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Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone with 41MP Camera

Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone with 41MP Camera

This is really insane a smartphone comes with 41MP Camera? This is Nokia 808 Pureview the first smartphone which has a 41MP Camera. This will be the smartphone with the highest resolution camera on the market today. Nokia 808 Pureview uses a Carl zeiss Lens one of the best camera lens in the world.

Even the Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone has 41MP Camera but don't think that the picture will produce a 41 MP sensor. but the use of this to get a detailed picture of 5 MP with the best, especially when you zoom a picture.

For Examples of the most common problems we encounter when digital zoom is broken and the image becomes blurry and this is where the 41 MP sensor is able to make images stay sharp even though the zoom up to 4x.

Nokia 808 PureView also equipped with Xenon flash and it can take video with Full HD 1080 p @ 30 fps as well as Rick Recording feature ensures the recorded sound has the quality equivalent to CD.

Another feature of this Nokia 808 Pureview is the Dolby Headphones is claimed to be the first that can produce dolby sound when using headphones. Like most of Nokia Smartphone this Nokia 808 Pureview running on Symbian OS Belle. Check out the video below

Virtual Ski Simulator System by Skytec Interactive

Virtual Ski Simulator System by Skytec Interactive

This is really a cool simulator. could you imagine to play an Indoor Ski? this Indoor Skiing Simulator by Skytec Interactive enabled you to train the snowboarding or even skiing without ever need to go to the ski resort but you can do it on simulated ski training with detailed virtual slopes from Skytec.

SkyTec debuted its first public facility in the United States this month. SkyTechSport Ski and Fit provides indoor ski training in warm, sunny Beverly Hills. The club currently has two different machines: the 18-foot-long (5.5 m) President Lux simulator with a mirror and 10-foot (3 m) screen and the Olymp simulator, a 24-foot-long (7.3 m) machine with a large panoramic display and 3D capability. Later in the year, the facility plans to add a smaller 10-foot Leader Pro model to round out its offerings.

The globally patented ski simulator system from Munich-based SkyTec Interactive combines exercise equipment with a large virtual reality ski simulation. The system includes a pair of skis or snowboard mounted to rails on a long, lateral surface. The equipment allows the trainee to move like they would on the slopes, essentially carving from edge to edge and schussing down the slopes. Through a series of sensors and a computer system, the trainee engages with the virtual ski environment.

The system mimics the centripetal forces experienced during skiing or snowboarding and relays the same G-force to the user, according to the company. Despite the fact that movements on the simulator are lateral, compared to the arcing curves that skiers perform on actual ski slopes, the forces and inertia involved are the same.

In terms of fitness, SkyTec says that its machines offer a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training. The training strengthens leg, back and stomach muscles while increasing muscle coordination and flexibility. The machines can be tuned for various levels of strength and fitness - with more powerful turns, skiers can increase muscle mass, while they can burn fat more effectively with quicker, less powerful turns.

SkyTec systems are designed to be all-season training tools for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. They prompt users to keep skis parallel, remain on their edges, control their bodies and improve balance. They can help beginners to become comfortable with the form and movements required in skiing, and help advanced and expert skiers improve their technique, work with an on-site instructor, and stay in better shape and form during the off-season.

While you could purchase a SkyTec system on your own, if you had the will, space and money for it (a SkyTec rep told us they retail between US$20,000 and $100,000), an easier solution would be to set up a session at the Beverly Hills training facility. All equipment is provided, but you can use your own boots if you prefer. A single session costs $129, and discounts are provided by way of 6, 12 and 24 multi-session packs. Sessions include oversight from an instructor, who observes your form, instructs on techniques and changes simulator settings like snow conditions. They last 50 minutes.

During the months of February and March, the new facility is offering a 30 percent discount on training sessions in celebration of its grand opening. If you do decide that you'd like to own your own SkyTec system, Beverly Hills SkyTec doubles as a dealership and showroom.

Via : Gizmag

Space elevator concept by Japanese Scientist

Space elevator concept by Japanese Scientist

This Space elevator concept by a Japanese company was really cool and amazing, it was said that this space elevator will run at 2050. it means in the next 38 years from now we can take an elevator to go to the space. It could take an elevator concept to a new height.

The Daily Yomiuri reports that Tokyo-based construction company Obayashi Corp. hopes to have a space elevator operational by 2050, carrying passengers and cargo in a vehicle that travels along a ribbon made of carbon nanotubes extending a quarter of the way to the moon.

A counterweight at the end of the 96,000 kilometer (59,652 mile) cable would anchor the entire assembly, which is connected to a station on the ground. Passengers would travel from the surface of the Earth to a terminal station housing a research center and residential facilities located about 36,000 kilometers (22,369 miles) up the ribbon in a car traveling at 200 km/h (124 mph). At that speed the journey is anticipated to take about a week.

Solar panels at the same elevation as the terminal station would provide its electricity and also send power back to the surface.

The concept of elevators reaching into space has been around since 1895 when Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was inspired by the newly built Eiffel Tower to first conceive of the idea of a free-standing tower reaching into geostationary orbit from the Earth's surface. The idea has since become a staple of science fiction, but in recent years conferences have been held on the topic and NASA has also been actively involved in efforts to make them a reality.

But finding a material light enough and strong enough to create such a long cable has been a significant obstacle. Obayashi and others believe carbon nanotubes can get the job done, making them the key to the ambitious project.

Obayashi is not yet saying how much they estimate the project will cost, but when it's up and running, it hopes to transport 30 passengers at a time along the space cable, perhaps using magnetic linear motors. The company also hasn't revealed a location for the space elevator, but as it relies on centripetal forces to keep the ribbon taut, the base station needs to be located along - or at least close to - the equator.

Via : Gizmag

Samsung Smart Oven a Smart Appliances for your Kitchen

Samsung Smart Oven a Smart Appliances for your Kitchen

This Samsung smart oven is really cool. it can be set with an android apps. now it's the time for us to go into the futuristic cooking method. with an Android Apps you can operate the smart oven.

Samsung Smart Oven MC368GAAW5A has 160 Cooking Program. and all that programs could be controlled on the special apps on your Android Phone. there's another cool functions of this smart oven, you can also connect this smart oven with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi Connection. We're not completely clear on the app's full capabilities, or whether it will be able to work from a different Wi-Fi network than the one the oven's using. If it's local-only, this removes some of the inherent potential of a smartphone-controlled oven

Samsung smart oven can also display the amount of calories inside the dish that you put into the oven. isn't it cool? This smart oven using an advanced infrared heating system. so far this smart oven from samsung was released only in Korea

You can read further about the features of this Samsung smart oven here but unfortunately it's on Korean language.

iPhone Pepper Spray Case Ultimate Protection tools

iPhone Pepper Spray Case Ultimate Protection tools

This iPhone pepper spray case could be one of the coolest self protection tools which lay inside your iPhone. there's so many ruggerized case for iPhone but there's no case to protect yourself against the robbery.

SmartGuard Pepper Spray is a Smart Phone Cases for iPhone that also can protect yourself from danger because there are the pepper spray inside the case. By using this case your iphone will look a lot bigger than their original form but that's due to the pepper spray that could save you in an emergency situation.

The SmartGuard iPhone case is designed to hold a canister of pepper spray and is fitted in such a way that you can answer a call and deliver a dose of funky mist in one smooth motion. Of course we would never condone or encourage the use of pepper spray for anything less than mortal danger, but it is nice to know that the next time some street thug tries to swipe your precious iPhone you may have an easier time warding him off. The SmartGuard iPhone case is available for $50

Get the SmartGuard Pepper Spray Case for your iPhone Now!.

Lunch that cook itself by Japanese Engineers

Lunch that cook itself by Japanese Engineers

What? a lunch that cook itself? did we joking? unfortunately no. a japanese engineers develop a cool science breakthrough by making this lunch that cook itself. as we know bento or a packaged lunch in japan was really famous you can bought from a supermarket, convenience store, or restaurant that specializes in bento. One particular subset of bento is known as ekiben, or, the “station bento.”

As its name implies, you can buy a station bento on the platforms of major train stations across Japan. The station bento is beloved by travelers in Japan because they use ingredients famous or native to the region that you buy them, letting you experience the taste of an area even if you are just passing through. However, there is just one shortcoming to the station bento – it’s cold.

Luckily, thanks to the leading researchers in the field of bento technology, this is no longer the case!

If you take the Shinkansen line through the Tōhoku region of eastern Japan, you can buy a cutting-edge Grilled Beef Tongue Bento for 1000 yen (US$13). What sets this bento apart from other store bought lunches is that by simply pulling a cord it will become a piping hot meal in minutes.

Some readers may be put off by the name, but don’t worry. Beef tongue in Japan is nearly identical to most other cuts of beef. In fact if you were to eat beef tongue in Japan you probably wouldn’t notice what it was unless someone told you. That is, of course, if it’s hot. Cold beef tongue tastes something like the sole of a shoe.

By following the instructions, all you need to do is put it on a flat, even surface and then pull the cord out that’s tucked inside the box. In less than a minute you’ll probably see steam and/or smoke coming out of the box.

Five minutes later you can take off the lid and protective paper to see a faint puff of steam and presto! Your beef tongue bento is ready to eat, complete with hot juicy beef and fluffy rice. The hot juicy meat is especially amazing. Imagine any premade lunch you’ve ever eaten and ask yourself if it’s ever had hot juicy meat. It’s also well-seasoned – not too much but not too little either.

If pressed to make a complaint, it would be that there could be more vegetables. Also the heating effect lasts for about 30 minutes, which can be a double-edged sword. If you’re a slow eater or doing work while eating it’s great to keep your food warm to the last bite. On the other hand, if you’re a fast eater you might find yourself stuck with a hot bowl that you don’t know what to do with.

Overall, this is without a doubt a miracle of modern science. If you’re wondering how it works, well, I don’t know, and I think I don’t want to know. All I care about is the bliss I feel having a warm meal in my belly during a cold day. We at RocketNews24 salute the brilliant minds who worked tirelessly to develop the self-cooking bento.

Via : Rocketnews24.com

Monopoly zAPPed let you play Monopoly with iPad and Debit card

Monopoly zAPPed let you play Monopoly with iPad and Debit card

Monopoly was one of my favorite childhood games but still fun to play today, Now with the advanced of mobile technology we can play an enhanced versions of Monopoly games called Monopoly zAPPed. Monopoly zAPPed is a next generation monopoly that will involve your iPad, and also Debit card!!.

With Monopoly zAPPed from Hasbro Interactive you can play monopoly with the same regulation and in the same way with the classic Monopoly you play on your childhood, but this time all the money will be stored in a virtual bank or on your iPad. What are the benefits? The possibility of your opponent to cheat by slipping money under the board's monopoly is lost! Well, a variety of transactions over the game is done using a special debit card for this game to be "scanned" by the iPad. Cool isn't it?

For a set of Monopoly zAPPed devices you can buy them on Amazon for less than $25 - not much different from the usual version of Monopoly prices. While you can download the application for frree on iTunes In addition to Monopoly, there are also some other classic games like the Game of Life and Battleship. Watch the Video below taken from Tiy fair 2012 for more detail of how to play Monopoly zAPPed.

Twitkao iOS apps to made emoticons based on Facial Expression

Twitkao iOS apps to made emoticons based on Facial Expression

Twitkao is a must have iOS apps for those who loved to chat with their friends in blackberry messenger or the other online messenger or even chat by SMS. twitkao will help you create an emoticon based on your facial expression. in most cases a funny emoticons are used to describe your expression. now with the help of Twitkao iOS Apps you can easily made an emoticons based on your facial expression.

This Japanese application made ​​by Takuto Sonishi. With this application, you can convert almost all the expressions in your photos into an emoticon. Working principle is quite simple, you just need to shoot yourself with a facial expression you desired. This application will analyze facial expressions and generate an emoticon based on these expressions.

Twikao can translate almost all the facial expressions of happy, laughing, sad, sad to cry. There are over 100 emoticons that can be customized with your facial expressions, all of which can be directly used for the tweet-tweet your thanks to its integration with Twitter accounts.

unfortunately twitkao apps only available for IOS devices, until now this apps are not available for Android based OS. and there has been no further news of whether to present to the Android or other smartphone platforms. Want to try Twitkao Apps to make an emoticons based on your facial expressions? you can download it at App Store for free.

Cool Kinect Mod can Fly RC Helicopter with Hand Motions

Cool Kinect Mod can Fly RC Helicopter with Hand Motions

This is truly cool amazing kinect mod. this guy can fly RC Helicopter with just his hand motions. he can also adjust its coordinates in 3D. It seems that microsoft wasn’t lying when they said the Kinect motion sensor could help turn your body into a controller in the future. One modder recently found a way to extend this idea beyond video games, and use his body as a controller for an RC helicopter.

Over at MAKE, we’re told that the mod was designed by a youtube user named cdoughty29. Using an Arduino Uno and a Kinect, he’s able to capture and convert signals given by hand gestures into 38 kHz Infrared signals which are transmitted directly to the S107 RC Helicoper.

Check out the video below to see what his project is like when it’s in action. It looks like it would probably be a lot of fun if he had more room to move the chopper around.

Not such a bad home project if you’re into programmer and a little bit of robotics. Thanks to the Kinect, he’s able to translate the movements from his appendages into X, Y, and Z coordinates so that the helicopter can manoeuvre around the room in full 3D.

This is definitely not one of the safest things you can do with your Kinect if you don’t have very much experience handling RC helicopters. Unlike RC monster trucks and cars, those things are basically tiny flying balls of metal. If you plan on trying this at home I’d probably recommend not have anything that’s easily broken and valuable anywhere near the project area. The last thing you’d want would be to crash that little chopper into a mirror or a vase, or even into the Kinect itself!

Via : Walyou

iCelcius Pro turn iPhone into a Digital Thermometer

iCelcius Pro turn iPhone into a Digital Thermometer

How to turn your iPhone into a digital thermometer? Now with this iCelcius Pro devices with an apps you could possibly morph your iPhone into a digital thermometer. to turn your iPhone into a digital thermometer the first step is you have to plug in the iCelcius Pro devices prior to the IOS device. Then download the application via the App Store iCelcius and the iPhone is now ready to be used to measure temperature.

Then how to use it to measure the temperature with iCelcius Pro on your iPhone? To use it, you just put the tip of the iron iCelcius Pro on the object that you want the temperature, and then the measurement result is displayed through applications on the iPhone iCelcius. iCelcius application comes with several features such as creating a graphic display, alarm features, and the email feature to send the results of temperature measurements that you have done.

iCelcius Pro can accurately measure the temperature and can be used to read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. The tool can measure temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees centigrade and can be used for various needs of body temperature to room temperature. If you are interested to have it, iCelcius Pro is compatible with all IOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch can be had for around $ 54.99.

Get your iCelcius Pro Devices here.

MyndPlay let you Watch a Different Movie ending based on your brain

MyndPlay let you Watch a Different Movie ending based on your brain

Myndplay is a cool amazing stuff that would read your mind and pick the best movie ending according your brain. actually this devices works to train your brain and make them more relaxed. It's really a perfect device for you who want a different kind of movie.

MyndPlay a cool devices with EEG (electroencephalograph) to train the brain and make the brain more relaxed. We could call MyndPlay as a media player that comes with a headset or a headband because it MyndPlay can play the video but the difference between the ordinary film is a special film that can change it plot depending on the of your brain activity.

For example, if you're watching the film whose story is quite sad and when MyndPlay detect that you are feeling a deep sadness, the story line will automatically turn into a happy ending.

In addition to the above movies, MyndPlay also to train the brain to be more focused and relaxed by playing a game or play a special film.

There have been many types of film can be provided for MyndPlay use and one of those horror movies with titles Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism that will give you 3 ending options depending on your brain.

Watch the video below.

Scalado Rewind App to Capture the Perfect Group Pictures

Scalado Rewind App to Capture the Perfect Group Pictures

beside scalado remove apps, there's another cool apps from scalado called scalado rewind. this Android apps works to capture the perfect group pictures, Here's how to explains it. Sometimes when we took several people at once, it's almost impossible to get that one 'perfect shot' where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera – and where no one is blinking!. And this scalado rewinds app works to fix all that impossible things. (see the pictures, with scalado rewind apps we could possible fix the baby expression in that photo)

Scalado Rewind apps will take the best facial expressions from a sequence of photo and then combine them into one single photo. The result? It's now quick and easy to create the perfect group shot. The procedure is simple, take some photos then we can choose Rewind to see whose face should be replaced in terms of taking the best facial expressions.

In their press release it was explained that to make Rewind went pretty smoothly, especially in their tests, they use an Android phone that already have a Dual Core processor. Scalado Rewind Apps also has this benefit : Instant image display and easy interaction.

see how scalado rewind apps works to take a perfect group pictures in a video below

Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

It was revealed that the new Xbox 720 by Mircrosoft will be integrating a touchscreen control like Wii-U controller. The highly anticipated successor to the maker’s Xbox 360 comes equipped with a high definition screen encircled by traditional 360 buttons and sticks for a complete experience.

Designed aesthetically, the sleek touchscreen device easily grabs one’s eyeballs for embedding a display that showcases the multipurpose functionality of Xbox 720. So basically, by taking advantage of which, users will be enabled to glance through game menus and functions when playing an Xbox game. However, during watching streaming videos, the incorporated display can be used as a virtual TV remote.

The handy, super smooth matt-black console aims at instilling life in games with directional sound and augmented reality. There will be an impressive finger tracking, four player Kinect feel as well. Though Microsoft has been endeavoring to transform its games boxes into exceptional controllers for hardcore players, the device manages to stand distinct for various reasons. The highlight, on the other hand, comes for equipping a Wii U-like touchscreen controller and endowing a shape closer to Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

It may catch most of us off-guard but Xbox 720 also brings in a thoroughly revamped experience with looks and feel of an iPad. As far as the system’s processor and GPU are concerned, let us tell you that Microsoft is really playing safe there. But one need not be on pins and needles as the model will function amazingly great and touts to change the way you have been playing those favorite titles.

At last, if you were thinking that Microsoft will dig a big hole in your pockets, then you are absolutely right. The attractive Xbox 720 is anticipated to be priced at somewhere around £399 with availability yet to be disclosed.

Scalado Remove an Apps to Remove unwanted object in your Screen

Scalado Remove an Apps to Remove unwanted object in your Screen

With this cool apps from scalado now you can remove an unwanted object in your phone screen, Scalado is the World's First object removal innovation in a mobile device. just imagine if you travel somewhere and find a nice spot but there's so many unwanted object around you such as the crowd of people or many unwanted object that can hurt your photo result. but now with a Scalado remove apps you could remove all that unwanted object in your screen. isn't it really cool?

Scalado, imaging company introduced a mobile application, particularly given the current Android REMOVE the name that can overcome the above problems. REMOVE apps works to remove unwanted objects when we take photos, especially on the objects such as people.

Scalado Remove apps works as well as taking photos in general, the difference after we snap, we can see some objects that were "highlight" that can be eliminated simply by touching the object. watch the video below about How we remove an unwanted object in your photo with this Scalado Remove Apps.

Trimble Yuma It's a Tough Windows Tablet PC

Trimble Yuma It's a Tough Windows Tablet PC

Need a tough windows tablet PC? Then you should try this Trimble Yuma Tablet PC. it's a 7 inch tablet PC which is running Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS. Trimble Yuma was perfect for your adventure. Yuma has magnesium alloy material body that resists water, dust and impact. Yuma Trimble also asked the U.S. military to test it directly and then Trimble Yuma Tablet PC got United States Military Standard for durability certification.

Trimble Yuma screen is designed specifically so that it still shows good view even under sunlight. That way, you can read a map in the light of the blazing desert sun.

Yuma equipped by Two cameras that are capable of marking the location where photos and video taken (Geo tagging feature), Although the name has not been as popular as the others tablet PC, but Trimble Yuma tablet PC which is powered by 1.6 GHz single core processor is quite capable of handling various user activities. In fact, the draw is on the side of the storage memory: available capacity of 32GB and 80GB SSD which can still be improved. Probably quite small when compared to Windows-based notebook, but bigger than the iPad and other Tablet.

Here's the Full Specification of Trimble Yuma a tough Windows Tablet PC

Prosesor: Intel Atom Z530 1,6 GHz
OS: Genuine Windows Vista ® Business atau Windows 7
Storage: 32GB Solid State Drive Drive
Expansion Memory Slot SDIO slot ExpressCard 34mm
Screen: 7 "widescreen 1024 × 600 WSVGA 650 nit
Housing Mg-Al
6 Button (power, enter, directional & 3 user programmable function buttons)
Standard Batteries Dual hot-swappable Lithium-Ion batteries, 2600 mAmp
Extended Batteries Dual hot-swappable Lithium-Ion batteries, 5100 mAmp
Operating Temperature: –30°C to 60°C
Integrated GPS: SiRF STAR III, WAAS capable
Dimension: 14x23x5cm
Weight: 1,2kg
Color: Yellow/Black

CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

Computer assisted medical diagnosis and surgery system (CAMDASS) has developed an awesome concept for the future. with this stuff you can be a doctor and do a simple surgery. This is an Augmented Reality Prototype that designed to help you as non expert doctor to accomplish medical interventions.

Originally this CAMDASS Augmented Reality Prototype was made for Astronauts, since there's no medical experts on the space. CAMDASS developed by the european space agency for future astronauts, 'astronauts cannot be trained and expected to maintain skills on all the medical procedures that might be needed.'

This Camdass utilizes a 3D head-mounted display, linked to an infrared camera to track an ultrasound device. AR markers are placed on a patient's body to indicate important sites, and the system calibrates the display relative to the viewer's and patient's positions. the headset displays floating markers that, when aligned
with the real markers on the patient's body, indicate that the ultrasound probe (or other device) is in the right location.

'CAMDASS' has already been tested at the saint-pierre university hospital in brussels, belgium. it currently functions only with ultrasound, which is available on the international space station, but the research team anticipates its integration with other devices for additional surgical procedures. the system would provide the assistance needed by responders in deep space, as well as in developing areas or remote locations.

Watch the Video about How CAMDASS Augmented Reality Works.

Via : Designboom

iOS Apps to Control your Dream : Yumeniru

iOS Apps to Control your Dream : Yumeniru

Yumeniru is an iOS Apps that can control your dreams. This apps can also detect when you enter dream sleep and then plays a soundtrack to influence what happens in your dreams.

Yumeniru apps uses a timer and the Apple device’s microphone to detect when a user has entered REM sleep, which is when they’re most susceptible to dreaming. Then it begins to play a soundtrack for the specific type of dream that the user selects, which could include sound effects or voices directing their dream. The available dreams include walking through a forest, visiting the beach, flying, becoming rich, and even romances specified for both men and women. but thanks god there’s no bad dreams available on this Yumeniru apps.

With yumeniru apps you can also share your dreams through their social share functions. It’s also will increasing the chance for you to remember what happen on your dreams. It also includes an alarm function, so you don’t enjoy your dream for too long.

Unfortunately this apps only available in Japanese Language. Here’s the product page of this Yumeniru Apps

Enjoy Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps

Enjoy Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps

This valentine Starbucks comes with awesome augmented reality technology combined with their heart adonned cup. You can send and share a virtual valentine at starbucks via your smartphone. With Starbucks Cup Magic installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you can point your smartphone camera on the Starbucks valentine themed cup then you can see a beautiful heart shaped flower flying off the cup. (see the video below) This Starbucks Cup Magic apps works by pointing your phone’s camera at the company’s heart adonned coffee cups and 47 additional objects, such as bags of coffee, on display at Starbucks retail locations. You can get this starbucks Cup Magic apps at Apple’s Appstore and Androidmarket.

According to mashable blog the heart shape on Starbucks valentine themed cup is a part of a mobile augmented reality program. You need Starbucks Cup Magic apps within your Android Phone or iPhone and then put the cups within your phone’s field of vision, your phone will display images of heart-shaped flower petals flying off the cup. You can also send a video of the scene to your beloved via email or Facebook since This apps also has a traditional and social sharing capabilities. (you can watch the demonstration video below) Valentine’s Day-themed cups that will be in use through February 17th.

Celebrate Valentine with Starbucks and Experience a Virtual Valentine with Starbucks Cup Magic Apps. Happy Valentine guys

The Oldest Living Organism is a Giant Posidonia Oceanica Seagrass

The Oldest Living Organism is a Giant Posidonia Oceanica Seagrass

The world's oldest living organism is Posidonia Oceanica seagrass, the scientist has discovered the 200,000 years old seagrass in the Mediterranean. This giant patches of seagrass surpass the tasmanian plant which is "only" 43,000 year-old. According to the scientist this nine mile wide stretch of Posidonia Oceanica Seagrass began its life when humans first emerged in the late Pleistocene era.

Posidonia Oceanica or also known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed is a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It forms large underwater meadows that are an important part of the ecosystem. The fruit is free floating and known in Italy as 'the olive of the sea' (l'oliva di mare). Balls of fibrous material from its foliage, known as egagropili, wash up to nearby shorelines.

The scientist calculated the age of the plants from DNA tests on clumps gathered from the seafloor between Spain and Cyprus

This Giant Posidonia oceanica seagrass which is claimed as the oldest living organism on earth was Weighing 6,000 tons and stretching for 10 miles, the seagrass patches reproduce asexually and spread very slowly, eventually covering large areas. A key attribute to their longevity is their ability to store nutrients in their long branches, Professor Carlos Duarte from the University of Western Australia told the Telegraph.

This Giant Posidonia Oceanica Seagrass grows so large and lives so long because it has few native competitors and no major predators in the marine habitat. The extensive subsea meadows support some of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet.

Despite the organism’s ability to survive in harsh conditions, scientists believe the seagrass is nevertheless declining, something scientists blame on global climate change.

Recommended Sites for Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas

Recommended Sites for Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas

Need a recommendation for a cool valentine gift for your lover? girlfriend, wife or mistress? here's on this post we would give you the most recommended sites for Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas. Valentine will be coming in the next 6 days so you better prepared all the things and idea.

All of this website give you a Valentine's Day gift recommendations and ideas for this 2012 Valentine.

1. Gift Side Story

it's a gift recommendation site. you need to sign up an account on this website then fill out a brief easy questionnaire about your gils. don't worry it's all free. then Gift Side Story offers you three present suggestions that it believes best fit her personality and tastes.

2. TheIceBreak.com's Date In A Box

The folks at dating-scrapbookers TheIceBreak.com have a new subscription service called the Date in the Box: Every month, you and your significant other are sent a box filled with everything you need for a successful date. For $35, if you order before February 9th, you can get the special Valentine's Day box, which is Romance-in-Europe-themed. That box includes, among other things, a recipe for a dinner for two, a romantic movie, romantic icebreaker questions, three keepsakes, and more items that European citizens may or may not enjoy and/or utilize. Check out their list of Valentine Gift Ideas here.

3. Gilt.com

Gilt.com has a rather attractive Valentine's Day section up with a bevy of options, including Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Date Night In Your City, ingredients for sexy cooking, and a rather suggestive section called "Set the Mood.

4. Thoughtful Guy

Thoughtfulguy.com is a gift recommendation engine that aims, one supposes, to make thoughtless guys seem thoughtful. As on Gift Side Story, you receive your recommendations by answering a series of questions about your girl's interests and hobbies. As a bonus, if you're a lazy bum without initiative, your lady can register an account for you and fill out that questionnaire, plus her shoe, dress, and ring(!) sizes for you! As her lover, all you have to do is select one of the gift recommendations that Thoughtfulguy spits out for you.

5. RedEnvelope.com

Red Envelope is a popular online retailer for branded gifts, and its Valentine's Day section is up and beautiful, including sections for "Gifts Under $50," "Gourmet & Wine Gifts," and "Flowers & Plants"

6. Etsy

It's a design community that churns out adorable knick-knacks and gift ideas. You can try to browse Etsy's special Valentine's Day homepage, or check out the items tagged with "Valentine's Day" for some suggestions for her.

7. Groupon

Groupon offers a promise on its Valentine's Day promo: "If the experience using your Groupon ever lets you down, we'll make it right or return your purchase. Simple as that." Given last year's reported fiasco, however, we will have to reiterate a phrase that applies to all of these companies: Buyer beware

8. Gifts.com

Gifts.com has a pretty neat sorting engine where you can filter gifts for your guy or gal based on the occasion (including Valentine's Day) and his or her age, Personality Type, Preferred Gift Category, And Price.

9. Amazon

The site now features a promotional Valentine's Day section with "Gifts for Her," "Gifts for Him," "Gifts for Kids," and "Gifts for Anyone"


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