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Sling Shot Cool Catapult Camera

Sling Shot Cool Catapult Camera

This Catapult shaped camera was called Sling Shot. at a first glance it's just looks like a ordinary catapult but this device could take an Instant expression of you. Generally people used catapult to play a prank on someone. and that's the same idea with this sling shot camera, this catapult shaped camera was designed to capture someone's natural expression.

To take a photo with this catapult shaped camera, you can simply pull the rope course. Although the shape is very compact, Sling shot still has two built in flash light. To move the images data, you can simply open the USB cover on the bottom and plug into a port on the computer or PC.

Unfortunately there's no further information about the features and specification of this cool amazing camera design. But i love the concept of this gadget. to take a natural expression of someone. hahahah just imagine how your friends looks if he didn't notice this camera.


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