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Omnifier Cool iPad case for Blind

Omnifier Cool iPad case for Blind

This is really a cool amazing invention for the blind people, finally they can has a special iPad case which is called omnifier. Omnifier was designed by Jayson D’Alessandro for those who are visually impaired. this innovative designs was also a nominee at the 2011 IDEA awards. cool huh? check also this cool device for visually impaired people, Bionic Eye Glasses. So anyway how to use this omnifier iPad case for the blind? check it out.

Unlike the usual iPad cases, the Omnifer iPad case has three panels, allowing you to switch easily between the Braille mode and the protective mode for which a cover is usually used. The Braille layer of the case takes up only half of the screen. The intelligent concept that converts this technology into a braille reader is the use of a chemical inside the cover. One of the panels of the Omnifer contains gas pockets, filled with a chemical, which expands when illuminated. Upon expanding the braille dots get raised facilitating the users to consume the digital content displayed on the iPad screen. When the iPad is not in use, the braille dots don’t get illuminated and thus they stay in their normal position. Along with the iPad case being technically brilliant, it is also very thin and light making it highly portable and comfortable. And when not in use, it can also act as a protective layer for the iPad.

With this invention it seems that on the future the blind people can also use the gadget like iPad, and there will be a new Apps for the blind. The possibility of this innovative technology is quite large. This could lead the app developers to add accessibility features in their apps or program apps specially for the visually challenged. However, it’s still a concept design but if commercialized this could bring about a change in the way visually challenged enjoy technologies. It would also help iPad to penetrate the untapped market.

New LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

New LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

LG finally released their new mouse technology, this LG LSM-100 was a multifunctional devices which can works as a mouse and a scanner. it's such an amazing invention by LG. not you can scan your documents using your mouse. it's really easy and efficient. It seems all the mouse on the future will come with this cool scanner function.

LG LSM -100 is the first mouse that can scan without having to add any tools because at the bottom is equipped with a scanner (scanner ). So how about the features about this cool scanner mouse?

Unlike the usual scanners, to use it we must press the Scan Smart button on the side then we can scan all the areas which we will scan and software that there is going to tidy up the scan results. Existing scan results can be converted into various formats such PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC. Two recent ( & XLS DOC ) can be done because the scanner is also equipped with OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ).

LG LSM -100 can scan up to A3 paper size which is quite good considering the small size of this ( usually A4 ).

Unfortunately there is no explanation of how the resolution can be generated given the resolution of existing scanners will be a determinant of how well the quality of the images or text that was scanned.

Check the Demo Video of this LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse


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