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Lumus PD-18-2 Web and GPS Enabled Glasses

Lumus PD-18-2 Web and GPS Enabled Glasses

A Web and GPS Enabled Glasses? Lumus, an Israeli company that is specialized in revolutionary visual tech, Launch Lumus PD-18-2, a pair of spectacles that display all sorts of information in the the augmented vision', or overlaying images or graphics over your field of vision. This Lumus Glasses complete with GPS features. Games, Email and also Internet. I can say that this Lumus PD-18-2 is a computer glasses In the picture on the right you can see the display that you see on Lumus PD-18-2.

Just imagine in the future you can read email, Watch TV or even play a video games in your spectacles. PD-18-2 is based on a technology called LOE (Light-guide Optical Element). The full-color high-quality images are captured from a micro-display that is found in the temples and then projected into the eye. The virtual image has a SVGA resolution, so there should be no complaints regarding the quality.

But unfortunately these spectacles would cause interminable automobile chain accidents if the manufacturer does not get the transparency levels because it will distract the user’s attention even if the images are see-through, Just imagine if you use read email, or even watch TV on this cool glasses while you drive your car? Despite of that we think that this spectacles simplifying the GPS experience. Instead of having to keep looking down at a portable GPS, the glasses would make the guide literally 'right in front of your eyes. Do you agree??

Below was the Chart about How Light-Guide Optic Element (LOE) technology works on this Lumus PD-18-2 Web and GPS Enabled Glasses overlaying images or graphics over your field of vision.

Via : Devicemag and Walyou.

Haier Brainwave TV a Mind Controlled TV Let you play Games with your Brain

Haier Brainwave TV a Mind Controlled TV Let you play Games with your Brain

Haier made an amazing futuristic concept called haier brainwave TV. this is a mind controlled tv, with this new technology in the future you can play a video games with your brain. This mind-controlled 58-inch Brain Wave TV showed at CES 2012. you just have to wear in a controller on your head. The controller attaches to your earlobe with a small metal pad on your forehead to capture signals from brain. The Haier mind-on technology now only runs a few video games on the TV. Unfortunately It doesn’t help you change channels and control the volume at this time.

Haier has teamed up with a firm called NeuroSky to develop the minds-on TV. The technology from NeuroSky enables the accessory to read electrical signals from your head and translate into digital signals. Haier’s Kenji Hinga says the accessory doesn’t read the thoughts of users. It just enables signals from brain to control the TV set.

The Haier mind-on TV will not respond to your brain if you have an anxious mind and sweaty forehead. The company says user should have a relaxed mind and dry forehead to make use of the device. In future, we can see the Haier mind-controlled TV with some more full-fledged features.

Haier is working on to develop the technology further. It will add more features to the Brain Wave TV to grant it an ability to change channels by just thinking about it. Haier now sells the Brain Wave TV in China for a price that is equivalent to roughly $3,000. The company has not exposed when the minds-on TV will land in stores in the U.S. and other markets.

It seems that in the future there will be more cool mind controlled gadget other than this haier brainwave TV. See also the Mind Controlled Car Concept.

Via : Engadget


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