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Hyper Realistic Police Training Simulator

Hyper Realistic Police Training Simulator

Have you imagine if there's a cool hyper realistic police training simulator? I thought that this kind of stuff was never exist but thanks to the today's technology now every police could train to be a better policeman by playing this VirTra 300 LE Simulator. It's a Video Simulator for police training that can actually be considered as a replacement to real world tactics. The simulator provides 300-degree HD video environment and a surround-sound system for police training. It provides all kind of circumstances and levels of difficulty to the trainee so that he can perform better in every situation in real life. I suppose it must be better than this FPS Simulator.

The VirTra 300 LE Hyper Realistic Police Training Simulator also consists of an instructor who can command the virtual men in the video or the real trainees. Chosen to be called as most advanced system available for law enforcement. The High Definition video quality of the simulator does not use just a single screen system, rather focuses on multiple screen displays (See the image below). The simulator also consists of heavy metal concert level sound system above and below the platform and also on behind all the five life-sized screens. (see also another cool simulators such as this Virtual Ski Simulator)

VirTra 300 LE High quality video is quiet good to read the human behavior: subtle eye movements, hand movements and facial expressions are interpreted accurately. Virtual enemies are thrilled to shoot trainees and build a plot against them, they also communicate with each other and make their moves wisely.

Even this Hyper Realistic Police Training Simulator are specially designed to train the police but the simulator can be accessed by civilians at the Gander Mountain Academy in Lakeland, Florida.

Via : Tactical Life

Transformers Aluminum iPhone Case

Transformers Aluminum iPhone Case

This cool Transformers Aluminum plating Hard Back Case is a tough iPhone cover, Moreover if you're the fans of Transformers, on the back of this iPhone Case there's a transformers logo. It can add an elegant and extremely stylish look for the gadget. The skid-proof and anti-fingerprint case is made with 100 percent brand new quality metal plating decoration and hard materials like durable plastic with metal wire drawing process.

Even though there's so many cool products for a tough iPhone case in the market but this elegant Transformers Aluminum iPhone Case will add a stylish looks for your gadget and on the other hand it can protect it through dust, collisions, scratches, fingerprints and much more. The case perfectly fits in your iPhone with access to all buttons, connector dock and ports so that you can access the controls without removing the case.

This Transformers Aluminum plating Hard Back Case is quite easy to install, The lightweight case will not add much weight to the iPhone. The case will work with both iPhone 4 and 4S. The iPhone case is available for a price around $21. Get a piece of the hard aluminum case to protect your iPhone from all external impacts.

Well even without a legal certification from IP58 this Cool Transformers Aluminum iPhone Case should be a great choice. Why don't you also check out the other tough iPhone case such as this Keystone MarineCase for iPhone or Mate Tank Case

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