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Wearable Computer ready to produce in China

Wearable Computer ready to produce in China

Wearable computer is not a new ideas here. so far it's still a concept but in a few years from now we'll see that a Wearable computer will became a new computer trends. today i got the a great news about this wearable computer were ready to enter a mass production in China.

It was said that an electronics company in Yunnan, plans to mass produce a wearable computer in march, which means anyone can have it in the future. With this wearable computer you didn't need to put a wide screen LCD/LED Monitor on your Desk anymore. It's a great idea for saving some space in your desk.

The demo shows us that a wearable computer consisting of a lens with an AMOLED display (but not 3D) and a foldable keyboard and also a mouse. If you ask about how to operate this wearable computer of course it works the same way when you use a PC desktop PC, but the main difference is your screen display is in the glasses.

There are currently no detailed information about what processors which powered this wearable computers, but this could be the beginning of the emergence of an era of wearable computers in the future.

The wearable computer was a perfect choice for those who need a privacy since no one could see what you see in the glasses, it also keep you focus on your work. Let's hope a better computer technology for the future with this Wearable computer.


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