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Universal Multimedia Remote and Joypad The Bridge

Universal Multimedia Remote and Joypad The Bridge

It seems that I'm not the only one who want a Universal multimedia remote or joypad which can work to various kind of devices. now there's a cool concept stuff called The Bridge that will work as a universal remote and joypad into a various kind of gadget such as Television and Game Console.

Such as the name Bridge is expected to be used to control more than one type of electronic devices. Maybe that's what underlies the creation of Bridge, a universal controller who mated QWERTY keyboard, mouse, game controller and universal TV remote. Bridge is designed to be able to control almost all multimedia devices and gaming device that is currently widely used: HDTV, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Google Tv, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, Tivo, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The Bridge is a complete enough controller for you since it can control most of the multimedia devices today.

Nowadays this bridge controller is going in the development stage, We hope that they would realize this cool universal multimedia controller the bridge, Check the video below about The Bridge.

I wonder about the technology behind this Universal remote and joypad. will it becames another futuristic technology trends?

FXI Cotton Candy a Dual Core Android PC inside a USB Flashdisk

FXI Cotton Candy a Dual Core Android PC inside a USB Flashdisk

Here comes another futuristic PC concept in shape of USB Flashdisk, FXI Cotton Candy was a dual core Android Powered PC which looks like a USB Flashdisk. Even it's only a prototype but sure it's really amazing and insane, we have seen many futuristic PC such as this Wrist PC Concept on previous post. have you ever imagine that a PC would came into a shape of USB? And moreover this little guys also powered with ARM Cortex A9 CPU 1.2 GHz, GPU ARM Mali-400 MP, 1GB memory, Wi - Fi and Bluetooth.

The size of computers is absolutely shrinking over the time, but the computer prototype of FXI is a bit outrageous. The following USB stick is not a regular USB. If at first glance, the shape is similar to a USB disk with two of the USB and HDMI connectors. Well we can say that with these specifications this FXI Cotton Candy was equivalent to the Macbook Air 11 Inch. but how about the storage? For storage, you can use a 64GB microSD cards. Virtualization software for Windows, Linux, and Mac has also been incorporated in FXI Cotton Candy USB PC. For the operating system, you can put Android or Linux Ubuntu.

Scenario use is quite a lot. In the demo, Cotton Candy and the laptop plugged in directly running Android 2.3, so we can play Angry Birds or other Android applications on a laptop with ease. Plug into the TV and the TV will turn into a giant Android device. So the basic idea is to turn a device such as TVs and computers into Android based devices in an instant. Unfortunately, FXI Cotton Candy has not received the access into the Android Market but we hope that soon google will grant an Access of this FXI Cotton Candy into the Android Market.

FXI Cotton Candy plans to market the next year with the price of around $200. Just wait for a further info of this FXI Cotton Candy. With this FXI Cotton Candy we can even turn a TV into a giant android devices. It's far cooler than this 65 Inch Android Honeycomb HDTV.

Gametel Gaming Controller Turn your Android devices into a Gaming Phone

Gametel Gaming Controller Turn your Android devices into a Gaming Phone

Now even Android smartphone could be turned into a cool gaming smartphone like Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Yes now you can morph your Android Smartphone into a cool Gaming smartphone with a Special Gaming Controller from Gametel. With this gametel gaming computer your android device could be a great gaming devices (maybe it's better than Sony ericson Xperia play).

Gametel Gaming Controller is a controller for Android OS 2.1 or more smartphone and It use a Bluetooth connection to connect to the controller to your smartphone., Several months ago we have another cool game controller for iOS devices called iControlpad and now as usual Android won't lose to their competitor, with this Gametel Gaming controller now you can morph your android smartphone into a cool gaming phone.

The Buttons and D - Pad of this gametel gaming controller are made ​​similar to what is in most games controller and the coolest features of this game controller is this one could be stored when not in use to play and we can use your favorite Android phones are more powerful.

Because it uses Bluetooth connection, so we can continue to use this controller with the position of the phone is connected to an HDTV so you could say we would have a small console. Gametel use rechargeable batteries that can be used for 9 hours and when not in use (standby) can last up to 5 months.

Currently not for sale but when the time comes, Gametel will be sold at a price of $67. Are you ready to transform your Android Smartphone into a small game console with this Gametel Gaming controller?

The demo of Gametel Gaming Contoller for Android via Youtube


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