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Thinnest Digital Camera Today Sony Cyber-shot TX55

Thinnest Digital Camera Today Sony Cyber-shot TX55

This Sony Cyber-shot TX55 Was known as the Thinnest Digital Camera today, it has only 1,23cm thickness. Even it's really slim but this Sony Cyber ​​shot TX55 could take a DSLR quality pictures, it is capable of taking AVCHD pictures and Full HD video with their 16,2 megapixel still images. This product has the Exmor sensor and technology R " By Pixel Super Resolution" that allows the user to do 10 times zoom without reducing the quality of resolution. See slim camera doesn't mean that this Sony Cybershot TX55 comes with slim features and specification.

Picture debut for Cyber ​​shot effect on the TX55 series allows users to edit images directly from the camera, even before the picture is taken. A wide selection of picture effects like HDR Painting, Rich -Tone Monochrome, Miniature, Toy Camera., Partial Colour, and High - Soft Key can be directly selected before taking a picture.

Options to edit images through touch screen makes this camera easier to use. Slim shapped of this TX55 camera made it can be carried in a wallet or small purse.
TX55 is the first Cyber-shot cameras that have slots for Memory Stick Micro ( M2 ) and microSD flash memory card or SDHC. All cards are equipped with free PC software ( available via download ), also Rescue files to recover files and photos that are damaged and lost, and x-Pict Story which simplifies the creation of photo slideshow. If you want to take a high quality images by your iPhone make sure you used this SLR Mount for iPhone.

TX55 Cybershot by Sony Using "Bionz" Imaging Processor, TX55 has exposure compensation of plus or minus 2.0 EV, 1 or 3 EV step, and ISO auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. This camera also supports video modes for Shooting, scene selection for the image, and feature outstanding 3D ( three dimensional ) as 3D still image, 3D Sweep Panorama, 3D and Multi- Angle Sweep.

Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Nissan would make a cool mind controlled car concept together with EPFL. Hopes that on the future we can control the car via our mind. Nissan Europe in collaboration with EPFL ( Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ) which is a technology company that developed BMI ( Brain Machine Interface ) for that wheelchair users can control the wheelchair only by the brain ( mind ) Try to develop the same technology as the mind controlled wheelchair on the car.

This technology will combine a few things to ensure the security of this BMI technology ranging from integrating measurements of brain activity, eye movements to scan the area that is being skipped.

For example if the driver thinks to turn left and then all the above is to start calculating how to turn left and make sure that it will be safe.

There's still no further information about when this concept will became reality. we have to wait for the futuristic way of driving. yeah a mind controlled car is only a matter of time.


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