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F1 Racing Car Made Out of Motorcycle Part

F1 Racing Car Made Out of Motorcycle Part

This Cool F1 Style Racing car was made out of a motorcycle part, yesterday we have Tang zhengping who made a cool Wind Powered Car, and now there's a man named Ye Yousong from Songyang Town an eastern China's Zhejiang Province Made this awesome F1 Racing Car style.

Ye Yousong took help from photos of a real F1 car as His main Ideas. He used 30 bikes and it took him about three months to complete this amazing car. The car is fully functional with all gear set, single seating, one headlight, thin tires, suspension and a spoiler at the behind completes it all. But actually The car can't go as fast as the real F1 Car but the design states that the work is amazing.

What next? Maybe in the future there's a guy who can make a Yacht from Scraps :D just kidding. What do you think of Ye Yousong Cool F1 Style Racing Car?

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