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PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC by iLuv Workstation

PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC by iLuv Workstation

iLuv Workstation provide a PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC, It's a great choice if you miss your old PC Style. Now with iLuv Workstation PC Docking accessories you can make your iPad as a cool workstation, Not only launch a PC Style docking for Tablet PC, iLuv Workstation also comes with more cool accessories.

iLuv launches 4 new tablet accessories in which 2 of them are going to change your tablet into a cool workstation, 1 more to be a notebook / netbook, and the last is a Bluetooth keyboard.

iLuv iMM517 Workstations pro and iLuv iMM737 Workstations is a set of accessories consisting of speakers, keyboard, docking station and a special stand that makes the tablet PC look like an All-in-One PC. The difference of iLuv iMM517 Workstations Pro and iLuv iMM737 Workstations was only the keyboards system. iLuv iMM737 Workstation still using the cable keyboards while the iLuv iMM517 Workstations pro has been adapted the bluetooth keyboards technology. (See the image on the right for the Workstation Pro Series)

The existence of a fairly large speaker is guaranteed much more convenient than relying on the existing speakers in a small tablet.

The third accessories is the iLuv iCK826/iSK912 WorkStation Professional Portfolio Case, This is a casing which is equipped with a Bluetooth keyboard but the keyboard that looks cool blend can be removed and we can use it as an ordinary casing.

The Fourth accessories is iBTKB20 WorkStation iLuv Bluetooth Keyboard, This is just an ordinary bluetooth keyboards for your tablet PC.

The price range of each cool tablet accessories from iLuv was started from $49.99 to $179.99. All the above accessories can be used both for the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and various types of phones that have Bluetooth connectivity.


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