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AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

This AIRE Mask was really a cool iPhone charger concept, it could help us charging the iPhone with a breath of fresh air. Even the design of this charger is little bit weird but the ideas of charging an iPhone battery with a fresh air is really amazing, It's a great example of "Go Green" and leave a minimum carbon footprint.

AIRE Mask Charger Designed by industrial designer Joao Paulo Lammoglia, the charger has been designed to convert wind energy created by your breath into energy to recharge your iOS devices. This stuff was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, the AIRE Mask can work its magic even while one is sleeping, walking, or running, since energy is created from one’s breath. The iPhone charger has been equipped with small wind turbines that do the job of converting users breath into energy.

João Paulo Lammoglia AIRE Masks designer Said : “The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialized society make the use of gadgets increasingly common, either by necessity or hobby. Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources.”

Even this AIRE Mask is still a concept today but we hope that this kind of Charger would be in reality in the future.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the Fastest Ferrari Ever build

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the Fastest Ferrari Ever build

This is Ferrari f12 berlinetta, it was claimed that this is the fastest Ferrari ever build. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will bring a 6266cc engine, V12, 740hp, and it can be driven up to a maximum speed reaches 340 km/h. Pretty fast right? This cool amazing Ferrari berlinetta also has an awesome acceleration. it could takes only 3,1 Seconds to reach 100km/h from the start. while 0-200 km/h could be reach in just 8.5 seconds.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was claimed as the sexiest new car, It' would Replacing the 599, the F12 heralds a new ­generation of ultra-swift V12 engines that will power the latest Enzo in 2013. In terms of the body shape the Ferrari f12 berlinetta is Shorter and narrower than the 599, there’s an F1-style dual-clutch gearbox, much lower centre of gravity and aluminum spaceframe body, which make it 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor.

Even this car could reach a maximum 340km/h but thanks to the new ferrari technology new system has a less braking distance. There is a new technology in this car is called Active Brake Cooling system where the temperature of the disc brake has reached the optimal temperature, the automatic will be cooled to keep the brakes still work fine.

There’s an Aero Bridge, which channels air in and out of the vents along the car, active brake cooling to lower the temperature on the carbon ceramic rotors, and almost as many ECUs, computers and electronic aids as Fernando Alonso’s F2012 F1 car.

On the other hand it also makes the system less braking distance. For example, to make the car stop from a speed of 100 km/h takes a distance of about 10 m but can be shorter.

So how about the price of this Ferrari f12 berlinetta? You can Order books open at the Geneva show for about £250k.

Further information about Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Autoblog.com

Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps for the Blind

Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps for the Blind

This is Mobile Accessibility an Android Apps specially made for the blind people, This cool apps was launched by several providers in US, Sprint and Virgin Mobile. With this apps the blind people can use the android mobile phone without a usual QWERTY keyboards.

By installing this application All the menu on the Android will be the one to the application can then be accessed through touch. The difference here, every touch that they made on each of the application will produce a sound to tell them about what menu is being touched and when appropriate, we just clicked 2 times.

So also if you want to call someone, every touch will give voice and figure in which the finger is removed the finger from the screen when it is considered that number is the desired number.

Not all functions can be used in these applications but all the important functions that are most frequently used will be here starting from the call, address book, SMS, alarm, calendar, email, web, GPS location, setting and some other applications.

See the video below about How this Mobile Accessibility Apps works


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