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Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

It was revealed that the new Xbox 720 by Mircrosoft will be integrating a touchscreen control like Wii-U controller. The highly anticipated successor to the maker’s Xbox 360 comes equipped with a high definition screen encircled by traditional 360 buttons and sticks for a complete experience.

Designed aesthetically, the sleek touchscreen device easily grabs one’s eyeballs for embedding a display that showcases the multipurpose functionality of Xbox 720. So basically, by taking advantage of which, users will be enabled to glance through game menus and functions when playing an Xbox game. However, during watching streaming videos, the incorporated display can be used as a virtual TV remote.

The handy, super smooth matt-black console aims at instilling life in games with directional sound and augmented reality. There will be an impressive finger tracking, four player Kinect feel as well. Though Microsoft has been endeavoring to transform its games boxes into exceptional controllers for hardcore players, the device manages to stand distinct for various reasons. The highlight, on the other hand, comes for equipping a Wii U-like touchscreen controller and endowing a shape closer to Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

It may catch most of us off-guard but Xbox 720 also brings in a thoroughly revamped experience with looks and feel of an iPad. As far as the system’s processor and GPU are concerned, let us tell you that Microsoft is really playing safe there. But one need not be on pins and needles as the model will function amazingly great and touts to change the way you have been playing those favorite titles.

At last, if you were thinking that Microsoft will dig a big hole in your pockets, then you are absolutely right. The attractive Xbox 720 is anticipated to be priced at somewhere around £399 with availability yet to be disclosed.

Scalado Remove an Apps to Remove unwanted object in your Screen

Scalado Remove an Apps to Remove unwanted object in your Screen

With this cool apps from scalado now you can remove an unwanted object in your phone screen, Scalado is the World's First object removal innovation in a mobile device. just imagine if you travel somewhere and find a nice spot but there's so many unwanted object around you such as the crowd of people or many unwanted object that can hurt your photo result. but now with a Scalado remove apps you could remove all that unwanted object in your screen. isn't it really cool?

Scalado, imaging company introduced a mobile application, particularly given the current Android REMOVE the name that can overcome the above problems. REMOVE apps works to remove unwanted objects when we take photos, especially on the objects such as people.

Scalado Remove apps works as well as taking photos in general, the difference after we snap, we can see some objects that were "highlight" that can be eliminated simply by touching the object. watch the video below about How we remove an unwanted object in your photo with this Scalado Remove Apps.

Trimble Yuma It's a Tough Windows Tablet PC

Trimble Yuma It's a Tough Windows Tablet PC

Need a tough windows tablet PC? Then you should try this Trimble Yuma Tablet PC. it's a 7 inch tablet PC which is running Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS. Trimble Yuma was perfect for your adventure. Yuma has magnesium alloy material body that resists water, dust and impact. Yuma Trimble also asked the U.S. military to test it directly and then Trimble Yuma Tablet PC got United States Military Standard for durability certification.

Trimble Yuma screen is designed specifically so that it still shows good view even under sunlight. That way, you can read a map in the light of the blazing desert sun.

Yuma equipped by Two cameras that are capable of marking the location where photos and video taken (Geo tagging feature), Although the name has not been as popular as the others tablet PC, but Trimble Yuma tablet PC which is powered by 1.6 GHz single core processor is quite capable of handling various user activities. In fact, the draw is on the side of the storage memory: available capacity of 32GB and 80GB SSD which can still be improved. Probably quite small when compared to Windows-based notebook, but bigger than the iPad and other Tablet.

Here's the Full Specification of Trimble Yuma a tough Windows Tablet PC

Prosesor: Intel Atom Z530 1,6 GHz
OS: Genuine Windows Vista ® Business atau Windows 7
Storage: 32GB Solid State Drive Drive
Expansion Memory Slot SDIO slot ExpressCard 34mm
Screen: 7 "widescreen 1024 × 600 WSVGA 650 nit
Housing Mg-Al
6 Button (power, enter, directional & 3 user programmable function buttons)
Standard Batteries Dual hot-swappable Lithium-Ion batteries, 2600 mAmp
Extended Batteries Dual hot-swappable Lithium-Ion batteries, 5100 mAmp
Operating Temperature: –30°C to 60°C
Integrated GPS: SiRF STAR III, WAAS capable
Dimension: 14x23x5cm
Weight: 1,2kg
Color: Yellow/Black

CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

Computer assisted medical diagnosis and surgery system (CAMDASS) has developed an awesome concept for the future. with this stuff you can be a doctor and do a simple surgery. This is an Augmented Reality Prototype that designed to help you as non expert doctor to accomplish medical interventions.

Originally this CAMDASS Augmented Reality Prototype was made for Astronauts, since there's no medical experts on the space. CAMDASS developed by the european space agency for future astronauts, 'astronauts cannot be trained and expected to maintain skills on all the medical procedures that might be needed.'

This Camdass utilizes a 3D head-mounted display, linked to an infrared camera to track an ultrasound device. AR markers are placed on a patient's body to indicate important sites, and the system calibrates the display relative to the viewer's and patient's positions. the headset displays floating markers that, when aligned
with the real markers on the patient's body, indicate that the ultrasound probe (or other device) is in the right location.

'CAMDASS' has already been tested at the saint-pierre university hospital in brussels, belgium. it currently functions only with ultrasound, which is available on the international space station, but the research team anticipates its integration with other devices for additional surgical procedures. the system would provide the assistance needed by responders in deep space, as well as in developing areas or remote locations.

Watch the Video about How CAMDASS Augmented Reality Works.

Via : Designboom


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