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Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items

Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items

Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items, There's so many choices for you to store your cosmetic items, most of the woman use the special cosmetic bags to store all of their personal cosmetic items, now there's a cool amazing stuff called Cosmetic Gun to store all of your cosmetic and beauty items. The idea of making a Handgun as the Cosmetics storage was comes from Ted Norton a Dutch Jewelry Designer, He used it as a concept for a range of cosmetic firearms, meant to store cosmetic items and personal belongings. Each of these guns has been designed with the idea of storage of seven essential items that ladies generally would need once they leave home.

These guns was looks like the real handguns, but they are actually a functional storages for personal belongings and beauty accessories. They have been made in two varieties; Dior 001 (white) and the Chanel 001(black), which has items dedicated to these fashion brands. The Dior 001, priced at around $11,500, has a Dior lip gloss, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, a 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, a USB stick and a Viagra pill. This Dior Cosmetic Guns also has a 18 Carat Gold Toothpick? That's really awesome. How about for the Chanel Cosmetic Guns?

the black Channel 001 has similar accessories from the brand but is priced higher at $17,000 for a single piece. For creating these cool fashion firearms, the designs were initially produced on the 3D printer, to get a detailed view of the structure, before being retrofitted with hand-crafted 18 carat gold components. In case the various accessories in the guns run out, Noten’s studio is place to go for the refills. However, storage remains a responsibility of the customer, who might want a special holster or carrying case for these devices.

Though innovation and creativity power seem to be very evident on the sleek designs, one would be strongly advised to use these guns judiciously, or law and order might arise. With discos, hospitals, airports and almost all public places guarded strictly, these guns might be best left behind or concealed well enough to not fall into the view of security authorities.

This is really a cool amazing concept storage for beauty items. So will you bought this Chanel Cosmetic Gun or Dior Cosmetic Gun for your fiancee or wife?

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook, After launching the new Gaming Notebook Asus g74, Now Asustek the Taiwan based company will launch the new notebook which is claimed as the Thinnest Notebook which is powered by a Core i5 Processor named Asus u36. So how about the feature and specification of Asus U36?

Asus U36 was a 13.3-inch notebook that the company flaunts as the thinnest one in the world. Along with harnessing the ‘power of a standard voltage Intel Core i5 processor,’ the U36 notebook will help users enjoy the ‘freedom to stay light and connected’ on the go, says ASUS in its official press release on the new product.

Skeptics may be suspicious of the ASUS notebook’s battery life as it mounts Intel Core i5 CPU. But ASUS says that it has implemented its well-acknowledged Super Hybrid Engine to significantly cut down power consumption of the device. As well, combined with NVIDIA graphics and Optimus technology, the ASUS notebook will deliver an amazing 11.5 hours battery life, ASUS says.

ASUS U36 notebook is built on an ultra-thin chassis diminishing the thickness to 19mm and reducing the weight to 1.44kg. The device’s 13.3-inch screen is a High Definition TFT display and it offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It comes with a storage capacity of 500GB. 802.11 b/g/n wireless and 5 in 1 card reader are other highlighted features of the notebook.

The enhanced NVIDIA graphics card helps you watch videos and games in crystal clear on the device. In the meantime, Optimus technology cunningly helps switch between onboard or discrete graphics with no need for an intervention from the part of users. It ends up in less consumption of power. The ultra-thin body of the device is built using ultra-light magnesium alloy.

ASUS U36 notebook will come up in silver and black options. The notebook is anticipated to be a bang on-trend this season. Of course, people who look for stylish laptops will prefer the device, which is priced at £699 (approx $1000) including VAT in U.K. The device is available for U.K customers from Micro Anvika.com, ASUS said.

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