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Branching Boroughs a 3D Vertical Garden Concept

Branching Boroughs a 3D Vertical Garden Concept

Have you ever seen a happening city life flowing up in the air? Seems to be a dreamy concept, doesn't it? But Atmos Studio has turned this dream into a real design that synthesizes and blends a beautiful piece of art with architecture. Atmos has tried to create an articulated three-dimensional sky garden, Branching Boroughs, which is a perfect example of the merger of a micro design with a global concept. The project design aims at utilizing the leftover real estate in an urban setting of London and thus offers an exclusive three dimensional creation. By utilizing the underexploited and neglected waste air, a micro sky garden for birds and people has been designed to be constructed above the traffic island.

Branching Boroughs visualizes to reflect London's city structure in a vertical garden displaying a constant regeneration of the life and birth's ecology. The design includes a tree structure with each of its branch depicting the Inner London's single electoral ward that is mapped per a relative size on the tree. This tree seems to branch outward like the electoral wards branch out of the old city in a three-petal layer manner of adjacent wards. The whole sky garden structure spreads in a pattern that helps it grow out of the limited available space. This space has been carved out of the area having existing underground service routes, pedestrian paths, and planning envelopes over the head. (see also the Concept of Vertical Forest here)

People standing under the shade of the Branching Boroughs tree would find that there is a flow of traffic around them while they still experience a human communion and interaction point where they get away from the city and find relaxation. Encouraging wider issues such as those of biodiversity, this vertical garden may also simply act as a rest point for travelers. It may be termed as a diverse habitat on one hand and a beautifying shady creation on the other. This tree can be planted anywhere the space allows on the running traffic roads or on the stop lights. Branching Boroughs offers people to reach new vantage points and adds on to the beauty of a place by glowing brightly at night.

Visitors may experience to rise above the fog while going up the web of stairs that forms a network of connections to various branches of the tree. This garden structure has nice and cozy seating places where one may rest and enjoy a drink while watching the beauty of this structure in the middle of cars and buildings. Branching Boroughs represents the rebirth of the city of London and how the city in this miniature form welcomes its guests from all around the world. This may be a point of attraction for anybody who wants to witness the nature growing in the lap of the running city life as such a structure is an amazing integration of the city inhabitants, whether these are humans and animals or other living things. Branching Boroughs is a display of the whole living ecosystem that coexists with the daily city life.

Via : http://www.greendiary.com/branching-boroughs-3d-vertical-garden-regenerates-ecology-life.html

Make a Self Health Diagnose by Spitting on your iPhone Capacitive Screen

Make a Self Health Diagnose by Spitting on your iPhone Capacitive Screen

How to made a self health diagnose via your iPhone capacitive screen? do you know if your iPhone display screen could analyze a various kind of bacteria? Even it's often been discussed that the cell phones can also be used to diagnose your health but this one is the coolest one. You can do the self health diagnose via your iPhone Capacitive screen with your Sneeze. Even it's rather weird but with this way you can analyze the bacteria.

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology ( KAIST ) Hyun Gyu Park and Byoung Yeon Won has managed to detect chlamydia microbes in three different concentrations and they discover that kind of capacitive screen of the iPhone can be used to analyze the type of bacteria. he said that the capacitive screen of iPhone could identify the type of bacteria that derived from liquids such as when we sneeze.

To be able to analyze, of course than you have to sneeze right on the phone screen, there is a special application to assist the analysis. But There are also teething troubles with the touchscreen, as capacitive read-outs can be affected by moisture and sweat that are on the screen alongside your 'sample.' One solution to this would be to create a disposable film that attaches to the iPhone surface. There's a second reason for this, as Park diplomatically puts it: "Nobody wants direct application of bio-samples onto their phone."

3D Bio Printers made a bone like material

3D Bio Printers made a bone like material

Have you ever imagined that a 3D printer can made a bone like material? With this 3D Bio material you can print a material which is similar to human bones. This 3D Printers was still in the stage of development. The researchers are currently developing this special 3D bio printer to make prints of human bones.

Nowadays the 3D Printers was becoming one of the greatest technology, by using the 3D Printer you can get the parts of equipment is much cheaper than buying the original one. Such as the parts of our body which is bones.

In the future we hope that 3D bio-printers can make replicas of human bones which could then be used to replace a broken bone or damaged. So how does this 3D Bio printers works? Well you can see the video below.


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