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Urine Controlled Games by Captive Media for the Public Restroom Fun

Urine Controlled Games by Captive Media for the Public Restroom Fun

Captive media a UK Based company has made an awesome stuff called as Urine controlled Games which is installed on the public restroom. This urine controlled games would bring a whole lot of fun in the toilets. Previously SEGA also launch another cool gaming which is controlled with urine called SEGA Toylets. This games was works with the sensors of the bottom of the urinal. The sensors will react to yellow streams indicating the drunk customers.

Most of the people spend about 10 seconds in the public restrooms and now Captive media will bring a whole lot of fun for 10 seconds for people with their cool urine controlled games. The company also claim that they have invented the first hands-free video game but unfortunately there's still another cool hands-free game such as the SEGA Toylets and Tobii EyeAsteroids.

So far The system has been installed at one venue so far, the Exhibit Bar in Balham, a South London neighborhood. Due to the successful trial runs in Cambridge and later in Balham, the system will spread to the rest of the UK in 2012. From now on, when you see a group of guys High Fivin’ after a trip, you know they didn’t just pee. They peed and got some trivia answers or shot down some penguins.

Well it seems that on the future there will be more public restroom provide this kind of games. it's kinda fun right? Check this video of Urine Controlled Games by Captive Media for the Public Restroom Fun

Cool Siri Car Hack by Brandon Fiquett

Cool Siri Car Hack by Brandon Fiquett

SIRI on iPhone4S works as a personal assistant but could you imagine if SIRI can be used to start your car? Brandon Fiquett has made a totally awesome innovation by hacking SIRI to start his car. Yes it's true he can start his own car only with SIRI in his iPhone 4S. You can see on the video below about how he start his car by using SIRI.

Developer Brandon Fiquett has gotten his phone to do just that - hacking Siri on the iPhone 4S to work along with his Viper SmartStart module to not only start his car, but also to arm and disarm the car's alarm, lock and unlock doors, and even pop the vehicle's trunk.

Fiquett was able perform the hack by using Siri Proxy created by another hacker @plamoni, and then running a custom PHP script on his home computer along with some custom plugins to communicate with Siri.

Originally the system was only able to respond to commands such as "Vehicle Arm", "Vehicle Disarm", "Vehicle Start", "Vehicle Stop", "Vehicle Pop Trunk", and "Vehicle Panic," with an update later adding more conversational commands such as "Start my car", "Lock my car", and "Pop my trunk."

The hack is currently in the "proof of concept stage," and isn't something you're likely to be able to replicate unless you really know your way around some code. If you are super tech-savvy, however, Fiquett has published links to the code on his website you can use to recreate the hack with your own phone and vehicle.

This particular hack is the work of just one man, and with Siri only being available a little over a month, it will be interesting to see what other functionality the developer community is able to create over time, as well as what other functionality Apple may add to Siri in the future.

Wow it's such a great hack of SIRI on iPhone 4S.

Via : Gizmag

Nike Vapor SPARQ Strobe a Sports Glasses for Athlete

Nike Vapor SPARQ Strobe a Sports Glasses for Athlete

The giant sports company Nike, trying to further raise achievement of athletes with sports glasses based with their latest sensory, This special glasses was called as Nike Vapor SPARQ Strobe. this glasses uses a special lens that athletes are expected to increase the concentration, reaction time, balance and response. It's really a cool innovation in sports technology. By wearing this Nike Vapor SPARQ Strobe the athlete can increase their concentration, reaction time, balance and response.

A pair of curved plastic LCD lens allows a wider field of view of athletes, while the liquid crystal technology that is activated causing a stroboscopic effect to occasionally block the view of users. Thus their ability to react to the environment will increase.

SPARQ has nine variable mode which will allow users to gradually increase their sensory performance through a more measured time period. The battery can last 10-15 hours that is paired with a head halter with elasitas level that can be customized and can be washed.

You know it could be a great christmas gift for every athlete. You can buy this Nike Vapor SPARQ Strobe for just £189. Make sure that you watch the explanation of this Nike Vapor SPARQ strobe.

I wonder if on the future there will be another cool technology for athlete.

Cluzee your Personal Assistant for Android Devices

Cluzee your Personal Assistant for Android Devices

Cluzee was known as The personal assistant for your Android devices, the personal assistant now becoming one of the cool feature that found in smartphone such as SIRI on iPhone 4S or even IRIS for Android. How about this Cluzee?

It was said that this Cluzee personal assistant features might be better than SIRI on iPhone 4S but the only lacks of this Personal assistant is this cluzee is a frequent force close problems.

From the video below it can be seen, besides Cluzee can do what is in SIRI, Cluzee can also give advice such as telling a meeting somewhere, Cluzee will inform the nearest road to reach the location, It's one of the greatest features of this Cluzee personal assistant in Android devices.

On the one hand it might be a bit troublesome but we ought to minimize the search will get better answers.

Just check this Video to know How Cluzee Personal Assistant Android could work as your Trusted Personal assistant in your Android devices.


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