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Logitech C920 HD First webcam With 1080p

Logitech C920 HD First webcam With 1080p

So you need a HD Webcam with 1080p? Then you should try the new products by Logitech, Logitech launch their brand new C920 HD Webcam with 1080p. Isn't it really cool? This webcam also became the First webcam in the world that comes with 1080p resolution. With this webcam you can do video chatting with the latest version of Skype, the Logitech C920 HD Webcam can also capture 1080p video while offering 720p for Windows Live Messenger. You'll be able to upload your full-HD clips and 15MP shots at warp speed at the hands of H.264 advanced compression technology.

With this cool features now you can made a great quality video for youtube. the C920 implements Logitech's Fluid Crystal Technology, Carl Zeiss optics and a 20-step autofocus. For audio capture, two mics are position on either side of the shooter for stereo recording. If you're looking to snag one, it'll set you back $100 starting this month.

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 captures full-HD 1080p video for connecting with friends using Skype® or in HD 720p for Windows Live™ Messenger. Thanks to H.264 advanced compression technology, you can upload full-HD 1080p video clips or 15MP photos quickly and with one click to Facebook, Twitter™ or YouTube™ (account required). To enjoy 1080p HD video calling you'll need to download the latest version of Skype, Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows.

For a further information about this Logitech C920 HD Webcam you can visit Logitech websites.

Via : Engadget

Soundmatters foxLO World's First Palm Sized Hi-Fi Subwoofer

Soundmatters foxLO World's First Palm Sized Hi-Fi Subwoofer

The Advance of technology has made so many breakthrough in many fields, such as on the audio equipment. Soundmatters has announced a new speaker designed to bring some low frequency oomph to its portable foxLv2 Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth brethren. The new foxLO, which Soundmatters calls "the world's first palm-sized hi-fi subwoofer," plugs directly into foxLv2 speaker's subwoofer output but will also work with other branded portable speakers, such as the Jawbone Jambox, thanks to the inclusion of a 3.5 mm full pass-through output.

The foxLO's "patented Linear Magnetic Drive woofer technology with a passive radiator system" pumps out 25 watts of bass and the minimalist industrial design features a knob to vary the bass volume and an LED to indicate power.

But while the foxL speaker line can be powered by mains or battery power, making them truly portable, the foxLO will only run on mains power. So while the unit won't take up much room in a suitcase or on a desk, it will keep you tied to an electrical outlet if you want to make the most of the phat beats - the kids still call them that, right? However, this does enable to unit to include a USB-A charging port to top up the batteries in more mobile devices, such as a connected foxL or Jambox speaker, or iPhone.

The foxLO measures 63 x 114 x 160 mm (2.5 x 4.5 x 6.3 in) and weighs 651 g (23 oz). Soundmatters will be debuting the unit at CES 2012 next week with a release set for the northern Spring when it will be priced at US$149.

Via : Gizmag

Gizmon ICA Case a Leica style Cases for iPhone

Gizmon ICA Case a Leica style Cases for iPhone

There's so many unique and creative cases made specifically for iPhone, such as the dokkiri beetle cases, SLR Mount cases for those who want to transform their iPhone into a DSLR camera, and now there's another cool iPhone cases for photography lover. that's a Gizmon ICA Cases. it's a Leica style cases for iPhone, This cases will add a retro looks into your iPhone, But if you are not satisfied with the Leica iPhone skin, a Japanese manufacturer, Gizmon, released an iPhone-shaped case for Leica Rangefinder camera.

Outside view of a retro-style Leica camera from Gizmon Case will instantly transform your iPhone into the Leica camera, of course, a price for this Cases is far cheaper than the real Leica Camera. Beside as a protective function, this iPhone case also has some additional features such as shutter button to take pictures , the viewfinder to adjust the composition, lens mount, tripod holder and strap. In essence, your iPhone will become increasingly similar to a pocket camera.

This well-designed and impressively-retro case for the iPhone is made of tough polycarbonate and comes in two parts that slide together to protect and retro-fy your phone. The case looks just like an old camera and has enough useful features to makes its bigger size worthwhile. The case comes with two faux-lenses that attach to the front of the case; both contain a mirror to make self-portraits easier. A physical shutter button functions by pressing down on the volume button to capture a photo, and the case even incorporates an optical viewfinder to help you frame your images.

In the future, Gizmon will complement this case with a variety of additional accessories such as flash, lens adapters and accessories that can be used in the car. Gizmon Case for iPhone will be sold for around $ 65 and available in 3 color choices are white, black, and brown.

With this Gizmon ICA Case now there will be more iPhone cases choice for photographer. So will you transform your iPhone into a leica style camera?


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