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USB Gadget Selection for Christmas Gift 2011

USB Gadget Selection for Christmas Gift 2011

Looking for a Christmas present for the geeks? Maybe the list of the USB gadget below could helps you to choose a Christmas Gift 2011 for geeks. The list below was complete with the price, target user and why you should put them on your list for Geeky Christmas Gift this years. So let's start the Top 8 USB Gadget Selection for Christmas Gift 2011.

1. Coolermaster LapAir Notebook Cooler

This coolermaster LapAir Notebook Cooler was Perfect for users who seek a comfortable way to use their laptop without it overheating. This stuff was Priced at $425.48, the notebook cooler can be purchased from Play’s official site.

Why you should buy this stuff: Designed to be simple yet elegant, the super useful Coolermaster LapAir Notebook Cooler comes accompanied by a cushion to emerge as a perfect office companion. By using this one, you can conveniently work on their computing device anywhere without overheating. Integrated with a noiseless fan for great cooling performance, the accessory boasts of an ergonomic design, cable grooves for easy USB cable management and comfy sponge mat for enhanced comfort.

2. XtremeMac InCharge Sync

This XtremeMac Incharge Sync would works as a universal charger for iOS device that's why this geeky stuff was perfect for those people who owns apple product such as iPod, iPhone or iPad, You can buy it for $29.99 from XtremeMac

Why you should buy: The new InCharge Sync from XtremeMac can be a great geeky pick for you if seeking to charge the iPad, iPhone or iPod. You can seamlessly charge your iOS device while having it synchronized to the computer. Perfect for desk or counter top, the stylish case-friendly charging stand comes with a USB cable to enhance your experience

3. Watch with 4GB USB Memory

This watch was targeting the Users who need a comfortable watch with integrated support for USB memory to vacant their pockets. It could be a perfect christmas gift for your Geeky husband or geeky brother. This watch are Available for $49.99 from Thinkgeek.

Why you should buy: If you happen to be amongst those consumers who want a fusion of storage department and accurate time display in a stylish watch, then the unique Watch with 4GB USB Memory is just made for you. The great accessory can be extremely handy to you if you have loads of data to carry but at the comfort of your watch.

4. Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera

This Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera should be perfect for those people who enjoy capturing quality pictures without carrying bulky cameras, this Mini Diital camera was Tagged at $55.00, the peppy device can be snapped up from AudioCubes

Why you should buy: Infusing an intelligent design, the simple to use Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera allows you to shoot both still images and movies with utmost convenience. The 2 megapixel Pick and Plug camera also lets you recharge directly through the computer while sustaining the style factor.

5. Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter

Perfect for Users who desire ultra high performance dual band wireless network. Its available for $90 from TRENDnet

Why you should buy: The compact 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter from TRENDnet lets you effortlessly connect a laptop or desktop computer to an extremely high performance 450Mbps dual band wireless network. The mini device e also allows users to stream HD video over the less congested 5GHz band. You can even enjoy its one-touch connection to router with Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

6. Lilliput Mini USB Monitor

If you need an instant high resolution secondary display from your computing solution so this Lilliput Mini USB Monitor should be on your list. This additional Mini USB Monitor was Priced at $99.99 and available via Thinkgeek

Why you should buy: Another great gift that can single out is the purposive Lilliput Mini USB Monitor which not only incorporates the ability to get connected via USB, but also reveals usability for to-do lists, iTunes, Photoshop tools and others. Great for your laptop or desktop, the geeky device indeed offers you a high resolution secondary display in no time for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, email, spreadsheets, and videos.

7. Mimo Magic Touch, 10-inch Capacitive Touchscreen USB Monitor

It's really perfect for consumers seeking a compact, portable mini-touchscreen monitor for their applications, Read the review of this Mimo Magic Touch from our previous article. The product can be purchased for $181.32 from Amazon

Why you should buy: The upgraded 10-inch Capacitive Touchscreen USB Monitor can be an amazing USB present for you if a low-energy, slim mini monitor was ever on your list. The superb device features a 7-inch backlit high resolution LED display and offers you the ability to set up widgets, chat windows and other software with utmost ease.

8. Cinq USB Display for Laptops

Cinq USB Display was another small screen for people who need the much needed laptop pr desktop screen space. It can be picked up for $249 from MyCinq's official site

Why you should buy: If you fret your laptop’s small screen space, the Cinq USB Display then makes an ideal gift. The 10.1-inch accessory not only slips to the side of your notebook, but also offers you power and video from a single USB port. You can even indulge in its amazing 1280 x 720 resolution with a contrast ratio of 500:1 and support for 262k colours.

The USB gadget listed above could be the greatest Christmas gift 2011 for geeks. so which one do you choose?

Traxxas XO-1 The Fastest R/C Car in the world today

Traxxas XO-1 The Fastest R/C Car in the world today

Nowadays many people love to play R/C car in their holiday, not only for the kids, but the R/C car today was a toys for the big boys. If you're looking for a fast R/C car you have to try this Traxxas XO-1. this R/C car was claimed as the world's fastest Radio control car today. Not only fast but this R/C car also becomes one of the biggest R/C car in the market. it was Armed with 2 Traxxas Power Cell 3S 5000mAh LiPo. What we like about this R/C car is that the ease of control. you can control it via your iPad or iPhone. Could you imagine to play a 100mph radio control car??

So how about the features of this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car? this fast R/C was Weighing all of 4.67 KG’s was one of the hardest truths we have put ourselves up against, as anything of this size and capability to travel at 0-100 km/ph within 5 seconds, usually weighs much more. Well, it’s done and done well as the gadgetry used is some of the most advanced in this sphere. Armed with Traxxas 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, and ready-to-go radio system, one can sit at a distance and watch the car zoom by, without having to physically control it, instead do it through your iPhone or iPad which has a built-in application meant specifically for the car (see also Blue Drone R/C car for Android). The high-definition detailed graphics and rapid user-interface will help you cover exotic terrains with all car controls on display on your handset or tablet PC screen.

With those awesome features you have to pay about $1,100 to own this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car. there's about 2 color option of this R/C Car such as red and black to choose from. I think it could be a great Christmas gift for me.

Check the Video below about how fast is this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car. you can see this Races of Traxxas XO-1 R/C Car on the real racing circuit.

So are you ready to race with this Traxxas XO-1??


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