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Shoes for Blind - Le Chal with Proximity sensors and Vibration

Shoes for Blind - Le Chal with Proximity sensors and Vibration

Shoes for the Blind People? This is true, a Researchers from Hewlett - Packard Labs in Bangalore, India named Anirudh Sharma developed a shoe that is equipped with proximity sensors and vibration which is normally found in mobile phones. It would help the blind people to searching for a right direction. It's really an awesome invention for blind people to search for a right direction.

Shoes that are called by Le Chal (meaning " Take Me There" ) is later able to show directions to a place at the same time commemorate the wearer if there is something in front to a distance of 3 m ( with the help of proximity). http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

How it works? vibration sensors placed on the front and right and left side and then when the wearer should move forward so the vibration sensor in the front will be active, as well as having to turn right / left side of the sensor will be active.

Le Chal certainly can not work alone as a navigator, It's should work together with an available Android application that will synchronize with these shoes.

there's another cool stuff which could help vision impaired people such as this Bionic Eye Glasses. So let's wait for these Le Chal Shoes.

Microsoft Omni Touch Made any Surface as a Touch Screen

Microsoft Omni Touch Made any Surface as a Touch Screen

Microsoft Omnitouch was a new invention by Microsoft, this cool stuff could let any surface became a touch screen panel. such as your own hands. so how does it works? Microsoft Omnitouch is a wearable computer that you can take everywhere you go, it comes with a screen that could became a any surface touch sensor.

Omnitouch consists of three parts, namely a camera, a tiny projector ( Pico Projector ) and a small computer that you can put in your pocket. Uniquely here, there is a projector that can be displayed to all types of surfaces both flat and uneven, You can also made your hand surface as a touch screen. cool huh?

OmniTouch also combine a multi touch technology so that we can control what's on the screen and also control what we don't want to appear on the screen only, this cool omnitouch by microsoft also supports the multi touch features such as exist on the smartphone.

Well we think it's not a perfect invention since it still uses a big pico projector on the back, but in the future we're sure that microsoft would develops this technology and made them smaller so it's easier to take anywhere.

Watch the Video of Microsoft Omni Touch below.

So what do you think? in the future we can made any surface as a touch screen with the helps of this microsoft omnitouch. see also previous post about the concept of futuristic multitouch screen for human body.


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