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Androidland the Official Android store by Google opens in Australia

Androidland the Official Android store by Google opens in Australia

Androidland the World's first official android store was opened in Melbourne. Australia, Finally Android has its own official store. This Androidland was built by Google in Collaboration with Australian Cellular Operator Telstra. This building was dominated by a green color, such as the main color of Android Logo. So what are the interesting stuff about this Androidland the First Official Android Store by Google?

The visitors in Androidland can ask advice from Android Gurus to maximize Their Android Handset. Such as setting up a Google account or just to choose a good application for their Android Powered Gadget, It's a great place for you to ask about this Cluzee personal Asistant for Android devices. inside the Androidland visitor can also play Angry Birds game in a Giant Screen, Not only that you could also Run the Google Earth Apps in a giant screen.

There's also so many Android based gadget here starting from Mobile phone until the Tablet PC, It's like a heaven for every Android lovers. We hope that this Android Store also sells somethings like this Bluedrone an Android R/C Car, or even this Parrot Android Car Audio System, Androidland built in collaboration with many famous Android vendors such as Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG. Currently, Androidland still in the testing phase. If successful, then it's just a matter of time since Google made another Androidland.

Sounds like this Google Androidlands want to compete with Apple Store, let's see who will won the competition. but as far as i know nowadays Android OS became the leader of the mobile market, with more than 200 million activated devices beating out former market leaders Apple and RIM (Blackberry).

Oh yeah you can take a tour inside this Androidland the First Google Official Android Store via this video below.

Maybe this Androidland in Australia could became one of the most entertaining Christmas Vacation Ideas for every Android Users.

Memo Touch Tablet PC for Elderly

Memo Touch Tablet PC for Elderly

Looking for a great techy Christmas gift for elderly? why don't you try this memo touch. Memo Touch Tablet PC was specially designed for elderly, it comes with software that provides memory-challenged aging users with virtual assistance to help them deal with everyday activities. Even many of the new tech products are targeting the young people but today there's an Increasing number of gadgets which aims for Older people.

This Memo Touch Tablet PC is based on a 10-inch Archos 101 tablet and comes with custom software that provides memory-challenged aging users with virtual assistance to help them deal with everyday activities and it allows caregivers to update content remotely. This memo touch tablet also didn't requires any computer experience. it makes them suitable for elderly. If you're looking for a tablet PC for your Children Christmas Gift then we suggest you to read this review of Nabi Tablet PC or Innotab Tablet PC for Kids. So how about the features of Memo Touch Tablet?

The tablet displays current day and time, as well as remotely managed information and reminders. Caregivers, or family members can log into a website at any time, where it's possible to post information, messages, or reminders for the Memo Touch's owner. These include a "crawl line" with personalized messages, calendar with ringtone alerts, to-do lists and a pillbox feature with names of medications and instructions for taking them. There's also a weather forecast, phone list with emergency and frequently-called numbers and a photo album with grouped view and text labels. In case of an emergency, the Help button automatically sends a text, e-mail or both to the caregiver.

These Cool Memo Touch Tablet running on Android OS, its creators say the Memo Touch doesn't require any computer experience and overrides other software on the tablet so the user "cannot accidentally get lost in a maze of applications, menus, or out in cyberspace." An internet connection is required though, to enable the remote manageability.

Memo Touch is not the only tablet solution for the elderly - Angela from Independa for example, provides some similar functionality. Memo Touch, however, is much more limited in terms of online access, as it is intended primarily for users with early-stage dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

The Memo Touch tablet can be purchased online for the price of US$299. It also requires an additional US$179 for a six-month subscription, or US$300 for a 12-month subscription, which allows use of the remote management website. The company's returns policy allows the unit to be returned within three months (if not damaged and the software is unchanged) and the subscription fee will be refunded for the remaining months.

It seems that this Memo Touch Tablet PC was really suitable for the Tech Christmas Gift for Elderly. What do you think?

Toyota Shows a Futuristic Concept Car Fun Vii

Toyota Shows a Futuristic Concept Car Fun Vii

Toyota shows their futuristic concept car called fun vii. this car would be one of the coolest electric concept car for the future. This concept car was looks like from a Sci-Fi Movies. But what we like about it concept is the interior, It's a fully customizable viewing screen and surface and that can display the outside world. This kind of cool concept futuristic car by toyota was announced at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 in Japan. Just take a look of this Toyota Fun Vii Concept pictures on the right. isn't it really cool?

From the exterior, the aerodynamic vehicle is covered in a smooth black finish with silver accents along the edges and the wheel mags. Everything about the design says “futuristic and high-tech”, and it looks like those cars we often see in dystopian future science-fiction films.

Inside, there is is room for a driver and two passengers to sit comfortably with legs stretched out and more elbow room that the average car comes with. The design is both spacious and minimal, offering a clean, clutter-free look that every car owner envies, but soon discovers is impossible to keep up. but we think it would be better if toyota adopts this Mind Controlled Car Technology like what we posted before.

On the inside walls Toyota has some pretty cool out-of-this-world features plans, such as a fully customizable viewing screen and surface and that can display the outside world, or anything of the operator’s choice. It will be able to offer full web browsing capabilities on the go, fully linked with social networking and communication. From the appearance this Fun Vii from Toyota was really interesting. you can see the video below what Toyota Motor Corp President Akio toyoda said about this Futuristic fun Vii concept.

Unfortunately the Pricing and availability of this Toyota fun Vii haven’t been hinted yet, but Toyota does plan on making the Fun-Vii electric with impressive mile per charge capacity on its battery.

World's First Elastic Power Cables Roboden

Here comes another new technology, I haven't imagine if on the future almost all the power cables can be stretched. A Japanese company has developed some stretchable power cables. With this innovation now you can stretch the power cables as far as you want without worrying about the cable will broken off , There will be no more short cable problems for your gadget.

Asahi Kasei Fibers has introduced the Roboden, an elastic electrical cable. It’s made out of spandex, which is the same fabric used in a lot of athletic gear, and which a lot of people whose bodies most people really don’t want to see completely outlined wear.

The cable is meant to be used mainly for robotics. Since robots need to have some freedom of movement, engineers usually leave some slack in the cables. But this cable allows the cable to be as tight or as loose as necessary. It will also allow people to build human-like robots that are more realistic and soft, which might help them avoid going deep into the Uncanny Valley.

Asahi Kasei is also planning to implement the technology in other cables, such as USB. This would be an obvious boon for portable electronics, given the abuse they (and their cables) often take. Let's hope that in the future the USB cable or even HDMI cables will use this kind of elastic fabrics from Asahi Kasei Fibers.

Check out the Demo video below of the World's first elastic power cables called roboden from Asahi Kasei Fibers


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