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Swallowable Perfume Made your Sweat into a Fragrance

Swallowable Perfume Made your Sweat into a Fragrance

A Swallowable perfume was a new invention by Lucy Mcrae, it was told that by swallowing this perfume pills it can made your sweat turns into a fragrance. it's really an amazing invention. in the future people just have to swallow the perfume pills and then you can avoid the bad smell of your sweat.


Sweat has never been known for its nice odour, but that’s all going to change as soon as “Swallowable Parfum” becomes a reality. Australian artist Lucy McCrae is currently working on a revolutionary pill designed to deliver perfume directly into the body, turning the skin into an atomiser. ’Swallowable Parfum is a digestible scented capsule that emits a unique odor through your own perspiration,’ McCrae writes on her website. The pill will essentially turn sweat into a fragrance that will have its own characteristic for every person, because we are genetically unique.

For this project Lucy teamed-up with synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy, and although swallowable perfume is still in the development skin, the two hope their pill will create a ‘biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body.’ ”Once absorbed, the capsule enables the skin to become a platform, an atomizer. Fragrance molecules are excreted through the skins surface during perspiration, leaving tiny droplets on the skin that emanate a unique odor,” McCrae says, adding that “thepotency of scent is determined by each individual’s acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise, or sexual arousal.”

Swallowable Parfum has no scheduled release date yet, but the artist has created a promotional video that describes the perfume pill as a “new cycle of evolution”.

Well just wait for this cool stuff.

Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System

Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System

Mercedez announced their new amazing Infotainment System called Mercedez @yourCOMMAND. The new system takes the current COMAND Online system to the next level. It can be controlled by voice-commands, a touch pad, or hand-gestures, and can access any type of media stored in the cloud. It's far more advanced than the Cadillac User Experience or CUE Entertainment system.

According to Mercedes, @yourCOMAND stands for seamless experience, natural handling, sensory perfection, and remote experience. One of the more far out features is a retractable, computer-monitor sized screen that is mounted on the passenger side of the dash and is controlled solely by hand gestures.

The system is controlled either by voice commands or a touch pad to cycle through the various functions, including social media, news, entertainment, and navigation selections. For rear entertainment, a separate 17-inch retractable screen launches from the passenger side and is controlled by either hand-gestures or voice commands.

So what makes it different with another car infotainment system? when today most media entertainment system that is in the car relies on a Smartphone then @yourCOMAND will depend on cloud computing systems where they will get all the data through all that we store in Cloud Storage.

The other advantage is we do not have to bother anymore to connect or paired these device with a mobile phone system in the car but on the one hand, Beside the steering wheel there is a large screen that can be removed for more comfortable usage while in the rear seat passengers also have a 17 inch screen that can be removed. And Mercedez @yourCOMMAND also has a Hand gesture features that you can use to open the door. isn't it really great? Check out the video below.

You can also read the Press Release of this Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System Here.

Doxie Go a Portable Scanner Reviews

Doxie Go a Portable Scanner Reviews

Doxie Go was a portable scanner which didn't need a PC to be used, it's really a cool stuff where you didn't need a PC to operate this Doxie Go Scanner. so how about another feature of this Doxie Go Scanner? Doxie Go was an innovative tools that allows you to scan the data anywhere and everywhere without requires a computer.

Doxie Go comes with a portable design that makes it simple and be invited to mobile friendly. You can use the Doxie Go to scan documents or photos and scans the form of a file in PDF format which can be directly stored in the Doxie GO Storage Space.

The capacity of storage space can accommodate up to 600 pages. If you think it's not enough, you can connect your flash or SD Card to increase the capacity of Doxie Go storage space.

Doxie Go powered by a lithium - ion battery that can be used up to 100 times scanning in a single charge that takes about 2 hours to make it fully charged.

One useful feature it has is its ability to be linked to the iPhone and the iPad. You can also save the scanned file directly into an online-based data storage services like Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs through Doxie 2.0 desktop application.

This cool portable Scanner Doxie Go priced at around $199 and will be available in this November 2011

eyeSight’s Touch Free technology Let you Control TV with Hand Gesture

eyeSight’s Touch Free technology Let you Control TV with Hand Gesture

This sounds good right? eyesight Mobile Technologies in collaboration with electronics manufacturers from China Huan TV that would make a TV that is no longer need the remote in the future, user only need to move their hand to switch the channel, adjust the volume and made another changes in TV. Yes It's true a hand gestured TV control. Technology are making everything easier.

eyesight Mobile Technologies are very skilled in making the technology without touching the screen (Hand Gesture Recognition Technology ) will incorporate them into an internet TV technology to control the TV so we only need to wave our hand (hand gestures ) only.

Even it's not a new invention but it's still a cool amazing stuff, Hitachi also has the TV with the same Technology where you only need to wave your hands to adjust anything. but we think the remote control is still needed.

Nokia Kinetic With twisted Interface and Flexible Screen

Nokia Kinetic With twisted Interface and Flexible Screen

Nokia Kinetic was a new Nokia cellphone prototype which is showed at Nokia world 2012 event, this Nokia Kinetic has a twisted interface and flexible screen. its such a great innovation for a futuristic mobile phone concept.

The Screen capabilities that can be played is not just to look cool but it is integrated with the existing menu, for example, when rotated into it will bring up a menu or zoom the image on the screen. Menu that appears depends also from the application being opened, the point is not just cool it really.

When will this cool nokia kinetic launched? Still really long time because it's flexible screen is still far from mass production, but we already know that the phone of the future will be like this.

check out this video below about the Nokia Kinetic concept a Flexible mobile phone with twisted interface

Fruit Wash Label The label that Will turn into Soap to clean the fruit

Fruit Wash Label The label that Will turn into Soap to clean the fruit

This fruit wash label was one of the greatest invention today, this label will turn into the soap to clean the fruit this cool Fruit Label was designed by Scott Amron, this label has a dual function, the first is for the general label of the fruit, and the second is to clean the fruit.

This single label can also be turned into a special soap to wash the fruit before you took it directly, so you can enjoy the fresh and healthy fruit easily, This label will instantly become carian soap when you rub it with water and this is where we can directly use to wash their fruits we want to eat.

These soaps are claimed to eliminate pesticides and fungi that are commonly found in many fruits.

Homestar Extra Planetarium by Sega Toys The Advanced Home Planetarium

Homestar Extra Planetarium by Sega Toys The Advanced Home Planetarium

Wannna has a private planetarium at your house? don't worry sega toys will be launched a cool amazing stuff called homestar extra planetarium, Nowadays this Homestar extra planetarium was known as the most advanced home planetarium on the market, and comes only from Japan. Not only does the Extra now project twice as many stars as the previous Homestar Pro model, it does so at 5 times the illumination! Imagine 120,000 stars rotating slowly on your ceiling, as random shooting stars blast by.

The 14W LED projection lighting allows for use in dimly-lit rooms, and excels even more in the dark. The Homestar Extra is high-end equipment for exploring the universe indoors and creating ambient lighting all at once. Created by Sega Toys with famed planetarium maker Takayuki Ohira, the Homestar Extra is a unique way to see the universe at home with great design.

Homestar Extra planetarium features:

120,000 stars projected: 45k at 8 magnitude + 75k Milky Way micro stars
High-intensity 14W LED light
5 times the brightness of the Homestar Pro
Random timing/placement shooting star projector
Remote control
3 speed rotation
Specific date projection
16 stages of brightness
Timer function
3 Star discs: B&W, Color, and Constellations
AC adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
Manual: English, Japanese

Check out this video below about this Sega Homestar Extra Planetarium

Homestar Extra specifications:

Size: 240 x 282 x 246mm (9.5 x 11 x 9.6”)
Manual focus adjustment
Optimum projection distance: 2m ~ 2m30cm
Maximum clear star projection: 3 meter diameter
Circular optical projection
Power: AC adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)

This product was expected to be sold in the end of november 2011. Check out the product from Japantrendshop.com

How Google Autonomous Vehicle works

How Google Autonomous Vehicle works

Google Autonomous vehicle was a cool amazing invention in automotive industry today, This self driving car from Google could became one of the greatest invention this decade, Google's fleet of Toyota Priuses Robotic has now recorded more than 190,000 miles ( 300,000 kilometers ), driving in city traffic, a busy highway, and the mountain road with only occasional human intervention. The project is still far from being commercial, but Google has set up a demonstration system on campus, using a golf cart without a driver, which points to the way how technology can turn into transportation, even in the near future.

Stanford University Professor " Sebastian Thrun ", which guide the project and engineers Google " Chris Urmson " that discusses this and other details in a keynote address at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in San Francisco last month.

Thrun and Urmson explains about how this google autonomous vehicle works and showed a video of the test drive, including footage of what is " seen" on a computer on-board and how to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic lights.

Urmson, who led the technology for the project, said that "the heart of our system " is a laser range finder mounted on the roof of the car. Apparatuses, a 64- VELODYNE laser beam, producing detailed 3D maps on the environment. The car was then combines laser measurement with high resolution map of the world, producing various types of data models that allow for the drive itself while avoiding obstacles and respecting traffic laws.

Vehicles also carry other sensors, which include: four radar mounted on the front and rear bumpers that allow the car to "see " far enough to be able to deal with fast traffic on the highway, the camera is positioned near the rear -view mirrors that detect traffic lights, and GPS, inertial measurement units and an encoder wheel that determines the location of the vehicle and track its movement.

There's two amazing approach from google autonomous vehicle, First, it relies on very detailed maps of roads and terrain, Urmson says that it is very important to determine accurately in which the car. Using only GPS -based techniques.

The second thing, before sending a self-driving car on the road driving test, Google engineers first drove along the route of one or more than once to collect data about the environment. When the autonomous vehicle 's turn to drive himself, he will compare the data obtained to the data previously recorded, an approach that is useful to distinguish pedestrians from stationary objects such as poles and mailboxes.

Video above shows the results at one point, where you can see a car stopped at an intersection. After the light turns green, the car started to turn left, but if there is a pedestrian crossing would not be a problem because the car will stop for pedestrians, and even for those who decide to cross at the last minute.

Sometimes and somehow, the car should be more " aggressive. " When going through a four-way junction, for example, overtaking other vehicles based on the rules of the road, but if the other car did not return, it is little progress to show his intentions to other drivers. Without such programming such behavior, it is impossible for cars to drive the robot in the real world, Urmson said.

The Google engineers have a lot of fun when viewing fast forward to the speed of cars through the Google parking lot, tires squealing at every turn with a time of 13 minutes, and Urmsonpun smiling broadly.

But the project has a serious side. Thrun and his Google colleagues, including co -founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin, believe that this smart vehicle could help make transportation safer and more efficient. This car will be pushed closer to each other, making better use of 80 percent to 90 percent free space on the road, and also set up a fast convoy on the highway. They will react more quickly than humans to avoid an accident, potentially saving thousands of lives. Making intelligent vehicles will require a lot of computing power and data, and that is why it makes sense for Google to go back to the project, said Thrun.

Urmson describes another scenario they imagined. Vehicles will be a shared resource, a service that people will use when needed. You've just touched on a smartphone, and an autonomous car will appear where you are, ready to drive you anywhere. And you will just sit and relax or do work.

He said that they collect video that showed a Caddy concept called Beta that shows the idea of ​​shared vehicle - in this case, an autonomous fleet of golf carts. He said the golf car is simpler than Priuses in terms of sensors and on-board computer. In fact, the train can communicate with sensors in the environment to determine their location and "see " incoming traffic.

"This is one way we look at future technologies. It really makes better transport, making it more efficient, "

Watch this Google Self Driving Golf Cart.

Bosco Verticale Apartment The first Vertical Forest in the world

Bosco Verticale Apartment The first Vertical Forest in the world

Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) Apartment was a cool building concept that will be build in Milan italia, It's the first concept of the Vertical Forest. This Green vertical forest concept was decorated with a large tree on every floor. It made this Bosco Verticale as the coolest green building concept for the future. Well i never thought if there's an idea to made a vertical forest in the town which is also functioned as an Apartment.

Bosco Vericale Apartment design was comes from Italian architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti, The Apartment with 2 towers (110 and 76 m ) will later be planted the trees on each side so that anyone who lived in this apartment will always feel cool. Later there will be approximately 900 trees on both of the building and also other plants including a beautiful flowers. This 2 towers of Bosco Verticale will have approximately 10,000 m2 of green area.

The project also aids in filtering air pollution contained in the urban environment. This is achieved as the the plants help produce humidity, absorb CO2 and dust particles, and produce oxygen. This will improve the quality of living for the residents, and it also creates a canopy that protects the building from radiation and noise pollution.

An irrigation and filtering system will be installed, that recycles gray water for maintenance of the plants. Photovoltaic solar cells will help contribute to the building's energy self-sufficiency.

Bosco Verticale will cost EUR65 million (US$87.5 million) and is stage one of the proposed BioMilano, which is hoped to create a green belt around the city.

Source : http://www.gizmag.com/bosco-verticale-vertical-forest/20194/

Hyper Realistic FPS Game Simulator that actualy shoots you

Hyper Realistic FPS Game Simulator that actualy shoots you

This hyper realistic FPS Simulator was the most awesome, intense, realistic and also painful video game simulator ever. Why we said that this is the Hyper realistic game simulator? because when you got shot on this game you can also feel the pain. isn't it really amazing? If you're a true gamer who loves a First Person Shooting games like Point Blank or Counter Strike you have to try this one. It's so amazing.

It looks like you could train to be the real soldiers in this thing. The dome screen uses five HD resolution projectors and a lot more. The Ultimate FPS Simulator rig was set up for UK Channel 5′s The Gadget Show. Those projectors surround the player with life-size images of a game, in this case, Battlefield 3. The player has a gun in hand that fires the virtual bullets and they are free to move around the game by actually walking.

In the center of the room is an omni-directional treadmill that controls where the player moves to on the screen. Then the player crouches, the view on screen crouches and so forth. The wildest part is if you mess around and get shot in the game, the simulator shoots you with a paintball gun so you feel the pain.

If you happen to live in the UK, tune in to Channel 5 on October 24th at 8pm to see more of the Ultimate FPS Simulator rig in action. Check out the Demo Video of this Cool Hyper Realistic FPS Game Simulator below.

See also the Coolest Flight Simulator on our previous post

Source : http://technabob.com/blog/2011/10/18/ultimate-fps-simulator/

Shoes for Blind - Le Chal with Proximity sensors and Vibration

Shoes for Blind - Le Chal with Proximity sensors and Vibration

Shoes for the Blind People? This is true, a Researchers from Hewlett - Packard Labs in Bangalore, India named Anirudh Sharma developed a shoe that is equipped with proximity sensors and vibration which is normally found in mobile phones. It would help the blind people to searching for a right direction. It's really an awesome invention for blind people to search for a right direction.

Shoes that are called by Le Chal (meaning " Take Me There" ) is later able to show directions to a place at the same time commemorate the wearer if there is something in front to a distance of 3 m ( with the help of proximity). http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

How it works? vibration sensors placed on the front and right and left side and then when the wearer should move forward so the vibration sensor in the front will be active, as well as having to turn right / left side of the sensor will be active.

Le Chal certainly can not work alone as a navigator, It's should work together with an available Android application that will synchronize with these shoes.

there's another cool stuff which could help vision impaired people such as this Bionic Eye Glasses. So let's wait for these Le Chal Shoes.

Microsoft Omni Touch Made any Surface as a Touch Screen

Microsoft Omni Touch Made any Surface as a Touch Screen

Microsoft Omnitouch was a new invention by Microsoft, this cool stuff could let any surface became a touch screen panel. such as your own hands. so how does it works? Microsoft Omnitouch is a wearable computer that you can take everywhere you go, it comes with a screen that could became a any surface touch sensor.

Omnitouch consists of three parts, namely a camera, a tiny projector ( Pico Projector ) and a small computer that you can put in your pocket. Uniquely here, there is a projector that can be displayed to all types of surfaces both flat and uneven, You can also made your hand surface as a touch screen. cool huh?

OmniTouch also combine a multi touch technology so that we can control what's on the screen and also control what we don't want to appear on the screen only, this cool omnitouch by microsoft also supports the multi touch features such as exist on the smartphone.

Well we think it's not a perfect invention since it still uses a big pico projector on the back, but in the future we're sure that microsoft would develops this technology and made them smaller so it's easier to take anywhere.

Watch the Video of Microsoft Omni Touch below.

So what do you think? in the future we can made any surface as a touch screen with the helps of this microsoft omnitouch. see also previous post about the concept of futuristic multitouch screen for human body.

Pay your Bills with Gesture through Kinect-Based Software

Pay your Bills with Gesture through Kinect-Based Software

This Kinect-based software by Etronika let you pay your bills by gesture. it's a great innovation in financial technology, With this application, you can perform banking transactions while sitting on the couch and drinking beer. Hmmmm, looks nice indeed. :D

In the future, this application will be made more secure by adding voice and face recognition features. It seems that Microsoft Kinect make many changes in this world with a wave, starting to play the game, windows shopping till associated with the computer. To be sure it never occurred to us is Kinect used for financial applications in this regard in the banking world.

Check this video below about the Demo of Etronika Kinect Based Financial Application.

Cadillac User Experience Advanced Car entertainment System

Cadillac User Experience Advanced Car entertainment System

Cadillac User Experience or called as CUE was known as the most complete car entertainment system that has a similar interface as a smartphone. now with this cool technolgy, you can enjoy many entertainment on your cadillac.

With CUE you can enjoy almost everything we need in a car ranging from the ability to perform Bluetooth pairing up to 10 pieces of gadgets, USB connection, SD cards to MP3 players, But the coolest feature is the 8 -inch screen mounted in the middle where the screen is similar to the phone screen because there is a proximity sensor, haptic feedback, multi-touch scrolling and can became a screen for your smartphone. It's a cool invention in car entertainment system.

CUE also expected to reduce the accident rate due to the phone where the CUE may receive telephone, email or SMS that comes from the phone via Bluetooth connection. CUE will be installed in 2012 Cadillac XTS and ATs luxury sedans and SRX luxury crossover. Check out the video of this cool Cadillac user Experience the Advanced car entertainment system

SpyNet Laser Trip Wire a Laser Based Security System

SpyNet Laser Trip Wire a Laser Based Security System

Spynet Laser Trip Wire was a laser based security system, it will protect your precious stuff with a laser wire. :D it's like a personal advanced security system on your house. This cool hi-tech stuff SpyNet Laser Trip wire was based from many security system that used in many movies. it will protect the precious things with a laser wire. and when someone come across the laser then the alarm will ring.

Laser Trip Wire from SpyNet have the same function where we can protect something from annonymous with existing laser technology. In the purchase package of this SpyNet Laser Trip you will get 1 piece of laser units ( transceiver ), 2 pieces of glass to reflect the laser beam and one receiver who also serves as an alarm.

Simply point the laser beam in accordance with the desired and if there is someone passing by and decide the laser beam then alarm will ring. isn't it really cool technology? You can buy this SpyNet Laser Trip Wire Security system for about $ 39.99

World's First Super Bus a Breakthrough in Mass Transportation

World's First Super Bus a Breakthrough in Mass Transportation

This is the World's first superbus ever. this cool looking bus could reach top speed of 155mph (250kmh)!!. It's really an amazing speed for a mass public transportation. this super bus was crafted with state-of-the-art materials which seats 23 passengers. This cool shaped bus will travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. If we look closer to their shape i can say it's more like a limousine than a bus. but it still a cool breakthrough in mass public transportation.

This Superbus was Developed in Holland by an astronaut and a former Formula One aerodynamics expert, the midnight-blue, electric-powered vehicle costs £7million and was flown to the United Arab Emirates where it will be used by a sheikh.

The hi-tech bus means he will be able to complete the 75-mile commute from Dubai to neighbouring Abu Dhabi in under 30 minutes. Made of lightweight materials including aluminium, carbon fibre, fibreglass and polycarbonate, it is 49ft long (15 metres), 8ft wide (2.5 metres) and 5ft 5in high (1.65 metres).

Passengers will be able to enjoy comfort equal to that of a luxury limousine or private jet. The super bus has eight gullwing-style doors on each side to allow for a swift exit. It has been developed at the Delft University of Technology in Holland under the direction of Professor Wubbo Ockels who in 1985 became the first Dutchman in space when he was part of the team on board the space shuttle Challenger.

The project was backed by the Dutch government, American chemicals company Dow and the Saudi conglomerate Sabic. The first commercial interest came from the UAE where the super bus was flown in a jumbo jet.

It was tested for the first time on ordinary roads around Abu Dhabi Airport, its batteries fired up by solar power. The wealthy owner of the super bus plans to travel on normal roads and at normal speeds in the region while it picks up passengers in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

However once it leaves the city, the vehicle is able to switch to a dedicated concrete track which runs parallel to the motorway and accelerate to a cruising speed of around 150mph. As it approaches its destination, it would once again slow to rejoin the ordinary road network.

Project designer Antonia Terzi, former chief aerodynamics expert at the BMW Williams Formula One team, made the first test drive in Abu Dhabi. She said it drove 'just like a car', thanks to two sets of manoeuvrable rear wheels which helps it around corners. If the super bus went into service, there would be no set routes or schedules.

Ms Terzi said: 'Commuters would book online or with their mobile phone and one of a fleet of buses would pick them up and drop them wherever they wanted.'

Abu Dhabi ’s traffic police chief Brigadier General Hussein al Harethi said: 'Electrically-powered vehicles like this would not only alleviate traffic congestion but reduce air pollution. Electric vehicles are the transportation methods of today and we want to see more of them.'

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority director Peyman Younes Parham added: 'It’s a brilliant idea. It’s not something we could use as a public transportation vehicle but it would be a great driver for executive commuting and for tourism.'

Source : Daily Mail

Thinnest Digital Camera Today Sony Cyber-shot TX55

Thinnest Digital Camera Today Sony Cyber-shot TX55

This Sony Cyber-shot TX55 Was known as the Thinnest Digital Camera today, it has only 1,23cm thickness. Even it's really slim but this Sony Cyber ​​shot TX55 could take a DSLR quality pictures, it is capable of taking AVCHD pictures and Full HD video with their 16,2 megapixel still images. This product has the Exmor sensor and technology R " By Pixel Super Resolution" that allows the user to do 10 times zoom without reducing the quality of resolution. See slim camera doesn't mean that this Sony Cybershot TX55 comes with slim features and specification.

Picture debut for Cyber ​​shot effect on the TX55 series allows users to edit images directly from the camera, even before the picture is taken. A wide selection of picture effects like HDR Painting, Rich -Tone Monochrome, Miniature, Toy Camera., Partial Colour, and High - Soft Key can be directly selected before taking a picture.

Options to edit images through touch screen makes this camera easier to use. Slim shapped of this TX55 camera made it can be carried in a wallet or small purse.
TX55 is the first Cyber-shot cameras that have slots for Memory Stick Micro ( M2 ) and microSD flash memory card or SDHC. All cards are equipped with free PC software ( available via download ), also Rescue files to recover files and photos that are damaged and lost, and x-Pict Story which simplifies the creation of photo slideshow. If you want to take a high quality images by your iPhone make sure you used this SLR Mount for iPhone.

TX55 Cybershot by Sony Using "Bionz" Imaging Processor, TX55 has exposure compensation of plus or minus 2.0 EV, 1 or 3 EV step, and ISO auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. This camera also supports video modes for Shooting, scene selection for the image, and feature outstanding 3D ( three dimensional ) as 3D still image, 3D Sweep Panorama, 3D and Multi- Angle Sweep.

Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Nissan would make a cool mind controlled car concept together with EPFL. Hopes that on the future we can control the car via our mind. Nissan Europe in collaboration with EPFL ( Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ) which is a technology company that developed BMI ( Brain Machine Interface ) for that wheelchair users can control the wheelchair only by the brain ( mind ) Try to develop the same technology as the mind controlled wheelchair on the car.

This technology will combine a few things to ensure the security of this BMI technology ranging from integrating measurements of brain activity, eye movements to scan the area that is being skipped.

For example if the driver thinks to turn left and then all the above is to start calculating how to turn left and make sure that it will be safe.

There's still no further information about when this concept will became reality. we have to wait for the futuristic way of driving. yeah a mind controlled car is only a matter of time.


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