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Make a Phone Call on your Tablet PC with Gmate

Make a Phone Call on your Tablet PC with Gmate

We know that not all tablet PC has a phone call features, as far as i know only Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 that has that features, but now with the help of this tiny devices called Gmate now you can made a phone call or even SMS on various kind of Android Tablet PC or even iOS Devices.

The design of Gmate is small and simple way to use it briefly to remind us with MiFi. You'll find a SIM card slot that can work on GSM network Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. To be a telephone, Gmate uses a Bluetooth connection to the Tablet PC.

Gmate equipped with a strong battery live that will last for 96 hours standby time and talk time of approximately 4 hours. It can be used to add phone features on your Tablet PC, you can also use Gmate to surf in the virtual world utilizing a GPRS connection.

Gmate priced at approximately $75 and is compatible with all Tablet PC with IOS and Android Operating System. Not only for the tablet PC only, Gmate also be used for other IOS devices like the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Now with the existence of Gmate there will be no more question such as "How to made a phone call with iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or any other Android Tablet PC" Watch the video below about how gmate enabled the phone features on iPod Touch.

You can buy this gmate here

Integrated Projector for iPhone 4S Sanwa 400-PRJ011

Integrated Projector for iPhone 4S Sanwa 400-PRJ011

Do you need an integrated projector for your iPhone 4S for the presentation need at your office? Now you can try this cool amazing sanwa integrated projector 400-PRJ011 for your iPhone. This tools only looks like a Case.

This integrated projector by sanwa was similar to an iPhone casing, this projector is located at the bottom of the cover that can project images to achieve equivalent size to 65-inch TV but unfortunately the resolution is only reached 640 × 360 px with a contrast ratio of 1.000:1. but we think that's more than enough for an integrated projector.

Another advantage of this tool is this Integrated Projector from Sanwa can also serve as a backup battery with a capacity of 2100 mAh for your iPhone 4S, so you don't have to worry about the battery life when you use this sanwa integrated projector for presentation.

Overall the existing specification is not very promising but at least you can make your iPhone into a presentation tool. Integrated Projector Sanwa sold for 19 800 Yen or approximately $230.

Watch the Demo Video below about how Sanwa Integrated Projector for iPhone 4S works.


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