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Google Project Glass Amazing New Tech

Google Project Glass Amazing New Tech

Google has made another cool amazing new technology called Google Project glass, According to official google project glass g+ account, they said that this google project glasses was made to helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.

What we could expect from new google project glass? google project glasses is a HUD (Head Up Display) with a terminator-style form and it may make you look strange and cool.

Although not yet confirmed its final form, HUD is similar to the one existing HUD as paying the phone directly in front of your eyes and we can do many things ranging from looking for information, listen to songs, phone and others.

Watch this video below to get a further ideas of this new technology by google.

There's still so many questions about how does this google project glass works? Let's wait for a further official news about this cool Google Project Glass

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