, extend a foot as if making a gentle kick so that the shoe goes under the bumper, and hey presto, the boot opens.

The same applies in reverse for lifting bags or bulky objects out of the boot. A quick kick under the bumper and the boot closes. The system is called the ‘kick-activated automatic tailgate’, and Ford revealed it perfected the system with the help of volunteer ‘kickers’ over six months of testing. The system safeguards against accidental opening by being programmed to open only with leg motions but not when an animal runs under the car or when the vehicle hits a bump on the road.

Check out the footage video below about How the Kick Activated tailgate system works on Ford all new kuga 2012.

AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

This AIRE Mask was really a cool iPhone charger concept, it could help us charging the iPhone with a breath of fresh air. Even the design of this charger is little bit weird but the ideas of charging an iPhone battery with a fresh air is really amazing, It's a great example of "Go Green" and leave a minimum carbon footprint.

AIRE Mask Charger Designed by industrial designer Joao Paulo Lammoglia, the charger has been designed to convert wind energy created by your breath into energy to recharge your iOS devices. This stuff was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, the AIRE Mask can work its magic even while one is sleeping, walking, or running, since energy is created from one’s breath. The iPhone charger has been equipped with small wind turbines that do the job of converting users breath into energy.

João Paulo Lammoglia AIRE Masks designer Said : “The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialized society make the use of gadgets increasingly common, either by necessity or hobby. Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources.”

Even this AIRE Mask is still a concept today but we hope that this kind of Charger would be in reality in the future.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the Fastest Ferrari Ever build

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the Fastest Ferrari Ever build

This is Ferrari f12 berlinetta, it was claimed that this is the fastest Ferrari ever build. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will bring a 6266cc engine, V12, 740hp, and it can be driven up to a maximum speed reaches 340 km/h. Pretty fast right? This cool amazing Ferrari berlinetta also has an awesome acceleration. it could takes only 3,1 Seconds to reach 100km/h from the start. while 0-200 km/h could be reach in just 8.5 seconds.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was claimed as the sexiest new car, It' would Replacing the 599, the F12 heralds a new ­generation of ultra-swift V12 engines that will power the latest Enzo in 2013. In terms of the body shape the Ferrari f12 berlinetta is Shorter and narrower than the 599, there’s an F1-style dual-clutch gearbox, much lower centre of gravity and aluminum spaceframe body, which make it 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor.

Even this car could reach a maximum 340km/h but thanks to the new ferrari technology new system has a less braking distance. There is a new technology in this car is called Active Brake Cooling system where the temperature of the disc brake has reached the optimal temperature, the automatic will be cooled to keep the brakes still work fine.

There’s an Aero Bridge, which channels air in and out of the vents along the car, active brake cooling to lower the temperature on the carbon ceramic rotors, and almost as many ECUs, computers and electronic aids as Fernando Alonso’s F2012 F1 car.

On the other hand it also makes the system less braking distance. For example, to make the car stop from a speed of 100 km/h takes a distance of about 10 m but can be shorter.

So how about the price of this Ferrari f12 berlinetta? You can Order books open at the Geneva show for about £250k.

Further information about Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Autoblog.com

Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps for the Blind

Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps for the Blind

This is Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps specially made for the blind people, This cool apps was launched by several providers in US, Sprint and Virgin Mobile. With this apps the blind people can use the android mobile phone without a usual QWERTY keyboards.

By installing this application All the menu on the Android will be the one to the application can then be accessed through touch. The difference here, every touch that they made on each of the application will produce a sound to tell them about what menu is being touched and when appropriate, we just clicked 2 times.

So also if you want to call someone, every touch will give voice and figure in which the finger is removed the finger from the screen when it is considered that number is the desired number.

Not all functions can be used in these applications but all the important functions that are most frequently used will be here starting from the call, address book, SMS, alarm, calendar, email, web, GPS location, setting and some other applications.

See the video below about How this Mobile Accessibility Apps works


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