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Fujitsu AU F001 The Fastest Camera Phone

Fujitsu AU F001 The Fastest Camera Phone

Fujitsu comes with a new phone called fujitsu AU F001. this phone camera was claimed at the fastest camera phone in their class, you only need 0,5 second to take a picture. Beside concerning about the great camera resolution we also need to think about the speed of the camera itself to take a beautiful moment.

Fujitsu AU F001 is a Flip Phone with 13 MP camera which uses Exmor R CMOS sensor that can also be found on the Sony Ericsson Xperia series. But the advantage of this callphone camera is they has the fastest camera response. F001 camera phone claimed to be the fastest in its class that only takes 0.5 seconds to make the features of the camera is ready for use (ranging from signature menu features a camera until ready for use ).

As we know Fujitsu is the first cellphone brand which is completed with the waterproof features and now today most of Fujitsu Gadget comes with these feature (see also Fujitsu Arrow Tab ), this Fujitsu AU F001 Is also comes with a Waterproof Features ( IPX5 / 8) and dust ( IP5X ) and offers seven color choices and unique keypad can display 3 color LEDs at once to make the phone more cheerful.


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