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Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera was an amazing Apps for your iPhone, it can let you play music through your iPhone camera. this cool apps was made by Kawai a japanese musical instrument company. So How does it work? This Gakufu Camera can play the music based on the music notes that you take with your iPhone Camera.

Gakufu Camera was made to help those who want to play music but hard to read music score. With this application, you only need to scan the musical notes on sheet music with the iPhone camera, then this application will play music based on musical notes proficiency level on your iPhone.

Although these applications are proven to be easier for you, but there are some limitations in this application. Such as tempo problems, and some other technical things that seem to require further adjustment to music played by Gakufu Camera sounds more rhythmic.

Several days ago we also got another cool stuff from japan to let you play music with your body. read here on Ningen Gakki Digital Music Instrument.

See the Demo Videos of this Cool Gakufu Camera Apps for your iPhone.

Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree is a solar powered bonsai tree that can charge various of your gadget at one. this electree bonsai was a great eco friendly device that offers a green solution to charge your devices such as smartphone, tablet, digital camera or any other gadget.

The Electree Solar powered bonsai was designed by a french designer Vivian Muller, this devices was an Eco Friendly Battery charger, It was inspired by Photosynthesis process of the tree. This electree used a solar panel as their main energy source. Electree has 27 solar panel “leaves” that charge the Electree’s 13,500mAH battery. You can also stash your devices under the Electree’s floor to keep things neat, tidy, and clutter-free. The branches and each module are also rotatable, which apparently allows you to create an “unlimited number of shapes.”

The Electree will take about 36 hours of sunshine to fully charge its battery. After that, you can start charging your mobile devices through the USB connection. It will charge a device to its full capacity in only a few hours.

The Designer Vivian Muller's looking for 400 presales of this Solar powered Bonsai to make the Electree a reality: for early birds, the price is €269 (about $370). This Electree design was also envisioned as a city project in the future. See also this Solar Powered Straddling Bus Concept.

Here's the video about How you can charge your Gadget with this Solar Powered Bonsai Electree.

NFC Door Locks by Yale An Amazing Invention for Home

NFC Door Locks by Yale An Amazing Invention for Home

NFC Door Locks by yale could be the next big thing in house hold technology, With this new NFC Technology soon you can open the door simply just by placing your Smartphone into the lock. This NFC Enabled door locks by Yale is a cool amazing invention. NFC Technology enables a simple data exchange between two devices in close proximity. beside used for the payment system now this NFC technology also can be used to open a door locks.

During CEDIA Expo 2011, Yale demonstrated what appears to be the first consumer door lock that employs near field communication - just hold your NFC-enabled smartphone near the lock and the latch responds, as long as you have the right permissions.

To be able to use it, we still need to download the applications to our smartphone and then to open the door, we can suppress the menu on the phone and then hold the phone to the door.

Check out the Demo Video below of the Yale NFC door Locks.

Hmm I'm sure the Door Security system could be better with this NFC door Locks technology by Yale.


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