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Luxury Goldvish Equilibrium Dual SIM Phone

Luxury Goldvish Equilibrium Dual SIM Phone

Looking for a luxurious dual SIM Phone? There's so many designer made a bling version of smartphone today such as this Luxurious Goldvish Equilibrium Dual SIM Phone. Goldvish was known as a manufacturers of a Luxurious GSM Mobile phones like Vertu or this tag heuer link. This Swiss made phone is equipped with 2.4 inches LCD with highly resistant sapphire glass. The phone can be customized in various finishes according to your pocket starting from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium or high quality leather. The luxury feature of the phone is the different parts of the structure will be manufactured from 18 carat gold or platinum.

This Goldvish Equilibrium luxury dual SIM phone is a very light unit with weight 185 grams with the dimensions of 123 x 49 x 15 mm. The other prominent features of the phone have an internal memory of 8 GB, camera, an FM tuner and a Bluetooth. The phone charge can last up to 7 hours or 20 days in standby mode. Each phone is handcrafted and the price will depend on the material the customer chooses, Goldvish gives you a choice of this equilibrium phone series finishes such as from Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium or even from High Quality leather. the range starts from $160,000 to $ 2,500,000. If you has more money why don't you purchase this $8 Million Golden History iPad2 by Stuart Hughes.

Before this Luxury Goldvish Equilibrium series, Goldvish has been released another luxurious phone with the series of GoldVish Illusion and Goldvish le Million. The Goldvish Illusion phones was covered In solid 18k gold and studded with diamonds, Prices for the GoldVish Illusion start from US $25,000, While for Goldvish Le Million listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as both "The world's most expensive cellular phone" and "The world's most exclusive cellular phone" at one million Euros or approximately US$1.3 million.

Beside known as a Luxurious GSM Phone manufacturers Goldvish also known as the most exclusive department stores and the best jewelers throughout the world.

Tiny Wearable Computer concept by WiMM Platform

Tiny Wearable Computer concept by WiMM Platform

Owning a wearable computer was not in your dream anymore, The advanced of technology today has made many cool amazing invention such as this Tiny Wearable computer by WiMM platform. This tiny concept of wearable computer was developed by WiMM labs, it has 36 x 36 x 12,5 mm dimension with 22 gram weight. From the rumor this tiny wearable computer concept will be using Android OS.

this WiMM wearable platform was a small computer concept with a touchscreen which supports 160x600 pixel resolution, Even This device has a shape similar to this Bluetooth Android SmartWatch but is not the same. It can be operated separately as a small computer but it can also serve as Bluetooth watches. Isn't it really cool?

This device can also called as a tiny Tablet since this WiMM Wearable platform has several things that occurs in tablet PC such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Audible and Tactile Alerts, Instead of that features, this cool device was also has a waterproof features and 32GB internal memory.

So what can this device do for us? There's some ideas, such as downloading files via Wi - Fi network or remote access to a computer, simply, what can you do on the Android smart phone so it could be done here. This device could be wore as a Watch. Necklace or another accessories. watch the Video below

So far this device WiMM wearable Platform was still a draft concept but if so produced, the price will be in the range U.S. $ 200-2000.

Cool 27 String Guitar by Keith Medley

Cool 27 String Guitar by Keith Medley

If you think 12 String guitar is enough, not with Keith Medley, this Musician and Guitar Builder from Tennessee manage to build his own 27 string guitars. Keith Medley who was known as a guitar builder from Tennessee has made a cool amazing invention. that was a 27 string guitar. he made this cool amazing guitar just for himself. well i wonder how to play a 27 string guitar? The builder of that guitar keith medley admits that he needs several years to learn to play his 27 String Guitar.

Keith explains on his site. “The hard part has been learning to play it. Through two years of bittersweet struggle between myself and these 27 strings, I determined it would not defeat me but would play the music I heard in my heart.” If many world guitarist think that 12 string or even 6 string guitar is enough, Keith says the music he hears in his head is more than can be played on six strings, so after many sketches and nights of contemplation, he came up with this unique 27-string instrument. He claims it’s like playing three instruments at the same time.

Well actually this 27 String guitar by Keith Medley was not the guitar with the most string in the world today, lately pat metheney played 42 string pikasso guitar which is made and designed by Linda Manzer. But anyway a 27 string guitar was really a cool amazing ideas. How keith managed to play this 27 string instrument? Check out the Video below.

"Hall Of The Mountain King" Keith Medley and his 27-string Medley Guitar from Jon Grimson on Vimeo.

Smallest Nanowire Battery Ever was made

Smallest Nanowire Battery Ever was made

Here's another cool amazing invention in science, a scientist from Rice University in Houston Texas made the World's smallest nanowire battery ever. The researcher announced they figured out how to squish all three parts of a lithium storage device onto one nanowire with all key parts: anode, cathode, and electrolyte. Keep in mind, the battery is so small, you can barely see it with your eyes when you look at it from a certain angle because its diameter is that of a human hair. But the device has thousands of nanowires that work together as a battery and could one day power nanoscale electronics, according to researchers. The little battery, developed at Rice University, is actually a cross between a battery and a supercapacitor. Supercapacitors can deliver more power at once than batteries--a bigger jolt. The diminutive battery is made by the thousands in dense arrays. Each battery is a nanowire, with one half of the wire working as a negative electrode and the other half as a positive electrode.

The researchers showed that the battery has good charge and discharge abilities, all things that would make it perform well as a battery. The main components include a nickel-tin anode, polyethylene oxide (PEO) electrolyte and polyaniline cathode. Also, the scientists showed that lithium ions could move through the battery and store the ions. Anjayan explained that by putting the cathode inside the nanowire, the device was designed not only to store energy but could also act as an insulator.

The team had been working towards building the single-nanowire device for a while. Last fall, they created three-dimensional nanobatteries. For now, the researchers are working on improving the battery’s efficiency and will worry about the real applications in the future. The main focus now is to improve the performance of the battery by fiddling with the types of materials in the system.

Via : Smartplanet.com


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