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Mozilla Gamepad API enables the Game Controllers in Firefox Browser

Mozilla Gamepad API enables the Game Controllers in Firefox Browser

This is such a great news for every gamers, Now with the game controllers we can scroll up or down the webpages. Mozilla has just launched a new Gamepad API that will allow developers to use either USB or Bluetooth-connected gaming controllers with the Firefox browser. Not so you can scroll web pages with a PS3 move or XBox 360 controller, but so that new cool games can be created. As if we don’t have enough games to play through already. With this new invention in the future there will be a New Browser Based games where you can use the Game Controller to play.

With this new Gamepad API from Mozilla we're sure that in the future there will be new way of online web gaming. The idea allow developers to make better games using the Firefox browser. Now you can play browser-based games with a real controller, not just your keyboard and mouse. This could change online web gaming for good.

Check the Mozilla Gamepad API Demo Game video below

On the Video above we can see How the Playstation 3 Controllers used to play Bouncy And the Apple.

And the Video below is about the Javascript Gamepad API demo for xBox 360 Controllers.

iStation a Retro iPad Docking Station with Futuristic Features

iStation a Retro iPad Docking Station with Futuristic Features

Need a Retro Docking for your iPad? Then you should try this iStation a retro docking for iPad complete with a futuristic features, with this iStation docking your iPad would looks like the classic Apple I or Apple II Computer. It's great for you who want to remember your good old days with Apple Computer. How about the futuristic features on this iStation retro iPad docking?

iStation a Retro iPad docking system comprises of a wooden contraption (made of plywood with a faux woodgrain or pearl white finish) that primarily comes with powered stereo speakers (having deft sound quality) and a small sub-woofer for enhanced bass effects. A detachable Bluetooth keyboard can also be affixed on the lower pedestal of the timber box. Other features include a stand (for iPads and iPhones) with three different angles on the top section of the contraption, along with the ubiquitous paraphernalia of a USB port, microSD slot and 3.5mm stereo audio input jack.

With so many of great features then the conception certainly calls some user oriented attributes. In this respect, the keyboard and the speaker system can connect to the tablet effortlessly through Bluetooth connectivity. According to most of the sources, the speakers do account for a superb quality sound output, with a slew of manual music controls (of course, along with a remote mechanism). As for the addition of the USB ports, they can be practically used for charging the mounted device, while MP3 music can also be directly played through the flash drive.

Coming to the important add-on, i.e., the removable keyboard - this light weight peripheral is widely available in the market. It comes with all the standard features of buttons and special Apple keys. The layout also covers the top row keys (that double up as brightness, volume and slideshow controlling buttons), along with a conspicuous power switch. Though, on the convenience scale, the keyboard is actually even smaller than a comparable 10 inch tablet, thus making its usage especially difficult for the large limbed among us.

See the Video below to learn about How to use this iStation Retro Docking Station for iOS devices

Finally, coming to the portability factor, the retro styled conception does have some predicaments regarding this issue. This is because the iStation is a tad bit unwieldy in its overall bearing with over 2 kg in weight. Moreover, the portability problem is compounded by the fact that the system has to be connected by wire (at all times) to a conventional power source.

You can buy this iStation Retro iOS Docking Station for just $140.90. So if you want to bring back your memory with Apple I or Apple II Computer by a retro futuristic essence to your iPad then you should try this Cool Docking Station.

More pictures of iStation Retro Docking Station at micgadget.com

Fold & Go Mobile Tablet a Real Foldable Tablet PC

Fold & Go Mobile Tablet a Real Foldable Tablet PC

A foldable Tablet PC concept was a big technology expectation for the future, one company from Fold & Go Mobile Tablet which envisaged by AN Design Lab has designed a flexible tablet device that can literally be folded and used. It seems that the flexible display screen will became the next trends in technology.

The design will comprise of a futuristic flexible screen technology such as we write on the Nokia kinetic concept, as an integral part of the system (from the perspective of both flexibility and usage). And since we are talking about flexible screens, the current technological attribute seen in this field is intriguingly credible to take it much beyond the ludicrous quotient. In relation to one of its form, we are better acquainted with the technology in its electronic paper (or e-paper) avatar. These e-papers have a slew of advantages over conventional display systems, with a stable image, a wider viewing angle and a convenient reflecting quality of ambient light (rather than emitting its own light). Now, coming back to the concept of Fold & Go Mobile Tablet, the display element of the tablet can utilize the component of plastic substrates that would give it the e-paper vibe.

According to the designers, they have also alluded to the utilization of emerging flexible display technologies. In relation to this, there are already many electronic giants going behind this Holy Grail of next generation display. In the middle part of this year itself, Sony announced (with a prototype, not connected to any device) their OLED driven flexible display, which would offer brighter colors and use less power than standard displays. Another exalted company, Samsung followed it up with their version of ’bendy screened' gadgets, which according to numerous sources, may already make their commercial debut by 2012.

Again, coming back to the core mechanism of Fold & Go Mobile Tablet, the designers have touted the device to have two button programmable hot keys, which in turn would allow for dual functionalities. The first function is directly related to user convenience, as it will allow them to fully customize the device (as per their individual preference). The second function deals with the enhanced state of interaction, which would lead to a full color external screen.

Of course, the interactive feature does not stop at the visual element. As a matter of fact, the designers have thought of an advanced mechanism where a user can 'naturally' interact with the device with practical voice recognition and gesture mapping attributes. Both of these features have been covered in the past by devices (and systems) such as Siri personal assistant in iPhone and Kinect in Xbox 360. So at the end of the day, with so many innovative elements being considered, the Fold & Go Mobile Tablet concept truly has the potential to fuse the best of 'all' worlds.

Via : Gizmowatch

Brando iLaunch Thunder Mini Rocket Launcher Powered by iPhone

Brando iLaunch Thunder Mini Rocket Launcher Powered by iPhone

Brando iLaunch Thunder is a rocket launcher that powered by an iPhone, As we nowadays there's so many gadget that can be controlled through smartphone such as RC Car, or even Car Audio System, and one of the most extreme ones is the iPhone controlled Rocket launcher, if you think that the Missile shooting games on your iPhone is not realistic enough so you can try this Brando's iLaunch Thunder, it's a a missile launcher that pairs with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over Bluetooth, and allows you to shoot missiles at unsuspecting victims up to 25 feet away.

The iLaunch Thunder has a 270-degree horizontal rotation, and vertical flexibility of more than 40 degrees. Couple the device's directional skills with the launcher's 25-foot (7.6-meter) shooting distance, and you can cover close to 1,400 square feet (130 square meters) of space with the toy. Where you shoot your missiles is controlled by the move you make from within the iLaunch Controller app on your iOS Device.

The lack of this Brando iLaunch Thunder is that you only get four missiles with the launcher, But we think that's enough to attack your boss. The iLaunch Thunder is available until December 15 from Brando for US$82. After that, the cost of the missile launcher goes up to its regular price of US$96.90.

Want to see how this Brando iLaunch Thunder work with your iOS device? Check out the Video below.

On the Video above the guys shake his iOS devices to shoot the Doraemon dolls. Brando iLaunch Thunder Mini Rocket Launcher Powered by iPhone could be one great gift for this christmas for your kids. I wonder what kind of technology that will come next from iOS after the SIRI Hack to Start up the Car and this Mini Rocket Launcher powered by iOS devices.

Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam

Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam

Kiss Controlled Bowling Games. This might be one of the weirdest game innovation in the world that exist today, if you think that the SEGA toylets that controlled by your urine or Tobii EyeAsteroids which controlled by your eyes is cool then this Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam is just Awesome.

In order to play the games, the player have to put a headset in front of his mouth and the other has to stick a little magnet to her tongue with some Fixodent. The one with the magnet then inserts her polarized tongue into the other person’s mouth and uses it to maneuver the virtual bowling ball.

So How to control the ball with your kiss? The goal of this weird games innovation is you have to push the ball with the center of an alley with the fastest speed as you can, the goals of the game is to guide the ball, so that it maintains an average position in the center of the alley, then you have to move your tongue faster to increase the speed of the ball.

It seems that this Kiss controlled bowling games by Hyo Yeon Nam is interesting right? Maybe you have to play it with your lover, fiance or even with your wife. Check the video below about how to play this Kiss Controlled Bowling Games.


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