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Evoz Baby Monitor Free iPhone Apps to Monitor your Baby

Evoz Baby Monitor Free iPhone Apps to Monitor your Baby

Evoz Baby Monitor Free iPhone Apps to Monitor your Baby, Nowadays there's so many smart apps to monitor your baby From Audio until the Visual feature, such as this Free Apps for your iPhone, This Evoz Baby Monitor will notify you if the baby is crying by sending an email or sms to mobile phones.

This simple application can also record all data so that later you can see if your baby sleep time sufficient to compare it with similar data recorded by this application or it can also know whether your baby is crying it's often still reasonable.

To use it you must have two gadgets that use IOS and installed Evoz Baby Monitor in which the transmitter can use one as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone connected to Wi - Fi connection and another is your own iPhone.

This Smart apps was really useful for those who don't have many times to monitor their baby. Want to try this Apps? You can Download Evoz Baby Monitor for Free on iTunes.

iRiver Story HD - Google eBooks Reader Reviews

iRiver Story HD - Google eBooks Reader Reviews

iRiver Story HD - Google eBooks Reader Reviews, iRiver Story HD was the First Google eBooks reader that supports High Resolution display, It's also announced as the World's Highest Resolution 6 inch ebook reader today. we're sure that this gadget will became the best ebooks reader on the future. so how about the feature and specification of this iRiver Story HD the first Google Ebooks Reader?

Other than cutting edge technology and light weight, this promising device has something more to offer. now the iRiver Story HD has become the first e-reader to support Google eBooks platform. You can purchase and read Google eBooks through Wi-Fi rather than downloading and transferring the content from computer to e-reader. Here's the Feature and Specs of iRiver Story HD eBooks Reader.

Feature and Specification of iRiver Story HD Google eBooks Reader.

It has a high-resolution Extended Graphics Array (XGA - 768*1024 pixels) 6’-inch e-ink screen which means it has over 60% more pixels than previously available SVGA E-Ink screens. In terms of the processor this device was powered by ARM Cortex based iMX508 processor which will ensure faster response when you flip the pages.

The iRiver Story HD has nicely designed QWERTY keyboard. It is Ultra slim & light weight (207 Grams) which can store about 1500 Books. Its size is like a small magazine and it is easy to carry around and use even with one hand. iRiver Story HD boasts about a superior Battery like iPod devices. It requires no energy to keep a still image on screen hence saving lots of power for you. A single charge of 4.5 hours holds up to six weeks and you can read more than 10000 pages.

Its 16 greyscale display offers crisp fonts for photos and comics even for outdoor reading. The non glass coated panel minimizes glare from direct sunlight. Compatibility is a factor which decides fate of any eBook reader and iRiver Story HD couldn’t be better. It is compatible with a wide range of document format be it PDF, TXT, Doc, PowerPoint or Comic viewer which allows to view images of JPG, BMP and GIF format.

iRiver Story HD has got built-in Collins Dictionary to discover meaning of a word. Its internal storage capacity is 2GB and can be extended unto 32GB. We anticipate the hardware and user experience of iRiver Story HD will be inline of expectations for the reader to make an impact on a market where other brands like the Nook and Kindle already selling like hot cakes.

The iRiver Story HD, Will sold around $140 from the 17th of July. Watch the Unboxking Video of this device Below.

World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes

World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes

World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes, This Wearable LED TV also called as the Video Coat, this is cool amazing invention by david forbes, This Video Coat was a clothing items that could display Video right on its material. Although it’s not exactly a technological breakthrough, the Video Coat scores points for geekiness and originality. So how did David Forbes made this Video Coat?

Wearable LED TV was Created for the Burning Man, this wearable LED display is powered by a 12V battery and works by being plugged into an iPod or DVD player. With a resolution of 160×120, it doesn’t offer the clarity of a high definition television, but then again, you can’t really wear an HD TV either, so that makes them even. The coat was built on flex boards and expands on the back and sleeves offering a total body video experience.

The Video Coat is driven by circuit boards located on the wearer’s shoulders and hips and even comes with switches that allow you to tweak the colors. In the presentation video he made, David chose to play The Simpson on his wearable TV, because he thinks “its is the pinnacle of modern television entertainment”.

In the future it seems this idea could be used as the modern way of clothing where you can watch your favorite channel on your cloth. just wait.Here's the Video of this Cool Amazing video Coat by David Forbes.

Luminous Textile Soundproof LED Wallpaper by Philips

Luminous Textile Soundproof LED Wallpaper by Philips

Luminous Textile Soundproof LED Wallpaper by Philips, This is a cool amazing invention by philips, with their latest technology now you can enjoy a Soundproof LED Wallpaper where you can set the color as you want. So what's the material of this cool amazing invention by philips?

Philips used a Luminous Textile, Philips luminous textile is a fabric that can emit light of colors and is the result of cooperation with Kvadrat Soft Cells.

With this one will more easily make the walls of your home used as an interior that emit colored light that we can set the color as desired. This product can be placed anywhere you want with the addition of a special frame which is supplied by Kvadrat Soft Cells. On the one hand while maintaining the electric bill for lights used in it uses LED lighting from Philips.

This excess of luminous textile material is given the flexibility of use is made of fabric and put on the wall means also serves as soundproofing. Watch the Video for further information about How does this Luminous Textile LED Wallpaper by Philips Works


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