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Logitech Harmony Link Turn your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Link Turn your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Link will turn your Smartphone as a Universal remote control, Almost all gadget freaks hope that their smartphone or even tablet PC could be used as a remote control to control TV, Audio or even DVD player but unfortunately the smartphone and Tablet PC today are lack of Infra red Features. But don't worry with this Logitech Harmony Link you can still made your Tablet or Smartphone into a cool universal remote control.

Logitech Harmony links can be an easy solution to overcome the above problems because this tool will be able to make the iPhone, iPad and Android phones as a universal remote control that can control up to 8 pieces of equipment (TV, audio / video ) at once.

The advantages of Harmony link from Logitech is they use Wi - Fi connection to send commands from the tablet / phone ( which has installed the Logitech Harmony apps) into this tool and later from the Harmony These links will be converted to IR ( Infrared ) to control the TV and others of your Electronic Devices.

In this way, it means that we can control almost any audio / video with no exception for a remote control with infrared systems.

There's more even better advantages of Logitech Harmony Link tools for iPad, through existing applications, we can see the TV schedule in iPad and if we like, we just press the button " Watch Now " that automatically direct the show on TV.

In the purchase package of Harmony Link you can also get the IR Blaster Mini, This tools was useful to transmit IR signals to the audio / video that we keep in the closet. So how about the prices of this cool amazing tools from Logitech? This logitech harmony link will be sold for $ 99.99

Check the Demo Video of Logitech Harmony Link and how does it work to connecting your Smartphone with your electronic devices through the Infra red.


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