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Pregnancy Simulator for Man "Mommy Tummy"

Pregnancy Simulator for Man "Mommy Tummy"

A Pregnancy Simulator for man? it sound weird but this is true. Mommy Tummy was a pregnancy simulator for man, with this device men can experience about the pregnancy process in just 2 minutes. this simulator was developed by Scientist from Kanagawa Institute of Technology Japan. So how does this pregnancy simulator works?

By using special clothing ( jackets ) that used the rubber balloon, vibrators, water bags, sensors and then gradually the person who uses this outfit will feel the baby's growth over time. You will be able to feel the weight of your body over time and how water will be filled into this outfit gradually. We can also feel the baby kicking and breasts are getting bigger too. It's really resemble the real pregnancy process of a woman.

The designer of this device hopes that With this Pregnancy simulator men could understand how difficult is the pregnancy process. Here's the Demo Videos of this Cool pregnancy simulator for man called Mommy Tummy.

Air Maintenance Technology Automatically Fill the Wind Pressure

Air Maintenance Technology Automatically Fill the Wind Pressure

Goodyear has comes with a new tires invention, this new technology was called Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), it can automatically fill the wind pressure on the tire to the Optimum levels. With this features now you didn't need to worry about your tires pressure. Until now goodyear still developing this cool technology to help the car drivers.

With this self inflating tire system the users exempt from the obligation to fill in the wind or set up the spare tire on the car. You also do not require air pressure monitoring system on your car dashboard.

"This technology is complex. The idea is quite simple and the technology is installed in the tire, " said Goodyear Executive Jean-Claude Kihn.

Let's hope that soon we can enjoy this Air Maintenance technology by The world's leading tire manufacturer Goodyears so that we can enjoy a comfortable rides without ever worrying the lack of wind pressure on the tires.


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