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Macro Lens Rubber Band for All Smartphone Camera

Macro Lens Rubber Band for All Smartphone Camera

Need a macro lens for your smartphone camera with a sharp and detailed focus? Maybe you should try this cool rubber band macro lens which is works for all type of smartphone such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The Macro Cell Lens Band is a simple close-up photography solution that has two definite pluses - it works on any camera equipped phone and it's very inexpensive, and you can also wear it on your wrist.

The Lens Band is decidedly low-tech, just a thick rubber band with a thin plastic lens smack in the middle of it, but judging by the sample shots, it produces surprisingly good quality images.

From the Description of this Macro Lens Rubber band on Photojojo it was said that their product will transform your cell phone photos from meh to awesome by giving you stunningly sharp details.

Below you can see the sharp and detailed focus of this Macro Lens Rubber Band.

Installation is quick and simple, take the band out of your wallet or off your wrist, wrap it around the phone with the lens positioned correctly and you're away.

Buy the Macro Cell Lens Band at Photojojo today for just $15.

iCam Case Transform your iPhone into an Advanced Digital Camera

iCam Case Transform your iPhone into an Advanced Digital Camera

iCam Case will transform your iPhone into an Advanced Digital Camera, This iCam Case was a fantastic concept from ADR Design Studio, with this iCam Case it will turn your iPhone as a cool Pocket Digital Camera with a removable lens. there's also a small screen on the front which is similar to many of Samsung Pocket Digital Camera.

This iCam Case was made of Aluminum material, it features Apple's interchangeable-lens mounting system uses iMount. Front screen is used to photograph yourself and onboard micro-app. What distinguishes the Samsung digital camera is, it has a touchscreen tech!

If you don't like the concept of this Pocket Camera Design for iPhone with iCam Case so you should try this iPhone SLR Mount which can transform your iPhone into a DSLR Camera.

Later there will be a special application that you should also install on the iPhone so you can adjust the lens to capture the best setting.

JVC KD-X40 Android Based Car Audio with Hand Gesture Control

JVC KD-X40 Android Based Car Audio with Hand Gesture Control

JVC Mobile has a cool new car audio system called JVC KD-X40. This Car audio was comes with Android OS and a gesture control which means you can control and adjust the volume of your Car audio just by your hand gesture.

by Moving your hand to the right or to the left you can change the song easily. thanks to the gesture controlled technology from JVC inside this new JVC KD-X40 Car audio system. beside that gesture you can also change the modes from the Radio into a MP3 by making a "V" letter gesture with your hand.

These are the first CD-less head units produced by JVC, this head units also integrates USB-connected iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones. Make sure that you also check this Ca Fi Android car audio system and this Android based car audio.

So do you want to change your car audio system with this new JVC Mobile KD-X40? Check out the specification below.

MOS-FET 50W x 4 Max. (20W RMS x 4)
24-bit DAC
Ready for Bluetooth Adapter (optional: KS-BTA100)
Front USB Port (MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
USB 1B Power Supply
AUX Input x 2 (front/rear)
MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
HS-IVI Tuner
3-Band Parametric iEQ
Easy EQ
Source Link EQ
Loudness Control
High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter
2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Out Level
2 Pre-Output Terminals (Front + Rear/Subwoofer Selectable)
Subwoofer Control
Seperated Variable-Color
Seperated Brightness Control
Auto Dimmer
Beep Tone Support
Steering Wheel Remote Ready
Backup Memory/Radio Timer
Wireless Remote Control

JVC KD-X40 android car audio system is priced at $109.95.


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