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Nokia GEM Concept a Full Touchscreen Phone

Nokia GEM Concept a Full Touchscreen Phone

Nokia GEM Concept is a futuristic nokia cellphone concept, what makes it cool was this phone is a full touchscreen on all of it surfaces, but it's a little hard to find the front face or the rear face of this smartphone. The Design and Technology Developers from Nokia released this Nokia GEM concept phone to celebrate Nokia Research Center Anniversary. Surely it's cooler than this Nokia Kinetic.

The illustrations in the video demo describes a woman who was holding and operating the Nokia GEM. With the double screen (Front and Rear Display Screen ) the woman can run and open 2 different applications or applications with 2Inch Wide Screen Display. You could say these two screens interact with each other. Application screen display can be enlarged or reduced as desired, and the use of gesture drawing a specific pattern to open the application in this case the woman describe the application of a half circle to activate the camera feature. Activation zoom in and zoom out on the Nokia GEM also with a touch gesture two fingers wide open or docked (pinch). Zoom gesture technology feels familiar because it has been adopted by many mobile phone screen today and known as ‘pinch and zoom’.

The developers explain that every part of the Nokia GEM phone is the touch area. So not only the front, rear and sides and even mobile phones are also a touch area, (Actually i can’t say where is the phone front face and the rear face) Jarkko Saunamaki, Senior Design Manager who led the development of the concept of the Nokia GEM say that the reason why does this concept was called GEM because later it will be a glamorous gemstone phone its beauty can be seen from different sides (3 dimensions ).

Check out the Demo video of this cool Nokia GEM Concept.

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Nabi Tablet PC for Children a Full Featured Android Tablets

Nabi Tablet PC for Children a Full Featured Android Tablets

Nabi tablet PC is a full featured android tablet PC for kids, It's not the first tablet PC which is specially designed for kids, before this we also has InnoTab Tablet PC and LeapPad Explorer So how about this Nabi Tablet PC? here's some reviews, Features and Specifications of Nabi tablet PC for children.

Nabi is the world's first Android tablet made ​​specifically for your child. Through this tablet, your child can browse, watch movies, Watching favorite TV shows, read books, studied mathematics and the other where all the content tailored to the needs of children.

the slate is designed for kids, with a 7-inch display, front facing camera, 1080p HD video playback, 500MHz dual core Cortex-A9 processor, 4GB internal storage, PowerVR SGX530 GPU for 3D gaming, WiFi, and a 3000mAh battery delivering up to 5 hours of life.

Furthermore so your kid can get their own app experience on the Nabi Android tablet includes its own Nabi app store along with a Design Studio portal that features 30 apps for such things as drawing and painting along with 30 children’s eBook apps and the Nabi tablet also delivers access to the Fooz Kinds University that features 22000 state standardised math skills grade from pre- kindergarten to 5th grade for all your education purposes.

In the purchase package of Nabi Tablet PC You can also got lot of games, music, applications and books for only $150 and if not you can still download an application or other games through the Nabi App Store with the number of about 500 applications / games.

This Nabi tablets have 7 inch touch screen that can be made to watch HD movies and recananya will go on sale at a price of $199.99


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