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GPToilet a Private Medical Urine Testing

GPToilet a Private Medical Urine Testing

GPToilet is a cool toilet which can also do an urine test!!. This GP Toilet will help you do a medical testing specially for urine test at your home. This GP Toilet or also known as General Practitioner Toilet is the brainchild of Lucy Jung and Do Hyung Kim, As we know almost any medical check needs an urine sample test such as for pregnancy test or even for drug test, and now with this cool stuff you just simply need to select the testing you require from the integrated screen, and a test nozzle appears in the bowl and awaits your “sample”.

The nozzle will then retract and starting the analysis of your urine, thus “eliminating” your need to visit the doctor. This process can be very helpful in monitoring, diagnosing or even simply providing information, like when a woman might be ovulating.

The urine sensor of the GP Toilet even checks your urine flow and urine levels and then runs preselected testing, displaying the results (within minutes) on the screen. The only reason why GP Toilets are made is to eliminate the hassle and expense of visiting the doctor or laboratory to do the urine testing. Moreover, users will feel comfortable personally knowing the results of health checks.

This GP Toilet is still a concept for now but it seems that in the near future this cool technology will be available. I'm sure a private medical testing device will become more popular in the future.

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Concept

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Concept

Instagram Social Matic Camera Concept is a real life concept of Instagram camera, this pocket camera is designed by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio, Even it's an Unofficial version of Instagram camera but we could say that this is Really Cool and Amazing.

The idea is that it would let users take photos and then print them out straight from the camera as if it was a Polaroid, and instantly share them on Instagram as well,

This Instagram Social matic concept design has a flat touch screen with a built in printer, social networking capabilities and 16GB of internal storage. The idea is that you could take your photos, alter/share them digitally, and then print out physical sticky-notes style versions complete with QR codes. De Rosa says it would have a 4.3 inch touchscreen, built in WiFi, and 2 lenses, one for capturing standard photos and a second for 3D photos.

This cool instagram socialmatic camera really reminds me of the Polaroid era, where we could print out the pictures easily. and now with the enhancement of the instagram effect it seems that we can produce another cool photos, and of course on every photos that you produce there's your nicknames in there. Hmm how about the QR Codes in the printed photos? The QR Codes in this Instagram Socialmatic photos will helps another instagram user to scan the code and follow you on the instagram.

More Pics of Instagram Social Matic camera concept by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio

Underwater Discus Hotel Concept in Dubai

Underwater Discus Hotel Concept in Dubai

This is such an amazing hotel concept, The Underwater Discus Hotel plan will have an underwater hotel rooms in the depth of 21 floors under, But will this concept be realized soon? It's a cool idea for an underwater hotel in the future. We're really sure that many people will love to stay at underwater discus hotel. see also another futuristic hotel concept here.

This Amazing hotel plan was Designed by Deep Ocean Technology, the hotel will be located in Dubai where the latter view from your room will be able to immediately see the underwater sights are located in the Persian Gulf.

This hotel building itself consists of two parts, namely the surface above the water and another room that will be below the water surface, OK enough talk and Let the image do the rest.

Keith Haring Google Doodle

Keith Haring Google Doodle

Why there's an Artistic Google logo today? Have you noticed an Artistic fancy google logo today? Google make those logo to commemorate the 54th birth anniversary of Keith Haring. Well anyway who is Keith haring?

Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist. His work mainly reflected the street culture of the New York City in the 1980s. He was Born in 4th May 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Haring moved to the New York City, where he was inspired by graffiti art. This talented artist has died due to AIDS in 1990 when he's still 30 years old.

In his work, Haring had tackled the concepts of birth, death, sex and war. His artworks became a widely recognized visual language of the 20th century.

Today's google logo has greeted the visitor with a series of figures inspired by Haring's works, which spelled out the word "Google.". Personally i prefer the previous zipper google doodle. but google has their own way to pay a tribute for someone.

Read more Keith Haring Bio on His Wikipages here

Turn iPhone into Night Vision Scope

Turn iPhone into Night Vision Scope

This Device could turn your iPhone into a Night vision scope. Wait we're not gonna talk about a special night vision apps for your iPhone but it's a USNV Night Vision iPhone Adapter.

This cool Night vision Adapter will bridge your iPhone with the actual Night vision scope to leverate your iPhone features such as the Video recording, Geo tagging and messaging. The NViA slides onto the iPhone and connects with a variety of night vision and thermal imaging devices with a threaded mount. Once installed, the iPhone gives you a larger night vision display and allows you to record video and photos, zoom and adjust optic settings, geo-tag your footage, and send images to others. It seems that the potential users of this NviA is sportsmen, surveillance professionals and broadcasters.

Like anything night vision, the iPhone Adapter isn't exactly cheap. It costs $269, and that's before you factor in the cost of the night vision scope or iPhone itself. It's currently offered free with the purchase of specific night vision goggles and scopes, but both of those cost more than $3,500. That might not be bad if you rely on night vision for your profession, but it's a little prohibitive for the hobbyist that just thinks it'd be cool to watch night vision on his iPhone.

How about the compatibility? According to the sources from Night Vision Experts The NViA is compatible with iPhone 4 and 4s models

Sports Car made out of Old Car Parts by Pete Golsby

Sports Car made out of Old Car Parts by Pete Golsby

This is not an ordinary sports car, it's made out entirely from an old car parts and the cool and amazing thing is the people who build this Sports car is a 68 years old blind man!. how can he build such an amazing car when he can't see anything? The best answer is if someone has a dream he will try his best to achieve it, that's why Pete golsby could make this cool sports car.

Pete Golsby might be a 68 years old blind man but that didn't stop him from pursuing his lifelong dream to build his own two-seater sports car from scratch. The old man was taken aback when he was told to be turned blind 12 years ago. But hats off to the spirit and will of the old man that didn't stop him from fulfilling his dream. It took a lot of time and effort, around five years, to build the car. The only shortcoming being his inability to drive it himself after putting in so much hard work.

Golsby took the help of magnifiers and visual aids in assembling the silver-colored Pembleton Brooklands. His constant inspiration and help was his wife Hazel, aged 66, who assisted and informed him in case things were not on the right track. The old man used old motorbike's engine, car parts donated by friends to assemble it.

Golsby told that it makes him feel very proud to be able to achieve this feat even after facing innumerable hurdles. It successfully passes the Ministry Of Transport test and is currently waiting for Single Vehicle Assessment, so that it can be driven on roads. Golsby might not be able to drive the car but he's happy that he can share some memorable moments with Hazel on his custom built two-seater sports car.

via : Orange

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