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Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011, This Beautiful New Jersey-born model Alyssa Campanella becomes the Winner on Miss USA 2011 Pageant. Alyssa represent California as Miss California on this Miss USA Beauty Pageant 2011. Congratulations Alyssa Campanella.

Alyssa Campanella 21 Years old, beat out a field of 50 other beauty queens and now will go on to represent the U.S. in the Miss Universe contest, She also apparently won high marks from the judges for her answer to a question about the legalization of marijuana, saying the plant should not be legalized for general consumption but should be kept available for medicinal use, according to the Associated Press.

Though she represented California in the contest, Campanella appears to still think of herself as an East Coaster. “Born and raised in the Garden State, Alyssa Campanella is not your typical Jersey girl, but New Jersey is where she calls home,” reads the welcome page on her website.

Well How about The Pictures of Alyssa Campanella while crowned as Miss USA 2011? Isn't she beautiful?

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course, This Floating Golf Course Concept in Maldives will be the first floating golf cource in the world, The ideas of this Floating golf course has come from Waterstudio.NL, Dutch Docklands and Troon Golf.

This Solar powered Floating Golf Course will be take place Just five minutes from the Maldives airport, the golf course will be solar powered, and will include luxurious accommodations with breathtaking views of the greens and the surrounding reefs. The 18-hole golf course will be built on floating platforms, which makes it the world’s first floating golf course. Wow the ideas for this Floating Golf Course is really briliant. we hope that they can realize this project soon. I think on the future we will find many other cool amazing things like a floating island, floating restaurant or many other floating things,

The project of this Solar powered Floating golf course will incorporate technologies, such as water cooling, water desalination and the use of floating solar blanket fields. The 18 holes and other facilities will be linked together with the underwater tunnels. The amazing project is estimated to cost a whopping $500 million. This floating golf course is bound to attract investment and tourism to the country, and will pave the way for new floating development

Wow i wonder how can we play golf on this floating golf course, It seems the wind will blowing more fiercely than on the ground.

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept, Airbus has come with an Amazing futuristic concept design of the Transparent Airplane, with this concept, the traveler on the aircraft cabin will enjoy the panoramic view of the sky easily, This concept of Transparent Airplane will come around at 2050. Look the Amazing Concept of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Below.

The plane is designed in such a way that the passenger would be able to see through the cabin and the roof. With this futuristic travel option, the business class and economy class will be replaced with custom-made sectors that offer space for relaxation, interaction and working.

The see-through aircraft cabin will come with various options that will allow the rider enjoy panoramic views outside the aircraft. The comfortable seats could be made to take up any size and shape for each passenger. If we talk about entertainment, the boring small TV screen will be replaced by a larger Interactive zone together with virtual holographic golf courses or virtual clothes shopping.

Well let's wait for the realization of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept. Hope that Airbus can make it happen.


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