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E-Mirror a LED Mirror with iPod and iPhone Dock

E-Mirror a LED Mirror with iPod and iPhone Dock

This is the World's first LED Mirror that comes with a cool amazing design, beside a mirror it also has a cool docking station and speaker set for the wide range of iPod models, and also the iPhone. This stuff was called as e-mirror. maybe it could be a greatest gift for every gadget lover for this year end holiday.

This e-mirror LED mirror with integrated iPod Docking station was designed by Kristal Form, much of the minimalistic sleek look of the Apple brand has been carried onto this accessory. A perfect replacement for a mini-stereo system with 2 speakers, this e-mirror is fitted with 12 fields of LED lighting on the sides, with screen-printed edging. The use of Led technology, has rendered this product to the first to use the technology on a mirror, which speaks of the smart engineering from the makers of the product. Even the sound system attached include the HP hi-fi speakers which give out crystal clear quality of audio, and also the flexibility of a remote control for all the functions on the device. With the total size being just 90 cm x 60 cm, it doesn’t take up much space and is handy to carry around. You can place this LED Mirror at your bathroom for more entertainment while you take a bath.

You can buy the e-mirror LED Mirror for just $327 (€249), There's 3 color options to choose from (white, black and pink). As per your suiting, you could even order for a horizontal or vertical unit, but be prepared to allow a period of 3 weeks for delivery. If you don't like the futuristic touch on this LED Mirror iPod Docking station so you have to try this iStation a Retro iPad docking station.

Source : Bornrich

Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC Turns your HDTV into all in one Video Conferencing Tools

Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC Turns your HDTV into all in one Video Conferencing Tools

As we know transferring a files from the notebook / PC to your HDTV screen wirelessly is not a new things but this Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC provide additional functions that didn't exist in other same products. With Warpia ConnectHD now you can turns your HDTV into a tools for Video conferencing in any room. Isn't it really cool?

Just like similar tools, ConnectHD will move what's in the notebook / PC to a wireless HDTV screen but other than that in this ConnectHD also provided an HD webcam with a resolution of 360° plus a microphone to capture more detailed sound..

With the webcam placed near the HDTV it means we can do video chat through direct HDTV just like an internet TV. ConnectHD connected to HDTV via HDMI cable while the laptop / PC using a USB Wireless Adapter.

ConnectHD claimed could be used with a maximum distance of about 9 m and will be sold at a price of $199. Not too expensive for a really cool stuff right? You can watch the demo video about how Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC enables the Video Conferencing in any room easily.

You Can buy this Warpia ConnectHD SWP400VC here.


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