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Luxury Contact lens made of Gold and Diamond

Luxury Contact lens made of Gold and Diamond

Luxury Contact lens made of Gold and Diamond, Beside helps people with visually impaired nowadays contact lens was used as one of the fashion accessories especially for woman to give a color impression for their eyes, there's so many cool looking contact lens on the market today but there's only one Luxury Contact lens made of Gold and Diamond which sold for $15,000. This Cool amazing contact lenses could be worn throughout life, at any time of the day without any hassle. So would you afford to buy these bling luxurious contact lenses?

This Luxurious Gold and Diamond Contact lens was made by Shekhar Eye Research, in India, They created a limited edition of this Luxurious contact lenses embedded with diamonds and gold that will make the wearer’s eyes perfectly glittering. The sparkling lenses are conceptualized by Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan and designed by Sanjay Shah. This Contact lens was Encrusted with 18 diamonds on a gold plate, the lenses can be customized as per the requirement. The gold plate used in the lenses will be set 6-9 mm away from the cornea, and also hold water to give the eyes a soothing effect. These weigh only 5g in total.

The Luxury Gold and Diamond encrusted contact lenses by Shekhar Eye Research can be worn by both men and women. Although, it will be preferred by women for many reasons. Only 3,996 pairs of this luxury contact lenses will be created as these are special edition for the people who can afford around $15,000 for a pair of these bling lenses.

If you are worried about the diamonds on the lenses, Chawan also provides with a guarantee certificate for these luxury contact lenses. All the proceedings from the sale of these amazing pairs will be gone to treat a person suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome free of cost. The ailment is a skin disease that usually results from a drug reaction, mostly sulphur-based drugs. Rotary Club’’s Mumbai District Chairman, B M Shivraj became the first customer to buy these pairs supporting the charitable cause.

Beside this Cool luxury Contact lens made of Gold and Diamond there's another Amazing contact lens that was encrusted by a Swarovski studded diamonds for those who loves a luxury lifestyle. Here's the Pictures of the Swarovski Studded Diamonds Contact Lenses.

Golf Connection an Online Digital Golf Simulator by Konami

Golf Connection an Online Digital Golf Simulator by Konami

Golf Connection an Online Digital Golf Simulator, Konami the famous toy maker and game company has made an Online digital golf simulator called Golf Connection, this simulator will help all the people who loves to play golf to learn about how to do a precise hit, and many other required skills for playing golf.

So what's different of this Online Digital Golf simulator by Konami? It does not require marking of the ball or placing it in a certain direction. The player can simply put the ball freely, within the range of the sensors of the golf simulator, which is incidentally enough for someone to play freely.

Golf Connection is the latest digital Golf Simulator and what makes it one step ahead from its counterparts is the fact that it uses advanced camera and sensors to measure the angle of the ball along with its spin and speed. User can also get clues form the simulator about how well they can hit upon the ball as the program senses, whether you have hit the sweet spot or not. You can also access the videos of your performance about the game, later, either through a computer or a phone with the help of a swing.

You can also better your golf performance by reviewing your last performance via Golf connection facility, It's not hard to use this cool amazing online simulator, all you have to do is just register yourself with a mobile phone that supports NFC Features. Through these facilities, you can continue with the same game even on later dates also and will be able to join online leaderboards also. If you wish, you can also share your data on facebook and other social networking sites. When you are still learning to play, you can review your last games and can see the areas, where you have improved and the areas where you need to put in some more effort.

Watch the Video of this Golf Connection an Online Digital Golf Simulator by Konami Below

So if you really want to learn how to play golf or even to raise your golf swing skills why don't you try this cool amazing Online Digital Golf Simulator by Konami ? The simulator will make its first appearance in the market in the month of September, 2011

Versetta Bags and iPad Case a Fashionable Woman Bags

Versetta Bags and iPad Case a Fashionable Woman Bags

Versetta Bags and iPad Case a Fashionable Woman Bags, Nowadays there's so many fashionable ipad case for woman such as this one from Versetta, this is a woman hanbags that including a case for an iPad. This versetta bags has a special designs iPad case in front of it to protect your iPad. and uniquely you don't need to pick out the iPad from your Versetta bags just to use it. Isn't it more efficient?

It seems there's so many breakthrough case design for an iPad and any other Gadget these days, See also this Dokkiri Beetle Case and also this Luxurious but Fashionable Dolce and Gabbana iPad Case. so woman which will you choose for your iPad case?

You can simply open the case and your iPad will be ready to used directly. Efficient right? Versetta Bags and Cases for the iPad sold under various types and models and you can buy it later in mid-September. There's no further information about the price of this cool amazing iPad case for woman from Versetta. well let's wait for Versetta Bags and iPad Case price announcement


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