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Leviatatr Bluetooth Keyboards with Elevated Keys

Leviatatr Bluetooth Keyboards with Elevated Keys

This Bluetooth Keyboards was called Levitatr, at a glance the shape and size of this levitatr keyboards looks weird but it surely has some cool amazing features, this is the first Bluetooth keyboards in the worlds with elevating keys features, it means the keyboards button will rise when it will be used and when you're done using the keyboards, the key will back in a flat shape. If you're looking for a unique and cool bluetooth keyboards for your Tablet PC or iPad so this Levitatr bluetooth keyboards could be your greatest choice.

When not in use, LeviTaTr look flat but when we begin to touch the keyboard buttons will come out or sticking, Levitatr bluetooth keyboards also equipped with LED backlight which will give you a better light in the dark room.

At the backside of this levitatr there is also a built-in kickstand made ​​from aluminum that can be used as a holder for the tablet. LeviTaTr using 4 pieces of AAA battery type and will be sold immediately at a price of $79

Check out the Demo video about this Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboards

Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs Microsoft Windows 8

Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs Microsoft Windows 8

Both of this OS android ice cream sandwich and microsoft Windows 8 will became the OS for the future, so what are the advantage of each OS and the features of both OS? below you can find the recent information about each of this futuristic OS, we try to comparing Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Microsoft Windows 8.

It was said that the Microsoft Windows 8 need only 8 seconds to start up. See further information about Microsoft Windows 8 on their official website. we're really sure this could be really helpful in the future

Hardware support Ice Cream Sandwich vs Windows 8

Like the previous Android Versions Honeycomb and Froyo, Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes only for tablets, smartphones, and other handheld gadgets. In fact, unlike its previous version Android Honeycomb, which is customized for tablets, Ice Cream Sandwich is a solution for both the tablets and smartphones. Meanwhile, Microsoft Windows 8 or at least the brand name is a one-stop solution for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. In other words, Windows 8 is an update to both Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 Premium.

In terms of the Hardware Support we can say that Windows 8 was better than Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Since Windows 8 may run on all computing devices from PCs to smartphones.

User Interface (UI)

A smoother user interface is a major attraction of operating systems. Customers often prefer devices with comfortable home screens and navigation features. Microsoft earlier announced that its specially designed Metro UI would enhance Windows 8. Thanks to Metro UI, Windows 8 will have an advanced tile-based home screen. Here every icon will give a sneak peek into the updates of each application. At the same time, Google Android 4.0 will come with a special holographic UI, which will offer more rich widgets and an enhanced application framework.

Winner: Metro UI of Windows 8 has been much hyped. Technology buffs have been largely in anticipation for the OS to enjoy Metro UI. Therefore, Windows 8 may beat Ice Cream Sandwich in this parameter.

Open Source OS

No one may be told that Google Android is an open source operating system, and Windows is not. It is an era customers largely worship open source platforms. To be an open source, it means the software can be modified by programmers, and can run on any third party hardware products. That is why there will be more Android Ice Cream products in the market rather than Windows 8 products. Only the manufacturers, who have tie-ups with Microsoft can launch Windows 8 products.

Winner: In fact, no more explanation is needed to pronounce Android Ice Cream Sandwich as the winner here.

Brand name

Google Android OS has already taken a name as a leading mobile operating system in the world behind Apple iOS. However, Microsoft has not yet proven its credentials in handheld product markets. Of course, the company has offered to do so with Windows 8. Android customers are eagerly waiting for the next version of the software.

Winner: Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich here wins over Windows 8.

The verdict:

As mentioned above, Ice Cream Sandwich is an exclusive operating system for tablets and smartphones. Google has a tradition of launching a new update for Android every year. This time, the software is expected to debut on the company’s own Droid Prime smartphone. On the other hand, Microsoft is to showcase its tablet customized Windows 8 on a tablet from Samsung at its BUILD Developers Conference in Anaheim, California in a few days. As a whole, technology customers are to get two cutting-edge operating systems in near future.

After read some features of each of this futuristic OS here, we hope that you can choose which one is better for you. either a Microsoft Windows 8 or Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Eterniti Hemera The Super SUV with Luxury and Speeds

Eterniti Hemera The Super SUV with Luxury and Speeds

There's not many SUV car that can reach the top speed of 250km/h. most of the SUV not designed for that purpose but this eterniti hemera could be a little different this SUV car promising the luxury of a limousine and the speed of a sports car, with these features this Eterniti Hemera SUV could be the World's fastest SUV ever.

UK automotive companies, Eterniti Motors will launch Eterniti Hemera which is claimed as Super SUVs because this one may be the fastest SUV in the world that can run at speeds exceeding 280 km / hour. This is not a concept anymore because Eterniti Hemera will be exhibited at the Frankfurt International Motor Show ( IAA ) on September 13th and the plan will begin production in 2012.

This car was also called as the first Super SUV, the detailed specification of the cars that will enter the next stage of production in this new year will be told Eterniti on its world debut later. However, take it easy. Eterniti leaked a little advantage of this car. From the press release, quoted, if this car is a car built by Porsche Cayenne platform. his line looks very sporty with great airscoop on the front and rear bumpers are very handsome. Car body panels are made from carbon composite lightweight yet strong.

The Eterniti Hemera is expected to carry an impressive powertrain, featuring a 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces as much as 620 horsepower. Torque figures have yet to be announced, but there appears to be a growing number of people that will attest to the super SUV’s capability to hit a top speed of 180 mph. While there’s no official declaration of pricing for the Eterniti Hemera, the popular sentiment is that the SUV will carry a basic price tag of £150,000, which is around $238,000 based on current exchange rates.

Eterniti Hemera 2012 Teaser Video here

Via : Topspeed.com


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