»mPowerPad Solar Powered Multifunctional Gadget

mPowerPad Solar Powered Multifunctional Gadget

mPowerPad was a solar powered gadget which has various function such as for your Phone charger, Radio, Small Fan and several other function. It's a great solar powered gadget for your creativity. If you often goes to the mountain or even in the middle of the sea you can find this solar powered gadget was really helpful. This mPowerPad Multifunctional solar-powered gadget is perfect you bring into the forest wilderness as it resists impact, anti-water and can not explode even if used with a very sloppy one!

This cool stuff was relying on an embedded accelerometer in it, you just need to move their yellow gadget is to move from one function to another function. Indeed, what the hell? Noted there mobile phone charger, reading light, flashlight, radio FM / AM, a small fan, even the ultra-sonic alarm to repel insects. Rear panel serves to capture the sunlight is converted into energy.

Check this demo video of this mPowerPad solar powered multifunctional gadget

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