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iConvert Special Scanner for iPad

iConvert Special Scanner for iPad

How to scan a file into your iPad? Now there's a special scanner that was created for your iPad or even iPad 2 called iConvert. this cool scanner can scan all types of documents or images with a maxium resolution of 300dpi. isn't it cool to scan files directly to your iPad? To be able to use it, we are obliged to install a special application that are available at the Apple Store.

This special scanner for iPad or iPad 2 Tablets by Brookstone captures sharp, detailed JPEG images and saves them directly to the photos folder of your iPad or iPad 2 tablet.

iConvert Scanner can scan all the documents or photos with a maximum width of the document size between 5 to 21.6 cm and all the scans will be stored as JPEG. But unfortunately this special scanner for your iPad was a little bit expensive since this iConvert scanner sold for $149.99

Need another option for a portable scanner? See also Doxie Go Scanner and Ion Book Saver.

Watch the Demo video below about How iConvert Scanner work to scan your documents into your iPad or iPad2.

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Diabetes Scanning Device You Can Eat for User Friendly Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Scanning Device You Can Eat for User Friendly Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus was one of the deadly disease if you don't concern about the right treatment. Nowadays there's a cool diabetes scanning device for user friendly diabetes treatment called You can Eat. It's really a great invention in medical technology.

The adroit mechanism of this conception will allow the internal scanning of a diabetes patient's veins (to measure their glucose), without the requirement of any sort of invasive or probing equipment like syringes or needles. This would certainly mitigate the psychological malaise of injections, especially in case of children

Beside that this devices will scan food products and decide whether its good or bad for you. It Measures their glycaemic index (GI) figure and the number of calories they contain. The info will be displayed in conjunction with the patient's acceptable daily intake. See the image on the right.

You can eat devices comparison attribute helps the concerned user to find out a definitive quantity of how much they can eat without upsetting their glucose levels. Moreover, the device can also prove to be beneficial to people who are strictly adhering to their personal restrictive diets.

Megaupload Close down by US Government due to Piracy Act

Megaupload Close down by US Government due to Piracy Act

Megaupload the largest file sharing sites on the internet had been close down today by US federal prosecutors due to a piracy act, The United States Justice Department filed charges against MegaUpload today, calling the file-sharing service an "international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy.". As we know megaupload was widely known and used for free downloads of movies and television shows. Now its founder and several company officials were accused of facilitating millions of illegal downloads of films, music and other content. The Justice Department said in a statement said that Kim Dotcom (Megaupload Founder), and three other employees were arrested Thursday in New Zealand at the request of U.S. officials. Three other defendants are at large.

After receiving indictments from a grand jury in Virginia for racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and other charges on Jan. 5, federal authorities on Thursday arrested four people and executed more than 20 search warrants in the U.S. and eight foreign countries, seizing 18 domain names and an estimated $50 million in assets, including servers run in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

MegaUpload is a "digital locker" that allows users to store files that can then be streamed or downloaded by others. Its subsidiary site MegaVideo became very popular for the unauthorized downloads of movies and TV shows. Users whose uploaded content proved particularly popular were paid for their participation.

The complaint charges Dotcom, his executives, the MegaUpload Limited company and a second company called Vestor Limited which Dotcom used to shield his personal assets. Specifically, the charges are:

engaging in a racketeering conspiracy
conspiring to commit copyright infringement
conspiring to commit money laundering
two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement

RIP Megaupload 2005-2012.

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