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Interact a Smartphone for Travelers

Interact a Smartphone for Travelers

This cool smartphone interact could be useful for those traveler to help them solve the language woes in foreign countries, it can translate the foreign text into your language. this interact smartphone was designed by a German student The concept has been designed for the international student design award, The James Dyson Award, where the participants were required to “design something that solves a problem.” In the future this Interact smartphone could be one of the most important device for those people who want to travel to other countries.

Interact is a very practical and useful device. The smartphone offers simultaneous translation of words being spoken with the help of built-in voice and image processing technology, if a foreign language deterred you from engaging in a conversation before, then there is nothing more to worry with Interact on your hand. You can wear the device using the magnetic attachment and listen to the translation using the acoustic speaker. The smartphone also lets you project or display the translation, coming in handy during business meetings. Quite interestingly, the movement is detected by the camera so it is unlikely that there will be any problem while projecting the translations or interacting while conversing.

Interact is inspired by Sixth Sense, a gesture based interface that allows you to interact with the physical world developed by Pranav Mistry. It is meant to help you understand different languages, read signs in a foreign land, speak different language, read maps, request others for assistance and thus enjoy your travel. The smartphone also lets you save a translation for later use, a real benefit if you happen to visit the place again after years.

The translating device has been tested thoroughly by simulating different scenarios and how people behave while speaking a foreign language ensuring that it doesn’t fail you in times of need, Interact, thus, is an interesting device, which can be very useful in todays’ world for reading signs, getting to know different places and people, learning from each other and growing

Via : http://www.gizmowatch.com/entry/interact-smartphone-designed-solve-language-woes/


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