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Cool Self Made Seaplane by Liu Chun Sheng

Cool Self Made Seaplane by Liu Chun Sheng

Cool Self Made Seaplane by Liu Chun Sheng - This Chinese guys invent a cool amazing stuff which is can walk on the water and also in the air, it's a seaplane. Liu Chun Sheng made it alone with his effort and takes 6 years to finish his project. so how does this Seaplane by Liu Chun Sheng works?

Liu Chun Sheng start working on his dream machine in July 2009 and he finally finished with what he had set out to build. But, there is one slight problem with the seaplane he has built. It is still incapable of flying! According to Liu, the problem is with the length of the propeller blades which he thinks may be a little too short to provide the proper amount of lift to his 250 kg seaplane. He has two 100 hp engine fitted on both wings of the airplane to power the aircraft and he is determined to carry on with his quest of making this aircraft fly.

The seaplane built by Liu is quite simple and rudimentary in design. But, it has one crucial technology which sets it apart from rest of the DIY airplanes. The seaplane of Liu uses the “tilt-rotor” technology, where the plane takes off from water like a helicopter using vertical propulsion, and, then rotors change its positions in the middle of the flight to make it an airplane. Tilt-rotor is quite a new invention in the aviation and currently it is used in the field of military aviation. It is quite astonishing to see how a common aviation enthusiast can master this complex technology.

The body of this Seaplane has been made of aluminum and welded steel pipes. The cockpit looks like a bird cage and can accommodate only one person. But it houses all the necessary instruments that one needs to fly an aircraft. The amazing thing about this aircraft is that its creator has not taken any help from any other person. The only help he took is from an aviation magazine which he read a while back.

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Matress with an Air Conditioning System by FranceBed

Matress with an Air Conditioning System by FranceBed

Matress with an Air Conditioning System by FranceBed - Here comes another cool amazing concept by FranceBed. they made a matress with an Air Conditioning System. with this system now you don't need to put an Air Conditioner on your room. beside works as an air conditioner, this francebed matres could also used as the heater in a winter season. How does this FranceBed works?

In this mat there is a pipe working for water flow through the machines in it so that flowing water can provide the desired temperature with the help of the machine.

The machine that is able to function as air or heated and the temperature can be adjusted from 15-48 ° C, so it can be used summer or winter.

FranceBed Matress with Air Conditioning system

Compared with AC is far more efficient FranceBed that is only produced electricity about 1/4 compared to AC ( summer) or 1/10 compared to heater ( winter ).

On the other hand, FranceBed can only cool the bed (not for the room) and can be used for one person only because the size of a single type of mattress that is only measuring 97 x 195 cm. Here's the Demo video of this Cool Amazing Concept of Matress with Air Conditioning System by FranceBed

Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items

Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items

Cosmetic Gun Amazing Storage for your beauty items, There's so many choices for you to store your cosmetic items, most of the woman use the special cosmetic bags to store all of their personal cosmetic items, now there's a cool amazing stuff called Cosmetic Gun to store all of your cosmetic and beauty items. The idea of making a Handgun as the Cosmetics storage was comes from Ted Norton a Dutch Jewelry Designer, He used it as a concept for a range of cosmetic firearms, meant to store cosmetic items and personal belongings. Each of these guns has been designed with the idea of storage of seven essential items that ladies generally would need once they leave home.

These guns was looks like the real handguns, but they are actually a functional storages for personal belongings and beauty accessories. They have been made in two varieties; Dior 001 (white) and the Chanel 001(black), which has items dedicated to these fashion brands. The Dior 001, priced at around $11,500, has a Dior lip gloss, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, a 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, a USB stick and a Viagra pill. This Dior Cosmetic Guns also has a 18 Carat Gold Toothpick? That's really awesome. How about for the Chanel Cosmetic Guns?

the black Channel 001 has similar accessories from the brand but is priced higher at $17,000 for a single piece. For creating these cool fashion firearms, the designs were initially produced on the 3D printer, to get a detailed view of the structure, before being retrofitted with hand-crafted 18 carat gold components. In case the various accessories in the guns run out, Noten’s studio is place to go for the refills. However, storage remains a responsibility of the customer, who might want a special holster or carrying case for these devices.

Though innovation and creativity power seem to be very evident on the sleek designs, one would be strongly advised to use these guns judiciously, or law and order might arise. With discos, hospitals, airports and almost all public places guarded strictly, these guns might be best left behind or concealed well enough to not fall into the view of security authorities.

This is really a cool amazing concept storage for beauty items. So will you bought this Chanel Cosmetic Gun or Dior Cosmetic Gun for your fiancee or wife?

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook

Asus U36 The Thinnest Core i5 Powered Notebook, After launching the new Gaming Notebook Asus g74, Now Asustek the Taiwan based company will launch the new notebook which is claimed as the Thinnest Notebook which is powered by a Core i5 Processor named Asus u36. So how about the feature and specification of Asus U36?

Asus U36 was a 13.3-inch notebook that the company flaunts as the thinnest one in the world. Along with harnessing the ‘power of a standard voltage Intel Core i5 processor,’ the U36 notebook will help users enjoy the ‘freedom to stay light and connected’ on the go, says ASUS in its official press release on the new product.

Skeptics may be suspicious of the ASUS notebook’s battery life as it mounts Intel Core i5 CPU. But ASUS says that it has implemented its well-acknowledged Super Hybrid Engine to significantly cut down power consumption of the device. As well, combined with NVIDIA graphics and Optimus technology, the ASUS notebook will deliver an amazing 11.5 hours battery life, ASUS says.

ASUS U36 notebook is built on an ultra-thin chassis diminishing the thickness to 19mm and reducing the weight to 1.44kg. The device’s 13.3-inch screen is a High Definition TFT display and it offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It comes with a storage capacity of 500GB. 802.11 b/g/n wireless and 5 in 1 card reader are other highlighted features of the notebook.

The enhanced NVIDIA graphics card helps you watch videos and games in crystal clear on the device. In the meantime, Optimus technology cunningly helps switch between onboard or discrete graphics with no need for an intervention from the part of users. It ends up in less consumption of power. The ultra-thin body of the device is built using ultra-light magnesium alloy.

ASUS U36 notebook will come up in silver and black options. The notebook is anticipated to be a bang on-trend this season. Of course, people who look for stylish laptops will prefer the device, which is priced at £699 (approx $1000) including VAT in U.K. The device is available for U.K customers from Micro Anvika.com, ASUS said.

Via : Akihabara news

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle, Volkswagen introducing a new great feature for the future, it's a temporary auto pilot or we can call it as TAP feature. with this TAP, you can drive your car while you read a newspaper. So how does this TAP feature by Volkswagen Works?

TAP is a Semi Automatic driver assistance system that uses technology that's currently available or in production. That means it could actually find its way into real cars real soon.

TAP works by combining other functions like ACC adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist (which helps keep the car within a lane) into an integrated system. Always monitored by the driver, and always leaving her/him the ability to override the system when needed, TAP can drive a car 'semi-automatically' at speeds of up to 130 km/h (81 mph) on a highway. (worldcarfans.com)

When we activate this TAP feature, a computer system that is in the car will safely run the car automatically because the car will be stopped if there is a car in front of us. It seems this Temporary Auto pilot will became a feature in every vehicle on the future. just wait.

TAP can also set the speed and can reach 130 km / h and TAP system can be switched off / switched on quickly and manuals to maintain or avoid undesirable events.

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept, A Bathroom Gaming device was a cool idea, in the future you can play games while you're in a restroom. Sega has developed a new gaming device called Toylets. it's a Bathroom Video Game concept, it is said to have paved way straight into male washrooms. Haha this kind of games was really interesting you didn't need a special controller to play the games on Sega Toylets, You just need to aim it with your pee.

Sega Toylets was Putting together a speed sensor and LCD screen, the company has carved out this new video game concept that takes note of, well, the pee.The included speed sensor is affixed to the urinal for measuring the pace at which ‘it flows.’ And this helps you progress further in the game.

An infrared sensor fitted into the architecture has been plugged to identify that a person is approaching closer to the system. This in turn prepares the screen to start the game. As the person begins his very ‘personal activity,’ microwaves recognize the speed at which urine flows. Simultaneously, the volume and duration of the activity is also computed. What’s more? Gamers can also compete with other guys doing their work side by side. Multiplayer mode also, huh?

Watch the Demo Video of SEGA Toylets Concept

It has been emphasized that the advertising screen embedded into the system can be employed for flashing JPEG images. Sega has announced that it looks forward to installing the game at hangouts such as drinking and eating joints and bars. So don’t be surprised if you find guys at a Bachelor’s Party moving in and out of washrooms like a swarm of bees. Even if the game doesn’t allure them, they might want to check their pictures in there on the system’s display. But well, if you spot someone doing it before November, then it just could be bad stomach.

SEGA ToyLets – Bathroom Video Game concept has been scheduled to come ashore this November. The hardware unit will come with a price tag of 140,000 Japanese Yen (approx. $1,745) whereas buyers will need to shell out 10,000 additional Japanese yen for the software.

Via : http://technabob.com/blog/2011/06/15/sega-toylets-bathroom-video-game/

World's Smallest Camera Chobi Cam One HD Edition

World's Smallest Camera Chobi Cam One HD Edition

World's Smallest Camera Chobi Cam One HD Edition, Chobi Cam one was a tiny camera brand who launced the World's Smallest Camera before with the name JTT Chobi Cam One, Chobi Cam one now release their new tiny gadgets called Chobi Cam One HD, This tiny camera now can record a HD Video.

Even at this size Chobi Cam one HD Could take a HD Video with 1280×720 Resolution at 30 frame per second. it's amazing you know. Due to his small size, this Chobi Cam One HD Edition didn't have a view finder feature. We can't see the object that we want to take. so we have to use feelings.

What's new on Chobi Cam One HD Edition? Image quality is much better than the previous edition, By attaching the magnetic conversion lens, wide angle, telephoto, you can easily enjoy photography with fisheye.

How about the result for the picture and video taken with this World's Smallest Camera Chobi Cam One HD Edition? Check out the Video Below.

ZEHST an Eco Friendly Futuristic Hypersonic Jet Concept

ZEHST an Eco Friendly Futuristic Hypersonic Jet Concept

ZEHST an Eco Friendly Futuristic Hypersonic Jet Concept, This cool amazing concept of Plane was called a Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport, Like his name, this Jet Concept will be using a seaweed biofuel as their main fuel. There's not many of airplane today including this Futuristic Transparent Plane Concept use that kind of fuel. This cool Eco Friendly Futuristic Hypersonic Jet Concept was showed at Paris air show. You can refer to paris air show pages to know further about this concept. Ok below was the main specification of this ZEHST Jet Concept.

ZEHST (Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport) is a passenger airplane that can carry 100 passengers and can fly above the altitude of 32,000 m and had a speed of Mach 4 (4900 miles / hour).

ZEHST using 3 different engines ranging from rockets to spur the aircraft in the atmosphere, ramjet speeds and to use ordinary jet engines for take-off and landing

In addition to fast, it turns out ZEHST also environmentally friendly because most of its fuel use biofuels, rather seaweed biofuels.

I hope in the next 10 years this Concept will became reality. Didn't you agree with me? Let's Support ZEHST an Eco Friendly Futuristic Hypersonic Jet Concept as the Eco Friendly Airplane Leader in the Future.

Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner

Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner

Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner, Here comes a cool concept of Vacuum Cleaner. a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner, Christian Sallustro of the University of Florence designs this cool wearable vacuum cleaner to help people cleaning duty with their own hand.

How to use this Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner? The designer said that we can use the magic hand vacuum cleaner using a natural hand movements, with no extra strain or effort in the process. Well i wonder what power did this device use to clean dust or stain?

The design of this device also comes to the aid of those who have limb problems like a weak grasp or are prone to muscular pain or tiredness after having worked for some time. On the functional side, The Magic Glove is capable of cleaning loose fibres, animal hair, dust and food crumbs commonly found in households, especially from areas that are beyond the reach of the conventional vacuum cleaners. The multi-colored, well-tested glove, made out of strong yet light material, is an example of a flexible, stylish and functional cleaning device that goes easy on the skin.

This is really an Amazing concept. I hope that the designer of this device could realize it and then we can use it to clean anything in our home. So how about you? Do you interest in this Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept?

Samsung NC215S First Solar Powered Netbook

Samsung NC215S First Solar Powered Netbook

Samsung NC215S First Solar Powered Netbook, Samsung comes with a breakthrough netbook technology. that's a solar powered netbook. now you can charge your netbook with solar power. Cool huh? You can charge up this netbook without plug ins the cable in the electricity. OK now how about the specifications of this Samsung new netbook technology?

Samsung NC215S has a solar panel on the top cover that can generate electrical energy to make a netbook can be used for 1 hour with sun-dried for 2 hours.

NC215S using PowerPlus battery technology that makes type 6-cell battery in it can be used up to 14 hours to refill completely full (full charge).

In terms of the Specifications this new netbook from Samsung NC215S didn't have a big differences with any other 10.1 Netbook on the market such as the Intel Atom N570 / N455 for the Processor, anti-reflecting screen, 1 GB of RAM memory, USB port, webcam, SD memory card slot and Ethernet. Unfortunately no mention of Wi-Fi feature of this cool netbook.

Samsung NC215S already on sale in Russia at a price of 14,000 Rubles (about almost $ 580) and will soon be sold in USA. Well it seems on the future we'll find many more solar powered gadget.

Asus G74 Gaming Notebook powered with Quad Core processor

Asus G74 Gaming Notebook powered with Quad Core processor

Asus G74 Gaming Notebook powered with Quad Core processor, Here comes new Gaming Notebook From Asus named Asus G74. This cool gaming notebook was powered with a new Intel Quad Core Processor to supports the gaming needs for a professional gamer.

This gaming laptop which is known as the successor to Asus G73, comes up with a set of incredible features and a simpler look. The long-awaited Asus G74 machine is anticipated to create waves in the U.S. gaming notebook market today. How about for the feature and specification of this Asus G74 Gaming notebook?

Specification of Asus G74 Gaming Notebook


the 17.3-inch Asus G74 gaming laptop packs in an Intel Core i7 2630QM quad-core Sandy Bridge CPU Processor. The notebook also highlights dual 750GB 7200RPM drives and four SODIMM slots for up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM. Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M card with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM will make gaming more smoother on the device. The 1080p capable screen of Asus G74 is a full HD display with optional 3D capability.The THX TruStudio audio, stereo speakers and subwoofer will generate amazing music from your favorite titles.

Asus G74 gaming laptops will have two models in the U.S. market; The First is G74SX-A1 and the Other is G74SX-3DE. The former carries a price tag of $1,745 and the latter is priced at $1,979. Both the models will come up pre-configured with 12GB RAM and 750GM hard disk drives. An 8-cell 5200 mAh battery facilitates power to both the devices. Meanwhile, the former has a Blu-ray Combo drive and the latter has Blu-ray burner capability.

The notebooks are equipped with backlight keyboards and enhanced cooling systems with dual fans. Both the Asus G74 gaming notebooks run on Windows 7 Home Premium. The devices are slated to purchase from Jun 28, 2011 onward. However, they are open for pre-order now at ExcaliberPC.com.

Tag Heuer Link First Swiss Luxury Smartphone

Tag Heuer Link First Swiss Luxury Smartphone

Tag Heuer the famous Watch brands will release their first luxury smartphone, yes we know vertu was known for the luxurious cellphone brand but unfortunately all of vertu products was not categorized as a Smartphone, It would better called as a Fashion Phone. Concerning about that, Tag Heuer Will release their first Swiss Luxury Smartphone.

Tag Heuer will release tag heuer link on This july, Unfortunately there's not much information about the feature and specification about this Tag Heuer Link. but it seems this could be an Expensive phone.

Here's the Demo Video of Tag heuer Link.

Update : The Specifications of Tag Heuer Link Smartphone

- Shockproof like a Tag Heuer watch
- Stainless Steel Body is high quality anti- corrosion ( type 361L ).
- The screen glass is kind of a very strong Gorilla Glass
- There is a leather crocodile / lizard high quality
- Android OS 2.2 ( Froyo ), unfortunately not the Android 2.3 ( Gingerbread )
- 256 MB internal memory plus microSD
- Battery 1400 mAh
- Gorilla Glass Screen 3.5 inch (800 × 480, 16 million colors )
- Stereo Bluetooth
- Wi - Fi and GPS
- Camera 5 MP

This Tag Heuer Link Smartphone will be released in the range of $6,700. If you really want to have this Tag Heuer Link smartphone so just wait a little longer, in a short time Tag Heuer will release their first luxury smartphone on the market.

Nintendo Wii U Console Feature

Nintendo Wii U Console Feature

Nintendo Wii U Console feature, Wii U is a future Game Console from Nintendo, It was said that this Nintendo Wii U will be faster than PS3 and also Xbox 360. So how about the other feature of this cool game console from nintendo? Will Nintendo Wii U adopt the 3D feature? Read the news below.

Nintendo has announced that its Wii U gaming console will not feature a Blu-ray drive, and will instead stick to a proprietary disc format. Patent fees related to the technology are too high, the company explained. The Wii U will, however, compete with existing consoles in terms of hardware - it is equipped with a customized CPU from IBM and a GPU from AMD, and is rumored to be 50 percent faster than PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata said in a recent investor Q&A event that enough people have already bought various devices capable of playing Blu-ray and DVD, and there's no need for such a functionality in the Wii U.

In terms of GPU, the Wii U is far from today's high-end PC standards, but it supports 1080p resolution and is said to offer more than other consoles already on the market. The new custom-designed 45-nanometer CPU comes courtesy of IBM, and reportedly makes for "extreme game play."

How about the specification of this Game Console Nintendo Wii u? The white box will be equipped with a customized AMD Radeon GPU, apparently with a graphics chip similar to the one found in Radeon HD 4890, Japanese website GameWatch reports. It's a bit outdated, having been released in 2009, but still much better than those found in PS3 and Xbox 360. These details are yet to be confirmed.

Arvind Bhatia, an analyst with brokerage firm Sterne Agee, stated that some developers claim the Wii U is 50 percent faster than PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Nintendo Wii U (formerly referred to as the Wii HD) was unveiled last week during the E3 exhibition in Los Angeles. Its most distinctive aspect as of yet is the completely new touchscreen controller, which allows users to continue gaming even when the TV is turned off. The product is expected to be launched in 2012.

Via : http://kanikasweet-techz.blogspot.com/2011/06/nintendo-wii-u-faster-than-ps3-and-xbox.html

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011, This Beautiful New Jersey-born model Alyssa Campanella becomes the Winner on Miss USA 2011 Pageant. Alyssa represent California as Miss California on this Miss USA Beauty Pageant 2011. Congratulations Alyssa Campanella.

Alyssa Campanella 21 Years old, beat out a field of 50 other beauty queens and now will go on to represent the U.S. in the Miss Universe contest, She also apparently won high marks from the judges for her answer to a question about the legalization of marijuana, saying the plant should not be legalized for general consumption but should be kept available for medicinal use, according to the Associated Press.

Though she represented California in the contest, Campanella appears to still think of herself as an East Coaster. “Born and raised in the Garden State, Alyssa Campanella is not your typical Jersey girl, but New Jersey is where she calls home,” reads the welcome page on her website.

Well How about The Pictures of Alyssa Campanella while crowned as Miss USA 2011? Isn't she beautiful?

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course, This Floating Golf Course Concept in Maldives will be the first floating golf cource in the world, The ideas of this Floating golf course has come from Waterstudio.NL, Dutch Docklands and Troon Golf.

This Solar powered Floating Golf Course will be take place Just five minutes from the Maldives airport, the golf course will be solar powered, and will include luxurious accommodations with breathtaking views of the greens and the surrounding reefs. The 18-hole golf course will be built on floating platforms, which makes it the world’s first floating golf course. Wow the ideas for this Floating Golf Course is really briliant. we hope that they can realize this project soon. I think on the future we will find many other cool amazing things like a floating island, floating restaurant or many other floating things,

The project of this Solar powered Floating golf course will incorporate technologies, such as water cooling, water desalination and the use of floating solar blanket fields. The 18 holes and other facilities will be linked together with the underwater tunnels. The amazing project is estimated to cost a whopping $500 million. This floating golf course is bound to attract investment and tourism to the country, and will pave the way for new floating development

Wow i wonder how can we play golf on this floating golf course, It seems the wind will blowing more fiercely than on the ground.

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept, Airbus has come with an Amazing futuristic concept design of the Transparent Airplane, with this concept, the traveler on the aircraft cabin will enjoy the panoramic view of the sky easily, This concept of Transparent Airplane will come around at 2050. Look the Amazing Concept of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Below.

The plane is designed in such a way that the passenger would be able to see through the cabin and the roof. With this futuristic travel option, the business class and economy class will be replaced with custom-made sectors that offer space for relaxation, interaction and working.

The see-through aircraft cabin will come with various options that will allow the rider enjoy panoramic views outside the aircraft. The comfortable seats could be made to take up any size and shape for each passenger. If we talk about entertainment, the boring small TV screen will be replaced by a larger Interactive zone together with virtual holographic golf courses or virtual clothes shopping.

Well let's wait for the realization of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept. Hope that Airbus can make it happen.

New Spy Gadgets Video Recording Glasses

New Spy Gadgets Video Recording Glasses

New Spy Gadgets Video Recording Glasses, Zion Eyez has made a new spy gadgets which is called as Video recording glasses, This Video Recording glasses could take a Video in HD Quality. It's really a great spy gadgets, you can records a spy video without anybody notices your glasses. So how about the specification and another feature of this Video Recording Glasses by Zion Eyez?

The video recording spy glasses created by Zion Eyez have the capacity of recording in 720p HD (high definition) ensuring that the picture quality is very professional. They also feature up to 3 hours of recording time, WiFi 802.11n, Micro USB charging port/ data transfer 8GB Flash Memory, 100% UVA/UVB, Removable Lenses, and Bluetooth v3.0. All these features make it very easy to merge with current technology as you’ll be able to transfer data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in real time.

If we given a thought, the video recording spy glasses can be put to a lot of appropriate uses. These can be used to aid security agents, political groups and more. Many of us have seen situations where crimes were committed without any evidence to prove it happened. Glasses like these can be worn without arousing suspicion and precious information that could lead to the apprehension of criminals and law breakers could be gathered without harm to the wearer. Thus assisting the security agencies tremendously.

Whether for fun or for serious business, there are different uses that the video recording spy glasses can be put to. It would really be interesting to how this development would impact out world as more and more people begin to use these glasses. If you are interested in owning one of these, they would be retailing for $200 a pair.

Hmmm with this Spy Glasses now you can act like James Bond or any other great secret agent. interesting right? If you want to know further about this Video Recording Glasses by Zion Eyez you can visit zioneyez.com.

Via : Gizmowatch

InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids

InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids

InnoTab Dedicated Tablet PC for Kids - Finally there will be a dedicated Tablet PC for Children, this is the first tablet computer for children. It is asserted to be unveiled this August in UK and subsequently, in the United States. Targeted at youngsters, aged four to nine the device is awfully child friendly and there are many striking features that will perhaps glue our kids.

The Ideas of this InnoTab Device was bring many controversy, Dr. Aric Sigman, a fellow of Royal society of medicine, utters that it will probably end up in kids struggling to read, write and speak perfectly. He says that kids already are not paying enough attention to the world around and they are obsessed with computers and other gadgets. This is in reality disturbing their learning and behavior, as they do not spend adequate time interacting with real time people.

educational psychologist Kairen Cullen says that tablet toy is ideal because, our kids will have to thrive in a world ruled by electronic goods. It is indeed perplexing for parents and all we can do is giving our kids the required exposure and elaborating them the merits as well as the demerits, which could possibly help them to a certain extent.

What about your Opinion about this matter? Well at one side i agree with Dr. Aric Sigman. There's no further information about this gadget and about the feature and specification about this InnoTab.

Via : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2002270/A-touchscreen-iKids-scientists-warn-children-addicted-technology.html

Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018

Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018

Looking for a Cheap 3D Camera and 3D Viewer? If so you can try this Cheap 3D Camera DXG-018. this cool 3D camera was sold for $69,99. Isn't it really cheap? so how about their feature and specification? what's the advantage of this DXG-018 3D Camera?

This 3D Camera is equipped with 2 lenses to take 3D photos but because the screen is small (1.44 inch) then to see the results of the 3D Images, you must print it and then viewed through a special tool called the 3D Viewer which is included in the purchase package of this DXG-018 3D Camera.

Do not expect too much from this cheap 3D camera, the resulting resolution is only able to print photos up to size 4 × 6 inches only.

So will buy these cheap 3D Camera DXG-018

Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation

Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation

Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation, Now with this advanced technology from Motorola televation, you can watch your favorite TV program from the TV Cable Network on your Tablet PC or on your smartphone. how to do that? and how does this motorola televation works? check it out.

Motorola Televation is a tool that allows us to enjoy the TV show in cable TV anywhere either by tablet or mobile phone.

The form of this Motorola Televation is similar to a modem, this device will be connected to an ordinary TV cable connected to the TV and then from here the device is connected to a router. Because the router is connected, automatically we can access it either via wired LAN or Wi-Fi so if your gadget had one of two of these connections, we can watch TV anywhere. It's really a cool invention.

Another plus feature is with Televation Device we can also watch a different program on each gadget. Motorola itself has set up an SDK (Software Development Kits) for Android and the IOS which means it will be many emerging applications to support this Televation Device. How about the price? Well there's still no information about this Motorola Televation.
Motorola Televation

Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo Today

Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo Today

Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo today, Today there's a new things on google, you can see the lunar eclipse on google logo, it's really a great things for those who can't see the full lunar eclipse last night. I know i miss these rare event last night but thanks to google now we can see the total lunar eclipse on their logo today. here's what i got from wikipedia concerning the total lunar eclipse on 15 june 2011.

A total Lunar Eclipse has took place in 15 june 2011, It was the first of two such eclipses in 2011. The second will occur on December 10, 2011.

This was a relatively rare central lunar eclipse where the center point of Earth's shadow passes across the Moon. The last time a lunar eclipse was closer to the center of the earth's shadow was on July 16, 2000. The next central total lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018.

The last google doodle logo was a playable guitar as a tribute to les paul 96th birthday several days ago, and now there's another great google doodle logo.

You can play the Lunar Eclipse on google logo today, it's an animated version of the total lunar eclipse.

World's Most Expensive Barbecue Grill

World's Most Expensive Barbecue Grill

World's Most Expensive Barbecue Grill, This Gold Plated Barbecue Grill was claimed as the World's most expensive barbecue grill, If you have money to burn, this $164,000 gold-plated barbecue-grill made by BeefEater Barbecues should be at the the top of your spending list.

Sure, this hand-made Signature Series 6 Burner SL400 looks good has some nice built-in features like a wok burner, warming rack and roasting hood, but will it make your steaks taste better? Probably enough, and the creators of the grill themselves say they made it for people ‘want to make a statement with their barbecue and have the money to burn’. ‘Why would anyone want to make a statement with their barbecue?’, you ask? Maybe because they just got bored of gold phones, gold-plated cars, have eaten enough gold-plated food and need something new to attract attention.

The one-of-a-kind barbecues is covered with 24 carat gold, except for the actual grilling surface, and was created for the 2008 Sydney Home Show, for an estimated $60,000. Now, the price has gone up to $164,000. Somebody better buy it soon, before the gold price rises even more.

Seriously? Would you spend $164,000 for this 24 carat gold plated barbecue? Well i rather buy another things with those money. but if you really love barbecue it seems this things is worthed.

Sony Playstation 3D TV Special for your PS3 Console

Sony Playstation 3D TV Special for your PS3 Console

Sony launched a special TV for PS3 console. this TV comes with 24 Inch size. So what's the special on this TV? Sony made this TV to PS3 Gamers who want to play a 3D Dual view game. because not all TV can present a good quality of 3D dual view game of your PS3 Console. And how about the specs of this Sony 3D TV?

This 24 Inch TV From Sony also supports the full HD 1080p, edge-lit LED LCD 3D, Other specs include a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, 4ms GTG average response time, 176-degree viewing angle, two HDMI inputs, stereo speakers (2 x 3W) and an integrated subwoofer (5W). Sony also claims the display is the first for its size to feature quad-speed frame sequential display technology that minimizes 3D crosstalk.

Anyway what is the 3D dual view feature on the PS3 console? Its a technology that sends different images to the left and right eye to create the 3D effect for single players, both players will only be able to view their respective images in 2D. But the ability for both players to enjoy local multiplayer action fullscreen.

The Largest Working NES Controller

The Largest Working NES Controller

Engineering students at the Dutch University of TU Delft Has made the World's Largest Working NES Controller. NES or known as Nintendo Entertainment system was a classic Game console. Long time ago Super Mario Bros and tetris became famous from this game console It's really nostalgic for me.

The controller is nearly 12 feet by 5 feet (3.6 meters by 1.6 meters) or 30 times larger than the Original NES Controller, and was meticulously assembled by the students at main market place of Delft. It was plugged to a standard NES and connected to a giant display, with a huge controller like that how can we press the button?

Though, it should be duly noted that there was no official confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records about this conception being the world’s largest NES controller.

Here's the Pictures of the Mammoth NES Controller. I wonder why he didn't invent a Large Version of PS3 Controller.

Google Pays Tribute to Les Paul 96th Birthday

Today you can play Guitar on Google Logo, The string logo on google today was to commemorate Les Paul 96th birthday. Les paul was a big name in Guitar history, he's the first man who made a solid body guitar, Beside known as the jazz guitarist les paul also known as a great guitar inventor.

Les paul was born on 9 june 1915 with the name Lester William Polsfuss on Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States and he passed away 2 years ago, There's so many reason why google pay a tribute for les paul. well among all reason i believe it's due to Les Paul dedication on the guitar worlds.

Les paul names was also a trademark on Gibson guitar, i'm sure that the name Gibson les paul was famous among all the guitarist on the world today. If you really are the fans of Les paul whether for his guitar playing or his invention, now we can pay a tribute by playing a playable guitar logo on google doodle today.

There's not so many playable google logo, as far as i know the latest playable google doodle was on pacman 30th anniversary last year. and now the Les Paul guitar logo to celebrate les paul 96th anniversary. You can play a guitar on Google home page today. Happy 96th anniversary for les paul.

World's Smallest 3D Printer

World's Smallest 3D Printer

The Students from Vienna University has made the World's Smallest 3D Printer. Until now there's no company that made a 3D Printer but these students manage to made it with a tiny version of it. So how about the feature of this 3D printer?

The mini 3D printer created by the students is as small as a milk carton and weighs just about 1.5 kilograms. With such a low weight, the product can be easily carried to anywhere. In fact, you can even take it along with your laptop. Earlier, to get a 3D printout all one has to do was to rush to a nearby color lab. With this printer, people can print 3D images right at their homes.

The cost of the mini printer is 1,700 USD. The resolution of the printer was said to be excellent as it prints with outstanding precision. Another best feature of the mini 3D printer is that it can work with blueprints. The looks of the printer, to be frank, are not that appealing. The printer looks like your car battery. It has got VGA input and power socket at its back. As of now, you can contact the Vienna University to get home this product as it has not yet hit the market.

Here's the Picture of this Smallest 3D Printer by Students of Vienna University.

Blended Sonim XP3300 Force

How does the taste of Sonim XP3300 Juice? Will it blends site which is known as the site which blend anything try to blend the world's toughest Cellphone Sonim Xp3300 Force. And the question is will it blend?

Sonim XP3300 Was known as the Toughest cellphone, It has a shock proof feature, water proof feature and fire proof feature. but does it has a blended proof feature? Let's see guys.

You can get the answer from the Video Below


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