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Sling Shot Cool Catapult Camera

Sling Shot Cool Catapult Camera

This Catapult shaped camera was called Sling Shot. at a first glance it's just looks like a ordinary catapult but this device could take an Instant expression of you. Generally people used catapult to play a prank on someone. and that's the same idea with this sling shot camera, this catapult shaped camera was designed to capture someone's natural expression.

To take a photo with this catapult shaped camera, you can simply pull the rope course. Although the shape is very compact, Sling shot still has two built in flash light. To move the images data, you can simply open the USB cover on the bottom and plug into a port on the computer or PC.

Unfortunately there's no further information about the features and specification of this cool amazing camera design. But i love the concept of this gadget. to take a natural expression of someone. hahahah just imagine how your friends looks if he didn't notice this camera.

PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC by iLuv Workstation

PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC by iLuv Workstation

iLuv Workstation provide a PC Style Dock for your Tablet PC, It's a great choice if you miss your old PC Style. Now with iLuv Workstation PC Docking accessories you can make your iPad as a cool workstation, Not only launch a PC Style docking for Tablet PC, iLuv Workstation also comes with more cool accessories.

iLuv launches 4 new tablet accessories in which 2 of them are going to change your tablet into a cool workstation, 1 more to be a notebook / netbook, and the last is a Bluetooth keyboard.

iLuv iMM517 Workstations pro and iLuv iMM737 Workstations is a set of accessories consisting of speakers, keyboard, docking station and a special stand that makes the tablet PC look like an All-in-One PC. The difference of iLuv iMM517 Workstations Pro and iLuv iMM737 Workstations was only the keyboards system. iLuv iMM737 Workstation still using the cable keyboards while the iLuv iMM517 Workstations pro has been adapted the bluetooth keyboards technology. (See the image on the right for the Workstation Pro Series)

The existence of a fairly large speaker is guaranteed much more convenient than relying on the existing speakers in a small tablet.

The third accessories is the iLuv iCK826/iSK912 WorkStation Professional Portfolio Case, This is a casing which is equipped with a Bluetooth keyboard but the keyboard that looks cool blend can be removed and we can use it as an ordinary casing.

The Fourth accessories is iBTKB20 WorkStation iLuv Bluetooth Keyboard, This is just an ordinary bluetooth keyboards for your tablet PC.

The price range of each cool tablet accessories from iLuv was started from $49.99 to $179.99. All the above accessories can be used both for the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and various types of phones that have Bluetooth connectivity.

Arrows Z ISW11F Waterproof Android with 13 MP Camera

Arrows Z ISW11F Waterproof Android with 13 MP Camera

Arrows Z ISW11F Waterproof Android Phone with 13MP Camera was the result of Fujitsu and Toshiba Collaboration. As we know Fujitsu was the pioneer of the waterproof gadget and Toshiba is a well known for their technology. Nowadays there's so many cool android smartphone but this Arrows Z from Fujitsu and Toshiba was definitely different from the existing android smartphone, It has a unique design and powered with a high-end specification. Here's the Specs of Arrows Z ISW11F.

The Arrow Z comes in 3 flavors: white, black and this fuchsia type color. It also comes with a 4.3-inch 1280×720 resolution display, 13MP rear/1.3MP front facing cameras, Wimax compatibility, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, IR, digital TV tuner and running on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Don’t forget its all powered by a fully capable 1.2GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor. Not too bad, right? While I’m not sure we’ll ever see this device here in the states, the Arrows Z ISW11F will be available in Japan this November.

Full Specs of Arrows Z ISW11F

Android 2.3.5
4.3-inch LCD display with 1,280×720 resolution
Wi-fi IEEE802.11b/g/n (tethering)
waterproof body
13MP CMOS camera (Exmor R mobile, ISO25600)
1.3MP sub camera
1080p video recording
dual-core TI OMAP4430 CPU (1.2GHz)
HDMI, slot microSDHC (max 32GB), port microUSB
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
digital TV tuner
Dimension: 64×128×10.1mm, weight: 131g

See the Press Release here on Engadget and here's the Demo Video of this Arrows Z ISW11F Waterproof Smartphone by Fujitsu and Toshiba.

Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

Finally the superelectric car was unveiled. This Rimac Concept_One was claimed as the world's first electric supercar. it can reach 305km/h top speed!!. This cool electric vehicle was firstly shown at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. This Rimac Concept One also dispel the myth about the electric cars battery. With the single charging it can travel to 600km. So how about the engine specification of this cool superelectric vehicle?

Rimac Concept_One is an electric car which had a speed reaching 305 km/h with a powerful 1088 hp engine. Rimac Concept_One only takes 2.8 seconds to achieve 0-100 km/hour It's really an amazing achievements for an Electric vehicle

Talk about an electric car battery problems which have limited, arguably Concept_One by Rimac dispel the myth that because with one refill, this electric car can travel a distance of up to 600 km. It's more than enough isn't it?

If all goes well then Rimac Concept_One ready for production by 2013 and will be produced as many as 88 units only to the premiere. Check this pictures and Video below about this Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

Project Utopia the Futuristic Yacht Island

Project Utopia the Futuristic Yacht Island

Project Utopia was the futuristic yacht island that was worth to be called as a futuristic dream floating island than just a yacht. This is a cool amazing yacht island that comes with 11 accommodation decks and four helipad. this project utopia was designed to move on four platforms. It has a 360-degree observation area, its own dock, several swimming pools and as much space as a cruise liner, it's not so much a boat as a city. See also this cool concept of floating golf course for the future and the futuristic hotel concept.

This cool design was unveiled to stunned onlookers at the glitzy Monaco Yacht Show. This yacht was claimed Able to move 'at slow speeds', it stretches 65m above the sea's surface, providing visitors to the 13th floor observation deck with panoramic views.

Yacht Design Director James Roy believes it challenges preconceptions of traditional naval architecture. He said: 'Visions of the future are often constrained by familiarity with the present or a reflection on the past.

'Much is made in today's design community of starting with a blank sheet of paper yet many, if not all yacht concepts revert back to the traditional form.

'Because of the perception that a yacht should be a form of transport it becomes an immediate design constraint.

'Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a place to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place.'

Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2041639/Dream-home-The-floating-city-future-life-sea.html

MV-1 Van Special Car for Wheelchair User

MV-1 Van Special Car for Wheelchair User

MV-1 Van was a special car designed for the wheelchair user, MV-1 Vans stands for Mobilty vehicle, this car was made by AM General auto car assembly center in Mishawaka, Indiana. AM General auto car was known as the assemblers for Hummer H2. Now they comes with another cool amazing designed car. So what's the advantage of this Special van for wheelchair user?

First, in the MV-1 Vans, there is a ramp that can be adjusted in length so it can be more convenient for wheelchair users to climb the car.

Second, the MV-1 can be filled with two wheelchair passengers at once and still retain three regular passenger seat.

Third, the size of the rear door is also made rather large so as to provide flexibility and convenience for a wheelchair that will fit into the car.

MV-1 itself using a Ford 4.6L 2V EFI V8 Engine and a standard model of MV-1 sold for $39,950. Here's the Video of this cool MV-1 Van for wheelchair users.

Moshi Moshi 03 transform your iPhone into Home Telephone

Moshi Moshi 03 transform your iPhone into Home Telephone

Moshi Moshi 03 Handset Will transform your iPhone into home telephone, if you miss the existence of your old home telephone at your office or at your work desk now you can made it from your iPhone by using this Moshi Moshi 03. This cool design was made by French Designer David Turpin.

This Moshi Moshi Handset used as a docking station for your iPhone and used as a medium for voice call or voice chat through their receiver. Moshi - Moshi 03 created as a complement to the iPhone. In terms of appearance, Moshi Moshi - 03 looks very beautiful and modern minimalist with a very strong aura. This device comes with a dock for the iPhone and a receiver that carries wireless technology as a medium of connection.

To use it you simply put the iPhone in the available dock, then connect the iPhone and the phone via bluetooth connection. Once both are successfully connected then you can immediately receive incoming calls to the iPhone and talk through the receiver.

Moshi Moshi - 03 can connect to two different devices simultaneously. So not only can you connect it to the iPhone alone, but can also be connected to a PC as a medium for voice chat.

You also do not have to worry about running out of battery while on the phone, because when the iPhone is placed on the available docking, your iPhone battery will be recharged automatically. Moshi Moshi - 03 was sold for $ 204

123D Sculpt Apps Helps you Make a 3D Object Easily on iPad

123D Sculpt Apps Helps you Make a 3D Object Easily on iPad

123D Sculpt was an amazing apps that will helps you making an awesome 3D object easily on your iPad. like we know it's really difficult to make a 3D object on the Computer, you need a high specs computer but now with this 123D Sculpt for iPad you can easily made a 3D object.

123D Sculpt apps was Created by the most popular 3D software developers today, Autodesk, 123D Sculpt applications created with the aim that everyone can learn and be creative to make 3D objects without having to worry to bother with the many tools available in a 3D application on the computer. You can try download this 123D Sculpt since it's a free apps.

You just need to move all your fingers to make the creation of 3D objects desired and the available range of tools such as pulling, smoothing, pushing, pinching, flattening and many more that you can use to create these 3D objects.

Sculpt 123d also provides a variety of template objects can be selected to further simplify the object you like animals, cars, and various other forms such as cubes. Not only that, you are also given the freedom to customize the texture of the object that you created by importing images or photos from the folder of photos on the iPad.

Unfortunately the file of your creation can only be exported to files ending in. PNG and can not be stored in files that support 3D programs. So you may be satisfied to create an object on the iPad only and can not be reprocessed through a similar 3D program on the PC

Instagram 2.0 Apps New Features and Filters

Instagram 2.0 Apps New Features and Filters

Finally Instagram release their latest version 2.0 which got about 4 new Interesting filters which is known as Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia. Instagram was a notable apps to many people who love photography especially the iPhone or iPad photography.

In making this new filter, Instagram working with Cole Rise who is one of the very popular Instagram users. Cole Rise is a photographer and designer who also works as a pilot. beside this 4 new filters there's several other new enhancements in Instagram. Here's what's new on Instagram 2.0

In Instagram v2.0, the developer also introduces a new feature, called Live filters. Unlike previous versions where you as the user should take a picture and put a new filter. With this new feature, you can directly apply the in- app filters through the device camera. And after taking a photo, you can still replace filters, even returning to a normal image without a filter alias.

In addition there are also Instant tilt- shift features. With this feature, You will be able to perform selective blur 100 times faster than previous versions. This feature can also be used to get the DoF ( depth of field ) that is more captivating.

Another development is the increasing size of images supported by Instagram. Earlier in the standard size is 612 × 612 Instagram pixels. With the updates in this latest version, Instagram supports image sizes of up to 1936 x 1936 pixels for the iPhone 4 and 1536 × 1536 pixels on the iPhone 3G.

Instagram likely will continue to enhance collaboration with third parties for the addition of a filter as its flagship feature. Instagram v2.0 Apps supports devices that use IOS 4.2.1 and above. In other words, it can be used in the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod touch third and fourth generation, iPad 2, and the iPad.

Pregnancy Simulator for Man "Mommy Tummy"

Pregnancy Simulator for Man "Mommy Tummy"

A Pregnancy Simulator for man? it sound weird but this is true. Mommy Tummy was a pregnancy simulator for man, with this device men can experience about the pregnancy process in just 2 minutes. this simulator was developed by Scientist from Kanagawa Institute of Technology Japan. So how does this pregnancy simulator works?

By using special clothing ( jackets ) that used the rubber balloon, vibrators, water bags, sensors and then gradually the person who uses this outfit will feel the baby's growth over time. You will be able to feel the weight of your body over time and how water will be filled into this outfit gradually. We can also feel the baby kicking and breasts are getting bigger too. It's really resemble the real pregnancy process of a woman.

The designer of this device hopes that With this Pregnancy simulator men could understand how difficult is the pregnancy process. Here's the Demo Videos of this Cool pregnancy simulator for man called Mommy Tummy.

Air Maintenance Technology Automatically Fill the Wind Pressure

Air Maintenance Technology Automatically Fill the Wind Pressure

Goodyear has comes with a new tires invention, this new technology was called Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), it can automatically fill the wind pressure on the tire to the Optimum levels. With this features now you didn't need to worry about your tires pressure. Until now goodyear still developing this cool technology to help the car drivers.

With this self inflating tire system the users exempt from the obligation to fill in the wind or set up the spare tire on the car. You also do not require air pressure monitoring system on your car dashboard.

"This technology is complex. The idea is quite simple and the technology is installed in the tire, " said Goodyear Executive Jean-Claude Kihn.

Let's hope that soon we can enjoy this Air Maintenance technology by The world's leading tire manufacturer Goodyears so that we can enjoy a comfortable rides without ever worrying the lack of wind pressure on the tires.

Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera was an amazing Apps for your iPhone, it can let you play music through your iPhone camera. this cool apps was made by Kawai a japanese musical instrument company. So How does it work? This Gakufu Camera can play the music based on the music notes that you take with your iPhone Camera.

Gakufu Camera was made to help those who want to play music but hard to read music score. With this application, you only need to scan the musical notes on sheet music with the iPhone camera, then this application will play music based on musical notes proficiency level on your iPhone.

Although these applications are proven to be easier for you, but there are some limitations in this application. Such as tempo problems, and some other technical things that seem to require further adjustment to music played by Gakufu Camera sounds more rhythmic.

Several days ago we also got another cool stuff from japan to let you play music with your body. read here on Ningen Gakki Digital Music Instrument.

See the Demo Videos of this Cool Gakufu Camera Apps for your iPhone.

Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree is a solar powered bonsai tree that can charge various of your gadget at one. this electree bonsai was a great eco friendly device that offers a green solution to charge your devices such as smartphone, tablet, digital camera or any other gadget.

The Electree Solar powered bonsai was designed by a french designer Vivian Muller, this devices was an Eco Friendly Battery charger, It was inspired by Photosynthesis process of the tree. This electree used a solar panel as their main energy source. Electree has 27 solar panel “leaves” that charge the Electree’s 13,500mAH battery. You can also stash your devices under the Electree’s floor to keep things neat, tidy, and clutter-free. The branches and each module are also rotatable, which apparently allows you to create an “unlimited number of shapes.”

The Electree will take about 36 hours of sunshine to fully charge its battery. After that, you can start charging your mobile devices through the USB connection. It will charge a device to its full capacity in only a few hours.

The Designer Vivian Muller's looking for 400 presales of this Solar powered Bonsai to make the Electree a reality: for early birds, the price is €269 (about $370). This Electree design was also envisioned as a city project in the future. See also this Solar Powered Straddling Bus Concept.

Here's the video about How you can charge your Gadget with this Solar Powered Bonsai Electree.

NFC Door Locks by Yale An Amazing Invention for Home

NFC Door Locks by Yale An Amazing Invention for Home

NFC Door Locks by yale could be the next big thing in house hold technology, With this new NFC Technology soon you can open the door simply just by placing your Smartphone into the lock. This NFC Enabled door locks by Yale is a cool amazing invention. NFC Technology enables a simple data exchange between two devices in close proximity. beside used for the payment system now this NFC technology also can be used to open a door locks.

During CEDIA Expo 2011, Yale demonstrated what appears to be the first consumer door lock that employs near field communication - just hold your NFC-enabled smartphone near the lock and the latch responds, as long as you have the right permissions.

To be able to use it, we still need to download the applications to our smartphone and then to open the door, we can suppress the menu on the phone and then hold the phone to the door.

Check out the Demo Video below of the Yale NFC door Locks.

Hmm I'm sure the Door Security system could be better with this NFC door Locks technology by Yale.

Logitech Harmony Link Turn your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Link Turn your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Link will turn your Smartphone as a Universal remote control, Almost all gadget freaks hope that their smartphone or even tablet PC could be used as a remote control to control TV, Audio or even DVD player but unfortunately the smartphone and Tablet PC today are lack of Infra red Features. But don't worry with this Logitech Harmony Link you can still made your Tablet or Smartphone into a cool universal remote control.

Logitech Harmony links can be an easy solution to overcome the above problems because this tool will be able to make the iPhone, iPad and Android phones as a universal remote control that can control up to 8 pieces of equipment (TV, audio / video ) at once.

The advantages of Harmony link from Logitech is they use Wi - Fi connection to send commands from the tablet / phone ( which has installed the Logitech Harmony apps) into this tool and later from the Harmony These links will be converted to IR ( Infrared ) to control the TV and others of your Electronic Devices.

In this way, it means that we can control almost any audio / video with no exception for a remote control with infrared systems.

There's more even better advantages of Logitech Harmony Link tools for iPad, through existing applications, we can see the TV schedule in iPad and if we like, we just press the button " Watch Now " that automatically direct the show on TV.

In the purchase package of Harmony Link you can also get the IR Blaster Mini, This tools was useful to transmit IR signals to the audio / video that we keep in the closet. So how about the prices of this cool amazing tools from Logitech? This logitech harmony link will be sold for $ 99.99

Check the Demo Video of Logitech Harmony Link and how does it work to connecting your Smartphone with your electronic devices through the Infra red.

Cool and Unusual Game Controllers

Cool and Unusual Game Controllers

Bored with your usual game controllers? Below on this list you can find the coolest and most unusual game controllers ever, each of this game controllers has their own advantage. and some of them was build to play a specific game. Check also this World's biggest NES Controller. some of the game controllers below was curiously conceived controllers that ranged from being ludicrously charming to being outlandishly bizarre. Here's the coolest, unusual, weird and bizarre game controllers ever.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

A quick glance at the above pictured conception will certainly explain its inclusion in a weird list. Originally available for both PS2 and GameCube, this menacing ‘blood-stained’ controller was specifically made for the horror hit Resident Evil 4. Actually powered by N-motion technology, the player just has to move the chainsaw around to change their weapon’s position on the screen. And what’s cool; there is actually a pull-cord on the controller which can be used to start the game, while its ominous rumbling sound is most likely to creep you out.

U-Force Controller

Originally designed for NES in 1989, the U-Force may seem like some retro-styled laptop from its closed angle. Once opened, all the Tron/Star Wars influence becomes much more evident. But beyond its visual treatment, it was the advanced technology (of infrared sensors) that was supposed to sell this product. Unfortunately, the controls were bungled up big time, thus inviting the bad rep of a generation of video game enthusiasts.

Steel Battalion Controller

Looking more like a full fledged cockpit with pedals, than a video game controller, this conception was made for the Japanese title of Steel Battalion. The copious setup with its myriad of paraphernalia was more than enough to confuse any casual gamer looking for fun. And to top that off, each system came with a price tag of $150, which was more than enough to scare off potential customers.

Palmtop Controller for Dancing

Dancing games and their seemingly ever thriving aura always tend to involve people shaking and wriggling their bodies (read - making fool of themselves) in front of a screen. In relation to this, someone came up with a supposedly bright idea of creating a palmtop controller specifically for such ‘dancing’. But then what is the point, if one has just to move his fingers instead of his body?

Power Glove

Yes, it is that much ridiculous! Released as a control accessory to NES in 1989, the Power Glove was marketed as the first peripheral interface controller to recreate human hand movements on the screen. But as with overtly complex mechanisms (and not mention the ludicrous look), the product was shot down because of its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls.

Sega Activator

This 1993 creation as a peripheral to Sega’s Mega Drive was actually influenced by a musical instrument called the Light Harp. Supposedly allowing you hone your virtual martial arts skill by standing within the octagonal space, the product failed miserably in the market. Reason? Well, one very good one is that the inherent system again makes use of the dreaded infrared sensors (U Force anyone?).

Custom Death Crimson Controller

Yes, it is a controller, not some stuffed primeval monster bird. Created by a Japanese artist for one of the worst games ever made, i.e. Death Crimson, the controller also does not bode so well, at least visually. But may be its horrendously bizarre look might get your mind off the game play for some brief moments.

Rail Driver

Controlling Master Chief, Kratos or heck even our lovable Mario may be cool. But controlling a virtual train with the above pictured monstrosity could be a little bit over the top for some of us. And what’s more; you actually have to dish out around $200 for the whole complex setup. Not a winner in our book, especially when you do not even get a conductor’s hat free with it.

Original Xbox Controller

It seriously tooks a lot of hard work to get your hands around this bulky piece of plastic contraption. The ineptitude of the designers became even more glaringly evident when we consider the many fascinating features of the Xbox console itself. So, it does not really come as surprise that this monstrosity was nicknamed ‘Fatty’.

Dream Machine

Invented by Robert James-Herbert, the machine is already touted as the world’s first multi-modal physiointeractive computer game control simulation system. Sounds painful? Well, in simple terms, this controller allows you to play games on any platform with your full body motion (both rotational and linear). But then awesomeness does not come cheap, as the price is slated around $1,700.

Coolest Flight Simulator selection

Coolest Flight Simulator selection

This cool flight simulator selection below was really amazing, it comes with an advanced technology, you'll feel like you're on the airplane cockpit. if you really want to piloting an aircraft you would love this one. each of the flight simulator below has their own uniqueness, Which one is the coolest?? There have been frequent changes in the designs of simulators and a lot of manufacturers are trying to meet the challenging demands of the growing markets. Some of us might be happy with the previous designs and trust their mechanism, but a lot of us need accuracy while we are trying to learn, and also enjoy the joy ride. A wide variety of aircrafts have called for different simulators and tutorials. Sometimes it is indeed a hassle for manufacturers to meet the expectations. Also, flying simulators are not just for people who are future prospects of becoming pilots but also for gaming freaks who just want to learn everything. Here’s a list of the 10 coolest flight simulators which have made their mark and are competing to win over the markets and top the list. So are you ready to Take off??

1. CAE 5000 Flight Simulator

CAE has definitely recognized the demands of the emerging markets and is trying to battle it out with the competitors. Designer Gad Shannon has come up with a new design the CAE 5000 series flight simulators to win the race. The new design focuses on new improved interiors, especially the instructor area. The seat positions with respect to the reach of equipment have been considerably improved. Technology has also been updated with LEDs and moving visual projector desk.

2. Home-brewed Helicopter Flight Simulator

The owner of Computer Repairs in Ontario, Canada has come up with a very user-friendly and cost efficient Helicopter flight simulator. The creator claims that this amazing flight simulator was made from junk metal and computer and hence forth is economical. The interiors especially the overhead flight panels and controllers have been skillfully made. The whole look is pretty realistic and the machine has a lot of potential.

3. Stealth Fighter Flight Simulator

This flight simulator comes in the lot of DIY flight simulators. This is an actual projection of a stealth flight simulator made from a computer. The front case is a replica of an aircraft cockpit with all the gauges wired with three 17-inch monitor screens. This is a real treat for gaming lovers ready to take a flight.

4. Mathew Sheil’s Flight Simulator

Mathew Sheil’s 747-400 Virtual Flight Deck Project has been his dream and under construction and testing from long 9 years. The specifications of this dream project are 13ft wide, 11ft long and 9ft high. It is said to incorporate every switch and panel of the real aircrafts and is going to be a fantasy ride.

5. Boeing 747 flight simulator

John Davis, a man of unknown background has pulled off a luxurious, close to real 747 Boeing Flight Simulator in a room of his own house. An old car seat has been used as the flight chair and the whole real-life replica has been basically made from wood. The man now runs a flight simulator business from his own house.

6. SX02 Flight Simulator

The SX02 is probably one of the best flight simulators available in the market. The quality is not compromised from any angle and certainly it costs more than one could expect from a flight simulator. This not only comes with surround sound but also with surround screens which makes it different from the rest of them.

7. HotSeats 723 Flight Simulator

The HotSeats 723 Game Chair is one thing that gamers will definitely be interested on spending. The Game Chair comes with a 23-inch HDTV widescreen LCD monitor, Dolby 5.1 surround sound speakers, LCD mount and much more. You can also go online and race with your friends. This is one technically strong flight simulator gaming unit.

8. Dreamflyer

Dreamflyer is a personal virtual reality flight simulator designed for innovative flight gaming. The balancing of the chair creates motion which makes it quite real, just like flying your own aircraft. The aircraft seat replica provides comfort and real like quality.

9. Dogfight simulator

This is a multi-purpose flight simulator that lets you work on your flying skills as well as physical fitness. The graphics of this simulation game are fantastic and the fight game keeps you well occupied while you willingly exercise too.

10. Diamond Simulator

This is indeed a fantastic next-gen flight simulator from Diamond Simulator that will blow your mind away. The simulator is fitted with the latest P2/P3 software and True Environment ATC simulation program. It is loaded with the latest only image generator capable of generate realistic runway lights. This is not an ordinary simulator, but made by the best pilots, flying instructors and aircraft engineers. This is a flight school itself.

Ningen Gakki made Digital Music Instrument on Your Body

Ningen Gakki made Digital Music Instrument on Your Body

The Ningen Gakki could convert your Body into a Digital Music Instrument. as we know the japanese always comes with an amazing ideas. such as this one, Ningen Gakki (means Human Music) comes with the form of a cute doll flat miniature. In every corner of the hands and feet there is a sensor which is used as input to produce sound. You can play a digital music instrument with your friends by using this cool amazing stuff Ningen Gakki.

The working principle of Niggen Gakki was combining the sensor technology with the interaction of you and your friends when playing this instrument. You just look for friends as much as 4 people and asked the four of them simultaneously holding each end of the arms and legs of this doll.

After four or your friends hold this ningen gakki, your next task is to perform movements such as hitting, slapping, pinch, or just touching all areas of the body of your friends. Each area and the movement will be brought to the sounds of different musical instruments. Suppose you pat your friend 's hand, the sound produced will be different then for example if you pinch the cheek of your friends.

To make your digital music becomes more interesting, there are also several alternative modes to choose from such as the song mode, sound effects and drums mode. For those of you who want to have Ningen Gakki you can buy it for about $53. Check out the Video below for More details of this Ningen Gakki.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet for Professional Designer

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet for Professional Designer

This Wacom Cintiq 24HD tablet is a special Tablet PC for professional designer, Finally a professional designer could made an awesome design through this new Tablet. it features a generous 24″ display (1920 x 1200 resolution), a 92% Adobe RGB color gamut, a wide viewing angle, and an adjustable stand for hours of comfortable and productive use. But there's one thing that you have to consider before buy this Tablet, it's weighing about 13 Kilos!!. find out the specification and features of Wacom Cintiq Tablet below.

This device is a combination of an LCD screen with a stylus pen, so you can say this is a touch screen monitor. The difference, of course on the accuracy of the stylus pen his very precise and detailed to draw on the screen size of 24.1 inches. This widescreen has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD allows professional users to work for long periods of time without feeling tired. This is thanks to the presence of ten individual ExpressKeys are configured, two Touch Rings and design that is specifically designed to allow users in selecting the working position. For convenience in designing something on this device, the Wacom Cintiq screen holder 24HD slope angle can be adjusted, ranging from 2 ° to 77 ° and the edges of the screen can also function as a place to put your hands in order not to get tired

The device weighed 13.7 Kg ( without stand / stand ) is also equipped with a DisplayPort interface, DVI, VGA and USB. Wacom Cintiq 24HD is also designed to be compatible with computers that have Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

By the manufacturer, Wacom Cintiq 24HD is priced at $2499. Here's the full specs of Wacom Cintiq and the Demo Video.

Screen size (diagonal): 61cm (24.1″)
Display area: 518.4mm x 324.0mm
Aspect ratio: 16:10
Resolution: WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel)
Pixel pitch: 0.27mm x 0.27mm
Colours: 16.7 million
Brightness: 190 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 550:1
Response rate: 13ms

Type: pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
Switches: tip switch, 2 side switches and eraser
Pressure to activate tip switch: less than 1g (0.035 oz)
Pressure levels: 2,048
Tip switch lifetime: 10 million pen strokes
Weight: ± 17g (0.63 oz)
Rubberised grip area: yes
Supplied pen nibs: 5 standard nibs, 1 flex nib, 1 stroke nib, 3 felt nibs

Android based Car Audio System Ca-Fi for your Entertainment

Android based Car Audio System Ca-Fi for your Entertainment

Ca-fi System was the First Android OS Double din car audio system, It's like an Android Tablet mounted on your car Dashboard. before this there's another android based car audio system parrot asteroid. anyway how about the specs of this Ca-Fi Audio System? this Android based entertainment system for your car was launched by Innotrends It has all the features possessed by the Android 2.3 OS and uses 1.2 GHz processor and a 6.2 inch touch screen (800 x 480).

Inside it has a built -in 3G where we have no need to pairing the phone to be connected to the internet. As we said above, Ca - Fi is really like a tablet, so what can we do in the Android tablet can be done here such as download Android applications, navigation and others.

Ca - Fi will be issued in two models namely Ca - Fi 620 800 ( Android 2.2, 800 Mhz processor, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, SD Card slot ) and another, Ca - Fi 701 200 ( Android 2.3, 1.2 processor GHz, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, SD Card slot ). Ca-Fi isn't expected to launch until Spring of 2012 and will be a Europe only affair at first

Valeo Park4U Automatic Parking Remote Apps

Valeo Park4U Automatic Parking Remote Apps

This cool amazing apps let's you to park your car automatically by using your Smartphone as a Remote. Park4U Remote by Valeo is an iPhone or Android app where you'll be able to park the car with the help of mobile phones, even there's no one controlling the car cool huh?

It's Like playing games on mobile phones to park your car, the existing Park4U system will automatically park the car while stepping on the gas or brakes done via phone. The system's currently available on a limited number of Volkswagen-group models including the Touran, Sharan, Audi A6, Audi A7 and the Seat Alhambra, and the company is planning to have 38 models equipped with the tech by year's end

Well It's really useful for those who need an automated parking assistance, this Valeo park4U apps will help you to park your car automatically. check out the demo video below of Valeo Park4U Apps.

18 Carat Gold Phone without Internet

18 Carat Gold Phone without Internet

Can you afford this luxury 18 carat gold Cellphone without Internet or Email access? Well if you're looking for a Hi-Tech ones you might be choose this Tag Heuer Link than this one. The maker of this Luxurious 18 Carat Gold cellphone focus on the idea of voice, clarity and simplicity.

This 18 Carat Gold Cellphone Designed by a the Copenhagen firm Aesir, the Æ+Y phone costs a whopping €42,000.00 (about $60,000), and doesn't even boast technological innovations like mobile Internet access or email. Instead its most advanced features include speed dial, a built-in calculator, and bluetooth connectivity

The 18-carat gold model, which only 25 of will be sold, isn't the only version of the phone being sold. For lesser nobility there's also a stainless steel version that retails at $10,500. You can scroll down to see both versions for yourself.

However, this is far from the world's most expensive cell phone. That honor seems to go to the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme, which boasts a full body comprised of 22-carat gold, a 7.1 carat diamond for a home button, and costs roughly $3.2 million

From : Huffington Post

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Limited Edition Supercar

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Limited Edition Supercar

Lamborghini will release a limited edition supercar lamborghini sesto elemento, It was said that only 20 units of this supercar will be made worldwide. It's a cool amazing car concept with the most advanced technology today. The CEO of Lamborghini Automobile said that this new lamborghini sesto elemento will be sold for 2 Million Euros!!!.

With that high prices, the owners will get a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento that uses a carbon fiber material for the entire material. Sesto Elemento own name seems to refer to the number of carbon atoms of the element which is the figure 6 ( Sixth Element). By using the carbon fiber body, the car weight is a very light which is only 999 kg. Super lightweight body is also a benefit for the speed enthusiast. So how about the specs of this Lamborghini sesto elemento?

Due to the lightweight body, boost a typical malignant Lamborghini engine capable of carrying Sesto Elemento ran 0-100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds, with a maximum speed reaches 354 km / h, This car Ability is obtained from 5.2 liter V10 engine capacity with 562 bhp power. the 20 exclusive units of Lamborghini sesto elemento will be sold in next 2013.

The previous lamborghini supercar reventon which was only 35 units world wide was sold for 1 million euros. Could This Lamborghini Sesto Elemento became the next most expensive car in the world? Check out the interior pictures of Lamborghini Sesto Elemento below.

Kitchen iPad Accessories by Belkin

Kitchen iPad Accessories by Belkin

There's so many iPad accessories on the market today, the most famous one was the iPad car accessories such as for the iPad car stands but do you ever think about the Kitchen iPad Accessories? iPad could be really useful for woman especially in the kitchen, this gadget could help them looking for the recipes, Maybe only belkin who concern about the Kitchen iPad accessories. and they introduce three iPad accessories for the kitchen which is called Chef Stand + Stylus, Fridge Mount for iPad 2 dan Kitchen Cabinet Mount.

Chef Stand Stylus ($39.99)

With this chef stand you can place your iPad on the kitchen table and it comes with a stylus so you do not have to worry about littering the iPad screen with soy sauce or fish sauce or fishy odor you are cutting.

Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($49.99)

This iPad accessories could be your hanger in the cupboard under the kitchen but you are guaranteed not to bother revealed to skinfold - for installation.

Fridge Mount for iPad 2 ($39.99)

This accessories was taped in your refrigerator door, but don't worry about the refrigerator paint will damaged, the 3M Glue of this Fridge Mount will not harm your refrigerator.


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