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Flight Simulator in Real Jet Nose

Flight Simulator in Real Jet Nose

This cool amazing Flight Simulator was made by a Private Pilot named James Price, this guy has made an awesome DIY Flight Simulator out of a nose of 1969 Lufthansa Boeing 737-100. As an Avid Flight Sim Enthusiast this thing is really cool right? An Aviation experts say that Price, is one of only a handful of people in the world who have built their own flight simulator cockpit in an actual jet nose.

Price who works at Oakland Air Traffic Control Center as an air traffic controller. and a private pilot has began dreaming of building his own flight simulator 20 years ago when he joined an online group of people who build fake cockpits at home or use computer flight simulator programs.

He spent 12 years in constructing his dream Flight Simulator and it is one of the few flight simulators based in a real airplane shell. He dreamt of flying a jet as he had never flown one, began building mock cockpits and buying genuine Boeing 737 parts. To look like flying over the real world, he updated the instrumentation and turned it into most remarkable flight simulator until now.

The simulator was in the airport hangar since 2000, when he started the project and has been in his three car garage for three years now. He added three projection screens, seats, lights, dual controls, parts and instruments to make it function and look like a modern cockpit which cost him about $150,000 so far.

Watch this Cool Amazing DIY Flight Simulator by James Price

Via : http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_20417443/flying-world-from-his-own-garage

Samsung SUR40 Real Table Computer

Samsung SUR40 Real Table Computer

This is Cool Touchscreen Table PC from Samsung, it was called as Samsung SUR40. This amazing table PC Adopting the concept of Microsoft Surface, This table PC uses a huge 40 Inch LCD screen which is placed as a table and have loaded all the computer functions.

Thanks to multitouch support, you can operate a computer using hand gestures or put other objects on its surface. Samsung SUR40 has a resolution of Full-HD and has been coated with Gorilla Glass for extra durability. Flat panel display is also equipped PixelSense, a technology that makes this panel can "see" and respond to touch objects and recognize objects. PixelSense secret lies in each pixel on the screen panel. Unlike the regular LCD screen, each pixel on a Samsung SUR40 cameras have an element whose function is to recognize objects that can interact with users. With support for Microsoft Surface technology PixelSense and 2.0, Samsung SUR40 can see and respond to various instructions that your hand is doing. In addition to recognizing finger and hand-shaped computer desks can also detect other objects placed on top of the screen and supports up to 50 touch points at the same time.

Watch How this Samsung SUR40 Table PC Works


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