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Kitchen iPad Accessories by Belkin

Kitchen iPad Accessories by Belkin

There's so many iPad accessories on the market today, the most famous one was the iPad car accessories such as for the iPad car stands but do you ever think about the Kitchen iPad Accessories? iPad could be really useful for woman especially in the kitchen, this gadget could help them looking for the recipes, Maybe only belkin who concern about the Kitchen iPad accessories. and they introduce three iPad accessories for the kitchen which is called Chef Stand + Stylus, Fridge Mount for iPad 2 dan Kitchen Cabinet Mount.

Chef Stand Stylus ($39.99)

With this chef stand you can place your iPad on the kitchen table and it comes with a stylus so you do not have to worry about littering the iPad screen with soy sauce or fish sauce or fishy odor you are cutting.

Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($49.99)

This iPad accessories could be your hanger in the cupboard under the kitchen but you are guaranteed not to bother revealed to skinfold - for installation.

Fridge Mount for iPad 2 ($39.99)

This accessories was taped in your refrigerator door, but don't worry about the refrigerator paint will damaged, the 3M Glue of this Fridge Mount will not harm your refrigerator.

First Voice Control Air Conditioner by Toshiba

First Voice Control Air Conditioner by Toshiba

Toshiba will introduce the world's first voice controlled air conditioner, this cool innovation let's you to made any change into the air conditioner system with your voice such as to stop the air conditioner, set the temperature of the air conditioner and set the timer.

This new Toshiba AC series will be called Toshiba Daisekai VoiCE NDR. this AC will be equipped with small receiver tool to process the voice command into the actions.

From this small tool and then the voice commands will be transferred to an existing AC Indoor via infrared ( IR ) and certain sound or sounds will be heard when the order was received by the indoor air conditioner, There are at least 26 words that have been installed ranging from "stop ", " timer ", " Heating " and others.

This small tool was given as an additional tool, but don't worry you still got the AC remote. but this Small tools could be really useful when you're hand's are full. Toshiba has made a plan to release 13 NDR Air Conditioner Series in this november on Japan.


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